Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ugh! Drugged and Drownin’

I constantly refuse to take drugs because I don’t  like how they make me feel. But sometimes, even I have to cave in and suck it up, or down.

I came down with a cold…I mean a COLD! I feel like I am drowning in mucus. Two other family members have had the same cold and eventually had to have antibiotic for a sinus infection and bronchitis. Of course I get the, “you need too’s” now. My first response was it’s only day one and began eating Day Quil and Night Quil. Though foggy headed I continued to get things done. I was out in the holiday shed over the weekend preparing to bring up the Easter décor when I felt it. I knew not to attempt another motion except to walk to the house, leaving the box behind. Hubby inquired as to what I was doing and all I was able to explain with is I just felt a pop in my back.

A pop in my back in not like someone with disc problems gets. I have that too and know that feeling, but this different. It happens when I have moved the muscles wrong where I have two large hemangioma tumors on each side of my lower back. I can feel them pop, pull away, detach, what ever you want to call it. And believe me it HURTS!

I’ve learned not to rush to the ER because the cost out weighs the benefits. I just need to wait it out, rest, eat what little pain meds I can, and pray it stops.

Add that to this COLD which now has my ears plugged, along with thick, thick crud, 5 days later…I just might need antibiotic’s too!

However slow I am moving, things still need to be done. Each morning as I made breakfast I cracked open my eggs with the this old Pet Milk can opener. Some use an opener for soft boiled eggs but I don’t have one of those. This worked just fine.


After a week I now have 5 ready for the next steps.


In case you wonder what I am doing I got the idea from Not Martha.







I’m not sure how mine will end up.

Will I do them Martha Stewart’s way…


The Not Martha way, or my own way.

I’m not sure myself.

Our travel plans have changed again and just not sure exactly how I am going to pull all this off but with a little ingenuity it will work out. 

Monday, March 26, 2012

You Capture ~ FUN!

Bubble FUN!

Want to see more FUN!
Head on over to You Capture.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Facing your LIONS! Your issues! Your Doubts!

Today began like any other day. The sun rose, my eyes opened, I made my way outside as I always do, turned on the baby monitor, opened up my computer and began my devotions.

I'm still rather flippy floppy on the routine. Someday's I just read the bible, other days I look for certain scriptures to lift me up and out of a rut, or help me see the blessings right before me. Where ever I go for this time, I always feel like it was Gods plan for me to find that place, so I embrace it.

Today was one of those bounce around days. I really feel like I am bouncing in a lot of directions and find doubt popping up and me questioning myself.

So I found this great site...Women's Ministry awhile ago and got myself reconnected to it again this morning. Seems after signing up for it, all the emails were going to my spam so I never saw them. Only when I saw my spam folder with lots of mail, lets say a few months, ok maybe it was really just a few weeks, but I thought I should dumb the bin. I always scroll down to make sure there is not mail there that shouldn't be and found ALL my emails from the Women's Ministry. So I marked them as NOT SPAM and I should get them daily in my regular box now.

Not to go back and read what I missed just yet, I clicked on today's video, "How to Live Beyond Our Doubts".

I love these 5 minute moments! This one fit right into my life. Yep, I have DOUBTS!

Right now I am overwhelmed with wonder I have doubts! I tend to compare myself to others and feel like I can't make the cut! And most of all I have been criticized so much that the doubts left behind now have doubts.

Then I clicked on one of my favorite speakers...Jennifer Rothschild.

Video Devotional: Face Your Lions
Facing your LIONS! Your issues! Your Doubts!

I hope Our Journey Through LIFE can help some else manage theirs. We've been on many roads and have travel more miles on some of them then we thought we would or could, but along the way, we are have been blessed and will continue to see the GOOD (GOD) beyond the bad.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lent Continues

Ok, so last week when I claimed 20 days, I was counting days that didn't count. It was actually 18 days. That makes today 24 days and 16 more to go.

My week was tested but my fasting won!

Most days I play it safe and stick to what I already have bookmarked for reading. Other days I search and discover other paths. Today I found this site by Ken Collins. Ministers all have a different way of preaching, some I can connect with, and other's not so much. I keep an open heart so if there is a message God wants me to hear or experience, He has a way in. I read his article or message...

Honest To God

I liked this paragraph and wanted to share it...

"The people of this world believe in the power of positive thinking and in happiness, and in believing these things, they are very shrewd. For people of this world have only the present moment, and if they are unhappy in it, they have lost something. But we who are Christians can endure unhappiness and sadness and loneliness and backstabbing and betrayal and friendlessness and poverty and hunger and thirst; we can face mourning and grief and even death, because Jesus faced all those things. As Christians, we know that Jesus’ suffering was His way to glory, and his Crucifixion was the door to His Resurrection. We know that He ascended on high and sits, alive and well, at the right hand of His Father, where He rules over all things. We can face our own crucifixions in life, because we know that we will share in His Resurrection on the Last Day!"

The sentence in bold reminds me of my favorite verse...

Philippians 4:13New International Version (NIV)

13 I can do all this through him who gives me strength.

Rhodes Bake-n-Serve

The owner of Rhodes Bread, Ken Farnsworth, was a customer of ours. He wintered here every year and a strong relationship was formed. Every year he would hand us a bunch of coupons for his breads.

While searching for ideas for Easter I came across a recipe of theirs for kids. Check it out here.

Those look so cute and fun for a spring gathering, a boy's birthday party, not just for Easter.

And they also have a blog.

I loved knowing Ken and will miss him but am happy his son and family continue to bring bread to the table.

Mutant Caterpillars?

Oh My Goodness!
 Have you seen these little guys?

They're called Mutant Caterpillars!

Where have I been?

Well most of us all know the answer to that one, but seriously, aren't these just the cutest little things! I wonder if they are like the ones from long ago that moved when you brushed your fingers down their spine? Remember those?

Good luck in getting one though! Due to the overwhelming demand, their Adoption Center was empty when I visited and Caterpillars are only added Monday through Friday at 2:00 PM PST.

I'm gonna give it a try. My first goal would be for the 5 older grands, who have been dubbed the "Orignal 5". Depending on the price or how many you're allowed to adopt, will be the deciding factor. The 2 older girls just might be the only lucky recipents.

Wish me luck and I'll surely let you know how this all turned out.

Monday, March 19, 2012

All Dog's Go To Heaven!

As if losing Jake on my birthday wasn't hard enough.

 Well, today we lost his sister Abby.

It hurts.

All Dog's Go To Heaven!

You Capture - Black & White

I didn't capture these in black & white,
 but edited for this weeks challenge


Big airplanes were flying overhead. I have no idea who this little guy is but he captured my attention with his excitement of the racing around him. Too Cute!

These kids caught my attention as well with their creativity and so I just had to capture them!

What catches your attention?
Capture it!
Then join You Capture each week for a challenge.


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

20 of the 40 Days

How are doing with your fasting? We have reached the half way mark!

Around here it’s been going along great. Even while during the recent convention, I found ways to stay true to my fasting’s.

I have yet to sign in on Facebook. I did forget that my twitter was attached to it, but after one tweet I fixed that problem. And it happened on what was to be my Fast Noise Tuesday! While driving to Vegas, hubby was listening to his NASCAR on Sirius and Mark Martin was on. Well, I just had to see what he was talking about so I picked up my phone and went to my Twitter account. It has never been attached to my phone. But when I friended Mark Martin, I clicked both tabs, one being the text. I sent him a message and within the next 10 minutes my phone sounded like it was playing Jingle Bells. Then I remembered it was attached and quickly went on and reset my settings on following him. I also told my hubby, that had we not been on the road, I would not have been listening to the radio or Mark Martin and I wouldn’t have burped on my fasting.

However, NOISE, is winning around here. I have turned it off, only for someone else to turn it back on.

Other then that it is going great. I added more then an hour of Physical Activity this last Saturday by being at the Nationwide race in Vegas. LOTS of walking! Adding sleep on Thursday wasn’t a problem after walking to and from the convention on Wednesday. Which was also my personal contact day and I contacted with a number of people we hadn’t seen in a long time.

Yesterday wasn’t a perfect day. I didn’t make any purchases personally but did have to send my son too. The day began with news of the passing of a very dear MOM to me, my best friends mom actually, but she helped shape me into who I am today. So our daughter did all the leg work of making the arrangements for us to travel up for her celebration of life. It will be a somber trip of memories and tears.

God bless you all as we continue through the Lent season. Take time to reflect and pause for it really does help the healing.

Blessings, always blessings!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ay, ay, ay, ay!


If ever you go to Vegas, you have to go Lindo Michoacán!

After a full day at the track, it was time to meet up for dinner. Hubby wanted Mexican. Not a national chain kind like Chili’s or South of the Border places. A locally owned real Mexican Restaurant.

The search was on!

We were given directions to Lindo’s and told what intersections it was at, and at the same time told it had been years since they had been. Not sure what we were going find, or if it would be open, we began what would become an adventure! After numerous communications by text and phone we were about to give up. As we were about to turn towards our hotel,  we see that the road goes the other direction then what we were told so we quickly move over to go that way. With our daughter blocks behind us, we tell them we would check it out but would find somewhere else if we can’t find it. I will admit, it was getting frustrating! I could hear Buddy through the phone that he was not happy. Hubby said we would go 2 more intersections and if we didn’t see it, there were some chain places we would have to settle on.

Wouldn’t you know it, the second one was the intersection we were looking for… BLESSING!

However we didn’t see a restaurant. Figuring it was closed since there was new reconstruction around there, we decide to turn around and head back. To make the u-turn, he drove through one of those shopping strips, thinking maybe could be in it. But no luck! Well, as he is pulling out of that drive to head back, what was across the street! It wasn’t ON the intersection we were given, but a block down. Thankfully that shopping strip took up the other side of the block or we wouldn’t have seen it. …BLESSINGS!

However, by this point some nerves were unraveling, though happy we found it, there was a line out the door,which just added to a bit a negativity. As hubby went in to see how long, I watched for and flagged down our daughters car. I already decided we were going to need something to adjust our spirits. I thought it would be in the way of a margarita. Imagine our surprise when we learned the wait was only 10-15 and by the time our daughter got parked and up to the door they were seating us….BLESSINGS! Spirits lifted almost immediately. Signs of good things ahead and they just kept coming.

Food was awesome and the service was extraordinary. Buttons was sang to for her upcoming birthday.


And the entertainment was absolutely wonderful.









Ay,ay, ay, ay, you need to stop in at Lindo Michoacan next time you’re in Vegas!

On Cloud “9”

What does it mean to be “On Cloud 9”!
Does this answer the question…

Check out those dimples! 
They’re a definite give away.
Our Friday was full. 
So full we decided Hoover Dam was not going to fit into our schedule this trip. Bug, gramps and I headed to the track for the day, while Buttons went with the parents to visit family and play with their little girl.

The plan, to meet up for dinner. (I can’t wait to post about THAT. We had such a GREAT time and of course I tried to capture as much as I could.

Back to our day at the track. It was full of blessings.
First, while in line to buy tickets a gentleman came up to me asking if we needed tickets. Not sure how to handle this, ya know scalpers and all, I asked him to follow me to hubby. He tells him that they are good tickets, him and his wife are done for the day and they are FREE! So we graciously accept them. All we had to buy was a junior ticket for Bug. It was the worst sales rep we have ever met. Slow as a turtle doesn’t even come close to this guy. Bug and I had time to explore around while gramps stuck it out in line. Again blessings, because it gave him time to talk to other fans who have been at the track and he got the ends and outs of things. Plus it gave Bug and I time to hit the trailers, something gramps doesn’t always like to do.

But he does like to race the slot cars!



We made our way to the seats to enjoy an afternoon of qualifying and practice.

It wasn’t long before a bathroom break was needed. When Bug was taking longer then it probably should, I went to check on him. After I found him and business was taken care of, I wanted to inquire about this bracelet they had given him. So we stopped at the information booth.

The bracelet was for the Neon Garage.040
They had no idea why they gave him one but for me to go in was going to be $70. I was willing to buy me a ticket if it was good for the next day too but it wasn’t. It was only for the day and just couldn’t see spending it when there was only a couple hours left that it would be open and most the activities in the garage were over.


Being our first time, his first time, she excused herself to go talk to her boss, came back and said it was all arranged. They had radioed down to all the check points that 2 non-credentialed guest were coming through and we had full access through.


The excitement this little guy was feeling is indescribable. He has been wanting to go into the pits for a LONG time. At PIR, you have to be 18.


Our first stop was Tony’s garage. Unfortunately Tony had just left to get ready to qualify. Bug really wanted to tell him he is his #1 FAN!
We watched tech…

After we checked out other garages it was time to head to pit road!
Can you feel the anticipation that this little guys is feeling about now. He was not walking or even running off. He was not bugging to do anything else other then follow directions and the MEN to the pits! He was walking into an area where you have to be a BIG guy. He was sure to converse with others of this being his first time in the pits and they made sure he had a great experience. He felt so special!


After about an hour it was time to head to our seats to watch qualifying and in Bug style he cheered Tony on…..
I think this BIG guy will remember today for a long time!
He is “On Cloud 9” and I continue to count my Blessings!

Friday, March 9, 2012

The Wheels Are Turning!

At least for mobility but not so much my brain!

While I thought I had it all together, when I got down to the convention and met up with my daughter, I handed her my camera to take a picture of Buddy getting his first ride with grandma in the chair. Well guess who forgot to get the SD card out of the computer and put it back in the camera. So I have no pictures of the awesome afternoon we had.

The kids were so cute as they interacted with the trade show venders. I was so proud of the knowledge they already have on water treatment and I think the vendors were impressed as well.

Our future entrepreneurs?

We had the best time teaching them how to play Black Jack at one of the booth’s. It wasn’t the real thing but they didn’t care. Math was covered for the day and they got 21 a couple times to win prizes. Even grandpa joined us after his meeting. It was so fun! Though I miss not having actual pictures, I will hold the memories in my heart for ever.

After a day at the convention it was time for even more fun!

Hoping aboard the monorail we headed to the strip.

We went down to watch the NASCAR Parade of Haulers but first we went through M&M World.


Not all plans work out like we hope. Going to M&M World before the parade was not such a good idea. It was crowded. Within crowds are rude people. We made our purchases and got out of there.

Grandpa was not a fan of going into the store for the above mentioned reason. He instead found us some awesome seating for the parade, above the crowds and out of the cold.

Sure, I could have stayed outside and MAYBE gotten better pictures, or none at all. When your in a chair, people don’t always care that they are blocking your view. Some fans were really pushing the boundaries of proper behavior. It was best we were above them.

Unfortunately all my pictures had the glass glare and or reflections of people in them.


Bug was happy to poise with his favorite drivers fire suit. He even gave him a hug!


This morning me and the grand’s will hang out, maybe play some more Black Jack, while their mom and grandpa finish up their last day of break out sessions. They will be done a noon today and then me, gramps, Buttons and Bug will head to the track for qualifying. Then we will meet up again after for a tour of Hoover Dam and who knows what else we will find to do.

What happens in Vegas…a whole lot of fun!


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