Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ay, ay, ay, ay!


If ever you go to Vegas, you have to go Lindo Michoacán!

After a full day at the track, it was time to meet up for dinner. Hubby wanted Mexican. Not a national chain kind like Chili’s or South of the Border places. A locally owned real Mexican Restaurant.

The search was on!

We were given directions to Lindo’s and told what intersections it was at, and at the same time told it had been years since they had been. Not sure what we were going find, or if it would be open, we began what would become an adventure! After numerous communications by text and phone we were about to give up. As we were about to turn towards our hotel,  we see that the road goes the other direction then what we were told so we quickly move over to go that way. With our daughter blocks behind us, we tell them we would check it out but would find somewhere else if we can’t find it. I will admit, it was getting frustrating! I could hear Buddy through the phone that he was not happy. Hubby said we would go 2 more intersections and if we didn’t see it, there were some chain places we would have to settle on.

Wouldn’t you know it, the second one was the intersection we were looking for… BLESSING!

However we didn’t see a restaurant. Figuring it was closed since there was new reconstruction around there, we decide to turn around and head back. To make the u-turn, he drove through one of those shopping strips, thinking maybe could be in it. But no luck! Well, as he is pulling out of that drive to head back, what was across the street! It wasn’t ON the intersection we were given, but a block down. Thankfully that shopping strip took up the other side of the block or we wouldn’t have seen it. …BLESSINGS!

However, by this point some nerves were unraveling, though happy we found it, there was a line out the door,which just added to a bit a negativity. As hubby went in to see how long, I watched for and flagged down our daughters car. I already decided we were going to need something to adjust our spirits. I thought it would be in the way of a margarita. Imagine our surprise when we learned the wait was only 10-15 and by the time our daughter got parked and up to the door they were seating us….BLESSINGS! Spirits lifted almost immediately. Signs of good things ahead and they just kept coming.

Food was awesome and the service was extraordinary. Buttons was sang to for her upcoming birthday.


And the entertainment was absolutely wonderful.









Ay,ay, ay, ay, you need to stop in at Lindo Michoacan next time you’re in Vegas!

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