Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater...

Have you ever googled that poem? 

I did. 

WOW! Why hadn't I heard of this before? 

One site described it like this, 

"“Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater” is one of those nursery rhymes that seem innocent and nonsensical at first glance, but if you take a closer look, you’ll discover that it has a gruesome hidden message. This nursery rhyme talks about relationships, infidelity, and murder.

Just like “Rock-a-Bye Baby”, this rhyme did not originate from Britain but rather from America. It is generally believed that Peter’s beloved wife was a hooker. Since he could not keep his spouse from having sexual affairs with numerous men, he decided to kill her and hide her body in an absurdly large pumpkin.

Of course Wikipedia said this,

"The first surviving version of the rhyme was published in Infant Institutes, part the first: or a Nurserical Essay on the Poetry, Lyric and Allegorical, of the Earliest Ages, &c., in London around 1797.[1] It also appears in Mother Goose's Quarto: or Melodies Complete, printed in Boston, Massachusetts around 1825.[1] A verse collected from Aberdeen, Scotland and published in 1868 had the words:

Peter, my neeper,
Had a wife,
And he couidna' keep her,
He pat her i' the wa',
And lat a' the mice eat her.
This verse is also considered to be an older version of the rhyme Eeper Weeper.[2]"

And finally from Bustle.com,

"An even more outrageous interpretation is that it's about the 13th century English King John, who famously bricked a rebellious noble's wife into a wall to starve to death. Either way, this is a rhyme that everybody at the time would have understood was ripped from the headlines."

So there you have it. Peter Piper was a murderer!

Speaking of pumpkins.

These are our pumpkins from a few years back. No I didn't grow them. We took the "Grand's" to this real cool Pumpkin Patch in Queen Creek.

Those pumpkins hung out there on that railing till the following spring. I cut the tops off, filled them with soil and 90 days later we had pumpkins.

I hope to do the same thing after this years Boo Bash.

Seems I have better luck doing it this way then buying seeds. Only problem I had from that year, was planting them to early. I had pumpkins, about a dozen, but by the time Halloween got here they had all expired. My plan is to keep them in the same place I had the first time, only this time I will wait to fill them with dirt until the end of July. Hopefully we will have success. If not, there's always the next year. I'm bound and determined to have some sort of pumpkin patch one of these years.

With the way mine are growing this year, it does look like I just might get some pumpkins as the vines are beginning to spread out. They just won't be ready in time for Halloween. That's okay. We should still have enough pumpkins for each kiddo to take one home, thanks to Walmart's low prices, he, he, he!

At least my pile of pumpkins is growing faster then the ones in the ground. 

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Let The Preparations Begin!

I think I have said it a zillion times, I LOVE FALL!

Okay, maybe it's really just a few dozen but non the less Fall means Halloween, and I am SOOOO excited we are resuming the Boo Bash.

We took last year off. As much as we missed all those wonderful faces in some of the cutest costumes, there just wasn't a date that worked. It takes a lot to pull this off and with schedules, grief, health, and work, there just wasn't a window of opportunity. So many of our guest understood, but I think the kids missed it the most! When we announced the Return of the Boo Bash, within days the RSVP's were coming in.

To assure an awesome debut, I need to get started on the preparations.

The lists got really LONG, really quick. These are just the beginning pages. By the time the party gets closer, more will be remembered. I don't know what I would do without my lists!

I have already added a few new games to the list. Plus I have been getting ideas sent to me from our guest. I LOVE to make my guest happy!

So I plan to add these two. 

Pumpkin Tic-Tac-Toe and Pumpkin Checkers. My spin on the Tic-Tac-Toe will be BIG! I will paint a LARGE grid on the lawn and they will use full size pumpkins as the markers. The checkers will be on one of those big sets you can find at Cracker Barrel. That's where I got ours. Instead of the red and black markers, I'll pick up some mini pumpkins or I could change them out with witches hats and ghost. You'll have to wait and see which way I decide to go.

Then there is the Pumpkin Chuckin!

Of course we will take it to a whole new level as well. Go BIG or go home, right!

Those who can will have the option to actually "Chuck It"!

Back in 2011 the "Grand's" who live in town used this to launch their water balloons.

Bella had fun with it too!

Wouldn't ya' know, I still have it. I'll be pulling it out this weekend along with every thing else and see just how we can set it up to see if it will work how I hope it will. 

Ha, Toilet Paper Pumpkin Chucking at our Boo Bash, won't that be cool!

One of our son's left this tub of Nerf guns here a while back. They will be perfect to make another new game the older kids might enjoy.

First google found the one on the left and I thought okay that's start. So I kept googling. 
Ours will end up somewhere in the middle.

Even with it as busy as it has been around here, I can always seem to add more to our plate to make us even more busy! It's only just begun. Being busy, busy, busy this time of year is so normal. We'll be burning the midnight oil a few time between now and April when it starts to slow down again.

That's just how we do it on Our Journey Through LIFE!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Busy Is Good!

The last 12 days have been so BUSY!

Well, as busy as days can be for a retired person. I've been retired for medical reason since 2007 but I never really thought of myself as retired. Tired maybe, but not retired!

These days have actually been busier for hubby, and my daughter then they were for me. I simply help out where I can to reduce the stress or have extra "Grand"ma time. I don't mind picking up the slack.

It also means I have been busy working in the garden everyday, sometimes 2 or 3 times.

Can I call it that now that things are finally growing?

Boy did I ever have the brown thumb before, but there are signs it is turning green. After all, I did have a pretty nice flower garden this year. I already knew the pumpkins were getting in late after they had that crazy start. Finally they are beginning to look like pumpkin plants. Out of the 18 started, so far 12 have survived the transplant. I also had a run in with white flies who were making themselves at home on some stems. Between the pest guy spraying around the area, I took to the internet to learn what else I can do. With a click of the mouse some soap and traps went into my Amazon cart and will be here Thursday. I LOVE Amazon Prime! Until then brushing them off  will have to do.

Did you know that they are attracted to yellow?

It might not seem like a lot to most, but for me, and with my limits, I am very happy of what I have accomplished. If the pumpkin plants don't produce any pumpkins or they are still small by our Boo Bash, I decided that each week I will be picking up 3-5 pumpkins from Walmart to fill in the pumpkin patch. With everything we learned this year will only make next years garden even better. There are still 2 planter boxes yet to be planted and I have two beds in front of the Gazebo to plant. I just got the soil turned over and soaking. Another turn over and they should be ready. Not sure what I will put in the beds by the gazebo. The boxes will be my salad boxes and I will head out to Yuma Nursery this week to pick up some starters. 

Did you know Yuma was the lettuce capitol of the world

Unfortunately all that busy stuff came with a price. Yesterday I cut a big chunk off the ball of my foot. Yes, BIG OUCH! Yes, I was bare foot! So today I have to stay off it as much as possible. Garden dirt and open wounds don't really get along. I know, I know, I've been told since I can remember to "Put on your shoes!" I usually do, but sometimes it's just a quick trip out to change the water. Now I'm changing bandages.

I guess that's one way to slow me down. It also allows me the time to catch up here and with others.

Did I ever show you the finished kitchen. Still can't. It's still in need of a dishwasher getting installed. Plus we wanted to update the base boards by the back door since the cast iron pans crashed off the wall a while back taking big gashes out of them. What this company wanted to charge to do it was, guess? "CRAZY!"

I won't even begin to update that experience. I signed a paper that their job was complete, with notes and wrote the final check!

It is now up to us to finish the transition pieces by the front door and install the dishwasher. Only hubby has been, you know, kind of busy!

I have gotten quite use to doing dishes by hand. Shouldn't be much longer.

For a break and to get me out and about, I went with hubby to the Cibola National Wildlife Refuge.

I learned they had a viewing area, so next month I now know where I will be hanging out while he does what he does, make good water. I learned it because on this trip I saw these...

Me and hubby couldn't figure out what they were. When I was on their Facebook page, I clicked on their photos and as I scrolled down, there they were. They are owl nest. The picture below was taken by Jennifer O'Neill in March of 2014.

Another now I know what I am going to watch for come next year. All the pictures of them were taken between January and April. I think it's time to explore more of Cibola and not just the Goose pond which is right below the water plant where I hang out. The nest we saw was down the road from there. We need to do the Goose Loop Road again. It's been a long time. From now on we should do it each time we go and we'll see what we can see. I can't wait. I LOVE owls!

Phew! I think that's enough for today.

It's getting kind of dark outside and a bit windy. Could we be getting some more rain?

Just what my garden needs.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Romans 8:24-26(ESV)

24 For in this hope we were saved. Now hope that is seen is not hope. For who hopes for what he sees? 25 But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience.
I needed PATIENCE over my seeds sprouting! 

I was two weeks late getting my pumpkin seeds started. After 10 days I still hadn't seen any sign of sprouts. I thought maybe it was just to hot and that the seeds I planted had baked in our oven of a desert. Saying I was just a bit frustrated is an understatement. However I will not be defeated. I grab some more seeds and using the same pods, I replanted them. A week later I had spouts. Great! Not so perfect timing as we were going out of town for the week, soI over watered them to assure they didn't dry out by the time we get home. What I saw when we got home, not only did they get bigger but even more sprouted. Some of those baked seeds survived, wahoo! They all got transplanted into the garden yesterday. 16 pumpkin plants, possibly producing 3-5 pumpkins each means I could have approximately 48-80 pumpkins. There is a good chance they might not be fully grown by Halloween but we can be patient and hope for the best, right! Always thankful Walmart sells their pumpkins pretty cheap so I can just fill it in if needed for our 8th Annual Boo Bash Pumpkin Patch. 

Patience was also needed for arranging that time to get away. Giving it up in prayer allowed others to do what they do, and what a great job they did! It wasn't a long time, just 4 days of a short week, but it was a time that was so needed and oh, how refreshing it was!

We didn't go far, just over the mountain, as we say!

We stayed at the Mission Bay RV Resort in San diego, which is across the bay from Campland on the Bay. It's more like a RV Park-ing lot then a resort but it was clean, had large, leveled spaces, and the location was perfect for the things we wanted to do. Oh, and the people, they were pretty awesome too. 

I just LOVED our spot! 

We got there just in time for the sunset. Well, it's there behind that marine layer.

Our first full day we wanted to head back to Cabrillo National Monument and the Point Loma Tide Pools. Even getting there at 9 AM when they opened wasn't early enough to see the tide pools. We talked with a ranger and learned when the best time is. The fall and winter months have the minus tides needed to see the pools. Maybe after the New Year we might try another day trip. We'll see. We'll be patient though, yay never know if the third time will be the charm, right!

Next is the La Jolla Cove and The Cave.

What an awesome place! I wanted to go down to the beach to be up close and personal with some of the seals but NO DOGS are allowed

I also contemplated going down to the bottom of the cave, but the 145 steps that take you down are a lot different coming up! Not to mention the narrow passage that you must go through to get there is a bit intimidating for someone who is a little claustrophobic. 

We were going to eat somewhere around there but none of the places were dog friendly. A snack and water till we got back to the RV would have to do.

Once again the marine layer interfered with our sunset. Bella had a good time walking on the beach. Dogs were allowed on Mission Beach after 6 PM so long as they are on a leash. We strolled the boardwalk and did a lot of people watching. 

Have you seen the movie "Cocoon"? The spot light the sun shined on the ocean made us think of it. It only lasted a few minutes so I was thrilled when a seagull flew into my view adding the special touch to the photo. All we needed was a boat.

Our last full day began the same way it had ended the evening before. The marine layer still hovered over us and hubby dealing with the truck. On the way back to the RV a warning light came on that the battery wasn't charging. While hubby turned off everything except the headlights, I read the manual by the phone flashlight. He didn't need me to, cause he knew what was wrong, it was the alternator, but he listened as I read aloud which was helping me understand and settle my nerves. Not wanting to drive it to get the part, he asked a security guard if it was possible to get a ride. It just so happened his shift was ending. Perfect timing or God? 

Fortunately it was an easy fix and we were able to continue on with our plans. I just love this man. He can be so patient in most stressful situations. 

Before we left I had searched for odd and unusual things to see in San Diego. I couldn't believe all that I found.

Like there is this wire artist, Spencer Little, who creates pieces that he then attaches to street light polls. The picture on the right was taken by Crosby Dock , November, 2015.

" There are eight of the fanciful portraits altogether – four in the vicinity of University and Wabash avenues and four along Fairmount Avenue near Orange and Polk avenues - and they all went went up in mid-June, Little said."

We decided not to go looking for the wire art this trip. 

The same with Harper's Topiaries. Edna Harper has been sculpting her shrubs for 15 years. Wow! I'll let you know when we make it by to see her art.

What we did make it to was The Spruce Street Suspension Bridge

If you know me, heights are up there with being claustrophobic! 70 feet above the canyon and 375 feet end to end. Add with the moving up and down and the swaying back and forth, my stepping onto that bridge was an act of faith and trust. I read how safe it was so that calmed me some. Oh, if you make it there, take a lock, paint it up, lock it on a cable, make a wish, kiss and throw the key into the canyon below.

Our next stop was a beach that Bella could enjoy as well. And boy did she! In case you want to know it was The Dog Beach at Ocean Beach. Beware, the approach to it is very overwhelming with dog urine as ever male must pee on the light poles and garbage cans on their way in and out. Once you get out on the beach, it's a dogs paradise! Bella has never been off her lead, EVER! After a few minutes, and many other dog owners being patient with us, (it kept getting in the way) I took a leap of faith and unhooked her. SHE LOVED IT!

For over an hour she ran, jumped, swam, played, and had the best time. Once her lead was off, and I was throwing a ball for her, the camera had to be handed off. I was surprised later that hubby had clicked some pictures of us playing. Awe, how sweet of him. By the time we left my cropped pants that I kept rolling up were soaked. When I tried to put Bella's lead back on, she didn't want it back on. It was so funny!

Afterwards we found a nice place to eat lunch further down Ocean Beach where it didn't matter how wet and sandy we were. We will surely be visiting this beach again. Next time we are going better prepared to hang out longer.

After lunch we went and found Chicano Park. Why? For the art!

It turned out to be the best afternoon ever!

That is till the sunset. NO marine layer!

Finally being patient paid off! I finally got the sun sizzling on the ocean. Now that made it the best day ever!

Even the next morning, when once again there was that darn marine layer obscuring my view of yet another sunrise, being patient and waiting another 35 minutes allowed me to capture this.

What a wonderful time we had.

Oh, and remember how patient we had been over those bids. This gets installed next week...

Hubby will need to hold onto that patience a bit longer. See that note describing what the CARRIER shouldn't do, well they did. The crate was damaged, the shrink wrap was off, and until the system can be checked out for leaks from damage, he won't know the extent of it. There are reasons why special handling is needed and labeled. Ignoring the labels is not an excuse for mishandling.

Then there was the patience we had to have over that "CRAZY" reconstruction. Glad to say we signed the completion certificate yesterday and it is officially over and done! I love the new flooring and the dishwasher will be installed this weekend. YAY!
Finally, it takes a lot of patience to wait fr the perfect time to click the camera at just right second to capture the hummingbird feeding off my Mexican Bird of Paradise. I had been trying to capture this for a while now. My bushes have been so vibrant this year. Oh, and more hummingbirds have shown up. Today there were 5 flying around at one time. There might even be a few more as I can't keep track of them as I count. 




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