Thursday, April 29, 2010

Stories in Hand for the 'Grands'

When my daughter was pregnant with our first grandchild she gave me a book, kind of a Grandma Baby Book of sorts. She also gave one to each of her grandmother's. However, the grandmother's were battling cancer at that time. My MIL was unable to fill her's out but we did do a few pages during some of her good hospice days. My mother filled out quite a few pages and even included some pictures. Unfortunately, I was not as diligent with mine. Probably had a lot to do with the fact we had lost my MIL 45 days before he was born, and my mother 3 days after he was born.

For some time, those books were on my nightstand. A few times, I wdid grab mine and add to it. Then the remodel started. Things were packed away, including those books. I have looked in our memory trunks, no luck. I have looked on the shelf where my kids baby books are, no luck. They might be in the memory closet, and I hope they are, but right now there is so much disorganization in front of and actually in it, I can't get to the drawers I am hoping they are in.

So I decided to begin my own Memories of Grandma right here on my blog.

Better late then never right!

I think it was last year, but I could be wrong, that my daughter and I enrolled in a project called Stories in Hand. She printed out and made this lovely binder for me.

This was a 2 week course where we were given the tools on how to collect and gather all our stories that we want to remember, all the things about the how, where, when and why's of life. Until now I had not jotted down a single thing. Bad me! But is time to get it together.

Each week I want to put some of these stories on my blog so that I can print them out as a book down the road. Though there are some of these stories already here, in time, there will be even more. Just another way of capturing Our Journey Through LIFE!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

You Capture - Spring

This is just about one of my favorite things to capture - Spring!


To see all the flowers in full bloom...

To fruit tree's blooming

Passion Fruit Flowers look like this...

...And turn into this

This is it's second year and we have a lot of flowers and fruit already.

Our Lemon tree had many flower's as well...

Now we have a lot of these...

And my tree's are showing their color....

And this tree...

 Leaves it's flower in the yard like a purple blanket...

The 'Grands' also bloom in their own way...

As I went to town today,
feeling bad I didn't take my camera,
there was spring blooming everywhere.

Oh, how I wished I had my camera!

Still, I had a lot of fun with this assignment,
capturing spring in my yard
Can't wait to see all the other Spring photo's.

You can join in or just check them out here.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Old Trains for Far Side of Fifty

This post is for my friend at The Far Side of Fifty.

Her hubby Far Guy loves model trains. I told her about the one I had and wanted to post pictures of it to see if her hubby knew what I had.

It was once my brothers and when our twins were like 4 or 5, my dad passed it on to them. At the time my brother was not around much and I think he thought he would want them to have it. Unfortunately when things went bad in our family, my brother asked for it and I refused to give it back. It was not out of vengence that I kept it but out of preservation. You see, my older brother always got his way and got most all our grandparents and parents belongings. They few items I have had been asked for back. Not sure why but I held onto what I could to have some old things as well. Over the years, I have acquired many of the same items he had from antique stores. Some have even spread words that they were moms or grandma's when in fact they were not. Just the only way I could have some of what they had though it really wasn't theirs.

Sorry to go off the topic here. Back to the train...

I would love to see about getting it running and would be great to display it within a small scene like those in model railroad displays. When our son was in the Shriner Hospital in SF, they had one for the kids to visit. Not only that we also had a hut at the fair that housed a large display. The kids were always fasinated with them. If your in the area of Sacramento there is a great museum there. When our kids were little they earned the junior engineer badge and hat.

Ontop of that, my grandfather and his son, my moms father and brother, both worked for the railroad. Seems trains are in our blood which is why they seem to catch our fancy.

A few years ago we were able to take our 'Grand' bug on and old train here in Yuma.

We also have taken them to the Railway Museum in Dixon, Ca.

When in Hawaii we took a train around the Dole Plantation

We also took them on the Polar Express.

As well as Train Town in Sonoma.

So here's to you  Far Side (I don't know your real name). Hope Far Guy likes our train and adventures.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook ~ April 21, 2010

FOR TODAY ~ April 21, 2010

Outside my window...I see all my tree's in bloom. A yard that represents the hard work performed over the weekend past. A blue and inviting pool.

I am thinking...How wonderful it is to live where I do, have those in my life that fill my soul, and the ability to enjoy even the simplest of things.

I am thankful for...The men in my life who go over and beyond to help me.

From the learning rooms...That everyday is a gift from God and to enjoy the present.
 From the kitchen...Baby Back Ribs slow cooking in the oven for tonights BBQ family dinner. I cook them slowly until just about done then onto the grill they go for those last few minutes.

I am wearing...Jeans and a has actually been cold today with the wind blowing.

I am creating...A baby shower for our 6th 'Grand'.

I am going...To enjoy having all the kids for diner tonight, BBQ Baby Back Ribs are on the menu.

I am reading...My daily bible verse's. At times I find myself lost in His words and lost in this world.

I am hoping...That God will continue to guide us through our trials. His plan and we will see His rewards soon.

I am hearing...The laughter of babe's playing in the yard. The cries of one falling off a swing. The rumbling of Bella and Nikki running around.

Around the house...Are all my kids and their families minus 3 'Grands' playing and chatting. You can also see many item's on the shelves that have been confiscated from Bella. She's such a toddler

One of my favorite things...Is enjoying the time we get to watch our 'Grands' grow and explore their world.

A few plans for the rest of the week:Finish up the travel laundry that I keep procrastinating. Have our boys help their dad bring the piano in while they are visiting. Change my bedroom linens and curtains to their spring/summer decor. Swim with the 'Grands' this weekend. Church on Sunday.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

This is one of the road that leads you right to Phoenix International Raceway.

Black and White Wednesday

I almost forgot to get my Black and White Wednesday done.
With all the family here things like that hapen.
After all, it's about them anyways, right!

If you would like to join in
link up to

You Capture - Sweet


How SWEET it is to have a fountain of chocolate!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bella can Swim!

Before all h#() broke loose yesterday in the way of a fire,
while we were cleaning the pool,
Bella had her first swim lesson.

At first I was just going to let her play around on the first step.
She of course had another idea.

It didn't take her long to swim away from the step,
making a big u-turn coming back to the steps.

After a few small swims like that,
she took off and swam the whole length of the pool,
(our pool is 18W x 40L)
getting out at the other end where dad was..

After the fire, she decided to go for another dip.

Today we played around in the water again.
This time we threw a ball in and she swam for it
and brought it back to the step.

 I think we have a water dog, wahoo!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Six Word Saturday

Describe your life using just six words!

Shut, describing my life in a sentence can be difficult, but I love a challenge and each week, minus a couple I have missed, I can come up with those six words. I amaze myself sometimes.

So for this weeks Six Words...

Praise God for all our Blessings!

From the 'Grands' who fill my soul...

For my son's and daughter who are wonderful parents.

 I am blessed with a puppy who get's into everything...

I can't forget about the old guys who have been with us 12 years.

Or Tucker Man...

I am so blessed to have my hubby in my life.

He does so much for me.

I appreciate him so much.
He has my heart and soul and life wouldn't be what it is without him.

Praise God for all our Blessings!


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