Friday, September 27, 2019

Five-Minute-Friday ~ Success

This weeks word...Success.

Timer set...and "GO..."

After last weeks word, any of the challenges we've been through, more times than not, there likely came success of one kind or another.

Success isn't always measured by the money in the bank or where we live or what we have. God wants us all to be successful not just in our worldly lives, and use whatever gifts we have been given to serve others as faithful stewards of his grace in various forms.

For me, right now, success can be that I made it through yet another week or day of juggling the many things that were leftovers from the day before, to ones of a new day. It can come from a test that gave answers to the many questions swirling around in my head. It can come from finishing a Bible study I've had a hard time getting through.

Regardless, if this book that lingers over me is successful or not, learning how to put it all together, writing how God has been a big part of the journey, it has undoubtedly brought a broken soul closer to him. Trusting in his words, time after time, showed precisely that walking by faith does deliver the results he promises when we put him first.

That is success!


Seeing God's plan and goals for us, Jeremiah 29:11
Understand the obstacles along the way, Jeremiah 6:21
Create a positive mental picture Jeremiah 31:22
Clear your mind of self-doubt Matthew 14:13
Embrace the challenge Acts 20:37
Stay on track Psalm 119
Show the world you can do this Philippians 4:13

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Have a great week, I know I will!

See ya' next Friday!

Friday, September 20, 2019

Five-Minute-Friday ~ Challenge

It can be a challenge being in the middle of our story...

Timer set..."GO..."

Each chapter lately seems to have a direction of its own! None of them make sense together, yet each one is a piece to a puzzle that just needs to be brought into alignment with the others. Sometimes it only takes time to figure it all out.

It's been a bit of a challenge for me, though. Keeping my head up isn't always easy. Depression can creep up unexpectedly. Then out of the blue, a nurse, a receptionist, even the insurance advocate can pull a rabbit out of their hat and clear the path as needed. Sometimes it feels like the wheels are moving really slow. Maybe they're moving slowly for a reason? 

After embracing many challenges over the years, I am not new to how to navigate these journeys. Each one has its own scenery. There were bumps to maybe hills along the way. Some have been like mountains. Yet once we reached the top, the view was remarkable. Sometimes the ride down the other side was just as thrilling and a challenge at the same time! Sometimes there are just as many tight turns that can slow us down. Though each one brought us to a place, a resolve, and in the way God had intended.

Then there are the challenges that I choose to participate in like the Annual Clickin Moms Summer Scavenger Hunt and the upcoming 31-Days Writing Challenge. They each have their own ways of challenging me as well. But I enjoy it! 

Regardless, all of the challenges had always been faced with a strong faith. Which is why each one was an example of just what prayers can do. What hope can create! How love heals. Patience prevails. Being calm in the storms that bring rainbows afterward...


...are a gift from God. There are so many signs that also allows us to see He's handy work. 

We just need to open our hearts to see them!

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Have a great week, I know I will!

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The Simple Woman's Daybook ~ September

For this month, September 2019...

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Looking out my window...

...into the cars side mirror, a monsoon that was brewing over our son's area appears to be left behind. 

As we approached the I-10 headed for home, the first alert sounded on my phone...and just moments later another warning of what we were about to drive into appeared above the highway. 

It was surely going to be an exciting drive home! 

Just up the road, it began to rain buckets...

Not even the windshield wipers could keep up. We stopped shortly after, sat in the car for a bit until it let up so we could run in for some refreshments. As quick as it started, it ended and created a reminder that after any storm, there is a rainbow!

I am wonderful it was to spend a week with the Mesa "Grand's." I'd been looking forward to it since they asked for my help.

I am so thankful...for the opportunity! I don't get to spend much time with them so I cherish every moment as much as I can. They're really some awesome kids! 

One of my favorite photographing some of those moments...

...that included baseball practices, as well as his first game of the fall season. Watching a plant cell cake come to life, along with some yummy cake-pops, taking them to and picking them up from school, and a fun experiment. I wish we lived closer so I could do it more often.

I am own way through this Noom way of eating.

I'm slowly seeing results and know that it is a healthier life-changing experience that can possibly take a year to get to where I hope to be. Our grocery bill has been reduced, and counting those calories has become automatic now. My steps are slowly increasing and hopefully, when our cooler weather arrives, evening walks will take the place of my morning walks, which will help as well. I've been waiting patiently for hubby to get his new knee so he will be joining me. I'm still having a hard time with the red foods, but I am a lot better than I was in the beginning. I even got to buy a smaller size in my jeans, YEAH!

I'm still to crochet again!

Back in June, I began this subscription to crochet an afghan. It's taking me longer to get the squares done as planned, but I continue to push through. I'm having a hard time comprehending some of the directions, but with youtube to the rescue where once my mother would be able to help, I've managed to figure it out. She knew it all though, and at times like this, I wish she was still here!

I am wearing...the same blue floral and stripe print sundress I was wearing last month when I wrote my daybook. It really is the softest and comfortable dress, and it's become one of my favorites. 

I've been binge-watching...Heartland on Netflix. Have you seen it? Why hasn't anyone mentioned this series before? It's been on since 2007! I have 13 seasons to catch up on. It's been the perfect show to keep my energy up and not dwell on things I can't change.

I am hoping...all these tests that have been done over the summer will soon give us the answers and direction we've been waiting for. Or maybe not? It sure has been a roller coaster at times, along with figuring out a puzzle without the picture. 

In the garden...there really isn't much happening. With our high temps, it just doesn't allow me the ability to work it like I use too. In the morning hours, I water what hasn't died. Clear out what has. I have pots waiting for fall planting, which is fast approaching. I just need to get to the nursery for starters. Hopefully, next week, I can manage it. 

From the kitchen...seem to not apply right now. Limiting my time there is beneficial to my healthy eating. However, I think Hubby has something brewing. Last Christmas, I ended up with a free Insta-Pot that I still haven't taken out of the box. 

Hubby's been watching these segments on Good Morning America all week and wants to start using it. I am SCARED to death of it! Though I have never experienced any of the mishaps with a regular pressure cooker, I have seen what can happen, and this can do the same thing. If we were a family of five again, I might overcome my fear and consider it. But it is just us now, and we really don't need to cook that much food...Boy did I get an earful! Guess you don't have to be a large family or make a large meal in it! I have a feeling it might just be freed from its box.

Shared Quote...from Beth Moore's series, "Redefined" on TBN.

"Anybody tired of your pattern defining your person?"

I recently rejoined her program I had stopped watching about five years ago. In fact, I've been trying to "redefine" just who I am, again, and turned it on not knowing what the series was about!

With each new stage of this journey through life, it seems to include redefining some times, along with accepting, growing, discovering the new me that has risen from the ashes! I have no idea why I resist until the depression grabs hold, and I cry out to Him to reset my heart, but He's always ready for me. 

With the many avenues available today to meet up with someone along the path I am on, is always a Godsend. Be it a word prompt, a bible lesson that fits perfectly, a call from someone who didn't know how much I needed to hear their voice, He is working to make sure I don't lose my way, while I keep my head up and my eyes on Him.

See ya next month!

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Friday, September 13, 2019

Five-Minute-Friday ~ Start

This week’s writing prompt is: 

Here I "GO..."

It never fails, every time I start the timer, all the thoughts I had gathered of what and how to write on the prompt, seem to go right out the window.

Some times I start thinking I am not a writer added by doubts I will ever be an author.

When I started blogging back in 2007, I never had the intention to write a book. It was all about our journey through some mountains we were climbing, sharing how life was day to day along the way.

Then, without realizing it, I began to open up more and more about how I got to where I was, and how God's love and his incredible Son had the most significant impact on putting me on the road I was on and why. 

Since then, I have had so many encourage me to continue writing, create a book, and see-through whatever this is God has started within me. Somewhere along the way,  the many distractions that had popped up began to make me feel like there was something else working within me.  It's become apparent lately that writing was just the beginning, a way to settle the past, and a stepping stone toward other things as well. 

Still not sure exactly how, or when, but I do feel there is more to uncover along this road He's planned for me...


...I just need to continue to learn how to achieve what he is putting in my heart.

It's so different from when we were raising our children and starting our business.

Each writing course I sign up for has helped me so much over the last few years.  Implementing those lessons isn't as easy as it was 25 years ago. No matter what, I won't be giving up, nor am I rushing it.

Including God, each day allows me peace that I am on the right track.

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Friday, September 6, 2019

Five-Minute-Friday ~ Testimony


Such a strong word for the week!

It takes a lot of strength and courage to share a testimony.

Our journey through life has been a continuing testimony of the work God has done throughout our lives. 

In the beginning, it scared me to my core to open up about it.

I remember the very first time I actually found the courage to speak out loud about the first time I had seen how he was working within my heart. It took another fifteen years before I would have finally found the right therapist, who encouraged me to meet the right group of women, at a church my daughter had guided me toward that allowed me to finally share it. 

That was thirty years ago!

Was I a slow learner? Not according to Him. He already knew when and how I would come to Him, and that blew me away. It still does!

Since that first time, other things have happened that also created other testimonies along our journey; to the many cancer fights of those I love, the battles that weren't won, unexpected deaths, illnesses that can keep you spinning, struggles of all different kinds, to name just a few. Each time, the way through them was by walking with Jesus, by Him reminding us that this to shall pass. Follow me, He said!

Not to sound too cliche, but it's like the song says;

 "Jesus take the wheel
Take it from my hands
'Cause I can't do this on my own!"

With each obstacle along our path, without having Him in my heart first, I'm sure things would have been different. When in doubt, pray. When faced with unbelievable odds, pray. When rewarded in ways beyond belief, believe, and pray.

Our testimonies don't always have to be spoken to a large group of people. It doesn't need to happen under the stage lights with a microphone. It can be in a quiet room with a dozen or fewer people. In my case, it was with the women who had comforted me through a then-current battle with my family I was navigating blindly until they helped me cross that 'T' across the canyons of my life.

It was transforming! It was rejuvenating! It was the beginning of a life filled with the Holy Spirit. Each page, each chapter of our lives becomes a testimony, not for ourselves, but for others, so they too can see the glory that awaits them...


...There's just something so extraordinarily beautiful about sharing part of my testimony in the middle of the grocery store with a soul meant for Him. Knowing there is a good chance he will pick up where I left off, soothe my own soul. 

I love sharing the seeds that might get planted in their lives. 

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Have a great week, I know I will!

See ya' next Friday!


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