Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Life Just Happens!

Which is why blogging isn’t happening.

I continue to “Find the JOY” in my life. Ok, it hasn’t all been “Joyful” but you won’t find me complaining. I have been knocked down a notch or two, but nothing I couldn’t handle or resolve. Just Life Happens! is all.

And LIFE is what this journey is about so I’ll start with one of the most recent…



All 8 of the “Grands” together! For some it was the first time and a few years for others. Some got two weeks together while others got a long weekend but it will be a memory for a lifetime.

It also meant they were all together for our 4th Annual Boo Bash.













They all had so much fun!

8118159707_099a0194ed_o 094156

This years Boo Bash had 35 kids and 26 adults. It is something that has become a tradition for so many families and we have been blessed to capture a moment in time for each of them. Love the “JOY” we make for other’s!

More recent was our 16th annual NASCAR race week in Phoenix. Fun-filled with the Camping World Truck Series race, the Nationwide Series, the K & N Series, and of course the Sprint Cup Series.35034_10200089195856914_947177096_n


Always my “JOY” to be here, can you tell!




I had the opportunity to have Jimmie Johnson sign his book.



                     BIG “JOY”






















It is always a special time with our friends from up north. Oh, I should have said it is a “JOY” to spend this time with them!










I also relearned how to ride a bike. So hubby went to town and bought me my own.


For now I will stop here in my joyful journey before this gets so long you all get tired of reading it, or looking at all the pictures.

I would like to mention one more thing before I post and that is a photo challenge. I seem to like challenging myself, failing most the time, but still I get back up and try again. So I am dusting off my Life-365 Days a Year! blog. You see that button over there on the side bar, it should still take you there. I did a 365 back in 2010 and only missed less then 20 days. I would have to go back and refresh my mind but it really doesn’t matter, does it. I just feel up to trying it again so if you don’t find me writing anything, check over there to see just what is up.

Also, we did have a lovely Thanksgiving and hope you all did too. We had so much to be thankful for this year and though it was a tough day being an anniversary and all, I made it through and am now getting ready for my favorite time of year!

“JOY, pure and simple, JOY”


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