Friday, December 28, 2012

Ho, Ho, Ho, Achoo, Cough, Cough!

While other were out hustling and bustling though the holidays I was laid up in bed!

Not before my one and only Holiday outing though!









While during our annual Lights Parade, I began to feel yucky. Started with a tickle and quickly went into chills with aches. Barely able to walk back to the car, hubby went ahead to bring it to me. So Thankful! Once home and snuggled in bed with the heating pad, I was able to rest and didn’t get up for 3 days.

Then it was just to the doctors.


Worries of a blood clot was the topic but, again thankful it wasn’t that, but I did have a bad case of bronchitis. My o2 stats were 94, 91 he would have admitted me. Time for Albuterol! Which at first I was in love with until the side effects showed their ugly face. I just told myself I am going to have to suck it up and take it to get through this. On top of that I was prescribed another drug Benzo something which one of the side effects consisted of confusion, as if I’m not confused enough!

After a few days I needed something, something to make it feel like it was the holidays, so hubby went out and brought home our tree. Yes, I let go of the control over the perfect Christmas tree, and boy did it surprise him! However it will take a few more days, ok it was more like a week before I could claim victory!

160                   165

166   168   167

My wonderful daughter brought the kids over so I could watch them make their gingerbread house.

128     156     161

Sometime I over challenge myself, but that is just how I roll, so it is no surprise that I take on the 8 “Grand” tree’s!


I played around with Picasa….


However this is not how they will  look, but it was time to get them in their place for the season.


Then finishing touches….


And we’re almost ready for Christmas…


It’s missing something? Oh, the presents! Well you see we won’t be doing our gift exchange until tomorrow. Odd years are our holidays in this extended/blended family. And boy is it a blessing this year! I was no way ready for the actual Christmas day at all. With only 1 shopping day under my belt by Christmas Eve, I knew I would do better after everyone else was done hustling and bustling, plus I will be able to take advantage  of all the sales!

It lent me the time to putt around the house doing all the finishing touches and setting a table for 12. Everything is repurposed in this house before it is ever thrown out. Tends to allow many options for creativity and this year table shows it. for the first year the older grand's will be joining us at the big table. I think they will enjoy the setting.

008      018


Stockings got filled and names were added but have yet to take a picture of them. Still using the cell phone, at least till after the New Year!

Hubby took on the task of wrapping  while my daughter came and made fudge, sugar cookie dough, no bake cookies and some peanut butter cookies. Things are slowly coming together but there are presents under the tree’s.


I guess going out in public wasn’t such a good idea. My immune system is still weak and caused a relapse. Bah Humbug to this bug! I have a feeling I will be back at the doctors next week if I can’t get this under control.

So there you have it, our crazy Christmas update. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and may the new year ring in bright. Till next year, thank you for being a part of Our Journey Through Life.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Great Times!

Oh how I love this time  of year!

The ”JOY” is probably, no it WILL BE abundant this year!

And it already began with a trip up north for my baby brother’s (he,he,he! I just LOVE calling him that!) 50th Birthday. Oh the JOY!

I love him so much. You can check out the book I did for him here.

Click here to view this photo book larger

Shutterfly baby photo books are the perfect way to preserve your baby's precious moments.

It really wasn’t the most perfect time to go since there was this HUGE storm coming through but what the hey, our life has been a series of storms and we can navigate just about anything now a days.

We had to stop about 3 hours early the first leg due to sideways rain and lots of water on the highway which made it almost impossible to see where you are going.

Rested and scattered blue skies the next morning we headed over the grapevine.


Once on the mountain our visibility diminished some. Thick air as my  hubby says.


But once over it was basically clear and near perfect driving conditions.


When you see this sign you know you are getting close.



Sorry it is blurry but my canon isn’t functional at the moment so this trips photos are all from my cell phone. I love the iPhone 4s camera, it takes much better photos then my old phone did.

Nothing serious with the canon just a new card but I seem to be dragging my feet maybe in hopes that maybe a new one Santa might bring!


Since everyone was still at work when we arrive we decide to make a few stops.











Jelly Belly Factory is always a stop. Love the Belly Flops, they sell for buy 3 get 2 free and should last us till the spring, hopefully. After we stopped in at Farberware where they were having their annual open house. BIG SCORE!


Then were welcomed by only the scarecrows when we made it to my best friends house where we will spend the next 4 days.


Catching up over good food finished off our first day in the valley.

Our plans for the next day was to visit hubby’s best friend, who by the way lives on top a mountain. We wake to rain of course, not pouring so manageable but I know that with the rain comes water in the creek that one must drive over to get to his house. With as much rain as they already got over night it means we must use the foot bridge to get across. All the way up the mountain I’m praying for strength because 1. I am afraid of heights and 2. I am REALLY afraid of heights on a suspended bridge!

Though the  drive was a bit tense at times, the scenery was gorgeous!



















I was worrying and I won’t deny it! However as we crested Cobb Mountain there were blue skies ahead. I so wanted them to be were we were going and my prayers were answered. God opened up a window for this visit to happen and will always praise him for making tough times in life bearable.


The skies stayed clear for a few hours giving us plenty of time to catch up. When the window began to close again it was time to make our way back across the roaring creek. The drive back to where we were staying was pleasant with a few short stops at a brothers and another friends before calling it a day.

Saturday began with rain, not heavy but enough to alter our plans of driving to Sonoma, so we went back to Farberware for more gifts. I was sad but knew it was out of my control. When leaving the store, busier then our first trip and LONGER lines, we walked out to blue skies. WHAHOO! Thank you God for opening yet another window for us. We unloaded the car and set our GPS…





  I just LOVE this lady! My MIL’s long time friend who took over being the Great Grandma to my grands after her trip to heaven. She had another stroke back in April and am so happy she is still with us. Pure JOY!



Our visit was short but memorable and it was time to head to my brother’s for his 50th celebration. It was a great night and I enjoyed visiting with my sister’s and their families.

780   782

784    787


793     796


The next morning we woke to being flooded! The rain was coming down so hard and for so long the streams and drains couldn’t keep up.

802     803

804     805

806      807

809      810

A RIVER of water, horse crap and dirt just flowed through her place like you wouldn’t believe. We were there, shoveling and detouring the water and still didn’t believe how fast and furious it came. What a mess it left behind! Did I mention this was all happening at 7 AM. Nice!

Once things were under control, a trip to Lowes was needed for weapons of mass destruction for the ants that will surely be running for high and dry ground. By mid afternoon the skies cleared once again for us to head up to a play my cuz’s twins were in. (Cuz because at one time her dads sister was married to my dads brother, however we still go by cuz and have been best friends since birth, though we have no memories before 3) Her daughters go to the same high school we did so it was a blast to the past as well. Not much changed in 37 years. The play was pretty good.  I remember so many of the events portrayed though I was just a kid. Great music, too!

813         815


822    823

Afterwards we went out to dinner, then stopped by and visited his brother before calling it another day. 6AM comes early and we must be rested for the drive home.

All in all it was a great extended weekend and after a few days of rest I will need to get on the ball and do the rest of our own holiday prep.  No rain in the forecast for the desert! Joy!


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