Sunday, April 30, 2017

Doing Something New!

I am always looking for something new to do, or something new to write about, or something new to grow in my garden. I'm always looking for a new item to perk up my home. Or a new adventure to journey through. Anything new that will enhance even my most ordinary days is worth searching for! 

This last week I found a few new things I wanted to pursue. Adding new things to my life can take a while to root. Kind of like my garden. 

While doing some of that purging, instead of throwing a few things out I found a way to re-purpose some of them. I know, I know, the whole idea of purging is to get rid of things. But in a way it will. Three old milk crates will be turned into three nesting boxes. Yep, I'm going to be an egg collector! There are so many wild chickens running a muck around here that something has to be done. Collecting the eggs should eliminate or at least slow down the chick population. Giving them a place to lay the eggs will hopefully stop finding eggs in the weirdest places as well. 

Then while working on my blog, which over the last 10 years of writing has gone through so many changes, I found that some of my old blogs I had read had become new blogs too. Some don't even exist anymore. 

It has been a while since I have joined in on those link-up things. Years ago I did a few. Actually I participated in one just about every day way back then. 

Like You Capture. It was so much FUN, which was the last time I joined in. She hasn't blogged since 2014 though.

Getting To Know You was about just what it says, question to get to know each other. Well it is now some health site! 

The Simple Woman's Daybook is no longer a blog at all. I loved participating for the time I did. I believe her husband took over for a while after her stroke, but maybe it was not something they needed in their life anymore. She could have recovered and started a whole new blog as well. After a life changing illness, it is so common to find a new joy in our lives. I have saved her outline in hope to begin a regular post using it. One of those new seeds I hope will grow.

I would also combine Way-Back Wednesday with Black and White Wednesday some weeks. The Long Road to China changed up her blog as well and expanded on her photography. Loved her new site. It was nice to see that Twinfatuation still blogs. Kind a got side tracked for a bit catching up on her twins. She still does her Way-Back When-esday, too.

I have always read Tablescape Thursday @ Between Naps on the Porch's to get ideas for my own table, but have yet to submit my own table. Compared to the tables others submit, mine are just so simple. Maybe one of these Thursday I will conquer that fear, "I am not good enough to be among them", and just do it like I did my photos for the fair. After all, "Doing Something New", did open up something new within me and it felt great!

Five Question Friday with Five Crooked Halos was another question link-up. The last time I participated was July of 2010. That's about the time things were getting really dicey around here and I began to write less and less over the next couple of months, to years, to where I was blogging only quarterly with lengthy updates. She then retired her link-up in August of 2013. Seems I am not the only one who bounces on and off this blogging stuff. She mentioned back in January she might start it back up, but LIFE seems to have snuck up on her too. If she does, I'll hook up with her every now and then. Sometimes questions are hard for me to answer. Sometimes they don't need to be answered.

Then there was Six Word Saturday. Last time I linked up was May 8, 2010. When I went to get her information, I found out she had still been doing it, but back on April 8, 2017, she past the torch onto Travel With Intent. I think I will do something new and link my Life - 365 Day a Year to her blog. I fell in LOVE with the photography. This is why it can take me so long to write a post sometimes. In researching I get interested in what I'm reading. 

While I was reading one of the new blogs I found, "Empty Nest", she participates in a link up called "Five Minute Friday". Each week Kate at "Headed Home" picks a one word prompt and challenges her readers to write on that word for 5 minutes.

It just so happens this weeks word is "MORE". So though this post took me more then 5 minutes to write, it will be my first week joining in. The word reached out to me and am looking forward to more one word challenges. I believe there is so much more I need to learn still. I know there are more places I want to journey to. I'm so thankful to have the time to read more and more blogs. It will hopefully encourage me to reach out to more readers at the same time.  

If you would like to join in, here is how

If you are new here, thanks for stopping by. 

I hope you enjoy Our Journey Through LIFE!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

I Think it's Time to Purge Again!

Over the last few year I have been weeding through things, slowly purging and doing a sort of downsizing. Though I am not actually downsizing anytime soon, it's just over 40 years things do tend to accumulate. There are day's when I have really overdone it, and I briefly think of selling and moving into a condo where someone else does the yard work and pool maintenance, can sound intriguing. Thankfully those moments don't last long.

I LOVE my little piece of the country.

The other day I was reading Women's Day. Not the actual magazine, but on their Facebook page online. I've been a reader for like ever! My mom always had subscription to it, so I guess I could say I have read it since I could read, to when I got married and raised a family, to even today.
April 1964                               April 1978                            April 2017

Some thing's just stick with you. I can remember the pile of saved magazines with folded pages of things I would like to make, bake or create. Now I have files for them on my computer.

The article that popped out at me was,
As I read I couldn't believe some of things they said to get rid of.







I have been holding onto 5 of the 6 things listed?

For instance "China"?

Oh my goodness, even my granddaughter wants my dish collection. I would like to think that my son's wife's and their daughters would like to have some of them too. It's just not China in my collection. I have quite a few dishes along with one almost complete set of dishes painted by family at Homer Laughlin in East Liverpool, Ohio which was just 5 miles north of Wellsville, Ohio where his grandparents lived. They might not have a high monetary value, but family history is still important within our family. I want to believe they will continue to be past down through the generations ahead. If they want to pass on some of the other Holiday dishes, and coordinating sets, that will be their choice. I have no plans of thinning down or getting rid of any of them between now and then. I love mixing and matching the different sets. You know me and my tables!

Then there is the "Coin" collection. My Mother-In-Law gave us each an uncirculated proof set every Christmas for probably 20 years.  We have quite a few old coins that are worth far more then their face value. I totally disagree with this item being on the list. It's been a while since we have pulled it out, but I have no desire to sell any of it off before I go to heaven.

I don't have a lot of "Antique Furniture", but the few pieces I have are not going anywhere. My grandmothers wicker chair she hauled from Nebraska fleeing the Dust Bowl isn't going anywhere. The bedroom set I have is like the style in the picture will remain as well.  It's called a Waterfall from the 1920-1930's and has these beautiful Bakelite drawer pulls. I have the bed frame and dresser and would love to find the vanity that goes with the mirror I have. I allowed it to be used by a family member and all I got back was the mirror of the vanity. I've held onto that mirror all these years with the hope I would find one missing the mirror, I will have the original.

Then there is the "Silver" I have, from new pieces to those from great and grandparents. It doesn't matter what the price is per ounce. It's the fact that some wonderful women picked out or were given these pieces a long ago. They have been on the necks, ears, wrists and fingers of these awesome women. Some pieces will be passed down through the 6th generation. That has a lot of value and something I hope is never lost. All of those pieces of silver, gold, pearls, and diamonds won't be going anywhere but to my children and their children.

As for the "Dolls", I only have a few. Okay, maybe a couple dozen are hanging out in the curio cabinet. They range in size from a couple inches to 16" baby dolls, to my mothers Bride Doll from the 1920's. I have already passed on the few Barbie Doll's my Mother-In-Law had saved. The niece they went to cherished them and I hope she holds onto them for years to come. Again, the ones I have, they will be hanging out for a while and not going anyway soon. 

The only thing on the list that I don't have to deal with is the "Rugs". What ones were around years ago went to other family members. What rugs I do have came from discount stores and are replaced about every year. I pick them up cheap and after numerous cleanings, there just comes a time when they need replaced.

What wasn't on the list, "Christmas Decorations and Ornaments". Not that I would purge any of mine, but when we have gone to estates sales there are always a good amount of them spread out on tables.

What is ON my list:

  • Vases from florist, Candy Dishes, and Baskets
  • Kids Toys
  • VHS Tapes
  • 8 Track Tapes
  • Coffee Mugs, Wine Glasses, Beer Glasses, etc... 
  • Maybe Some Linens
  • Party Supplies (Themes that won't be repeated that is.)
  • Some of the Picture Frames (Plastic, Cheap, Broken)
  • Some NASCAR Stuff (Sorry, they will just have to deal with the rest)
I think that is a good start.

What's on your purge list?

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

In The Garden

I love my mornings in the garden this time of year.

There is so much activity lately from the many birds flying about. New babies are learning to fly!

The other day I picked up 2 hummingbird feeders from the $1 Store. Nothing fancy. I've been wanting to add a few more feeders for a while now. These ones will do the job.

I make my own solution like most; 4 cups boiling water, add 1 cup sugar, let cool, fill and repeat about once a week. More as it warms up. I also clean the feeder with vinegar before refilling, very important. I've been doing it this way since that first nesting and read the recipe here.

When I looked out the window this morning I noticed a few hummingbirds enjoying the new feeders. Soon there were more. I grabbed my camera and headed out to the gazebo.
For an hour I sat, stood, sat, and stood some more capturing these fast moving beauties. I couldn't believe how many there were flying around and enjoying the new feeders. I counted 7 at one time. I think there might be more. I know one thing, I am going to go get more feeders!

I've also noticed lately that when I am watering they come around and play in my spray. I knew they loved water but hadn't had any do it till now. Could it be because I have created a Charm of Hummingbirds. I think so. So I am going to get a new water fountain for the my garden as well. It's been awhile since I've had one. I think it's time for another one. I love the sound of water trickling over rocks.

 I found this site from another site, but forgot to bookmark the other site for future use. I did manage to save this part in my "I Want That" folder.

I'm thinking a pair might be worth the try. Since the area she picked back 2014 isn't available, add in the fact she still controls the feeder on that side of the house. I'm thinking maybe she would like them.

What else is happening in my garden.
The vegetable part of my garden is moving slow, AGAIN! My large box is showing some age and might need to get replaced this season. So for now I have white pumpkins growing on my deck. I'll thin them down tomorrow. All I did was put the rotting pumpkin in the pot, covered it with dirt and watered. My squash and canaloupe aren't doing so well. I think the birds are pecking at them. Do they do that? I'll put some netting over them but it might be to late.

We also have things that are blooming!
These are just a few of the pictures that came out. I have been having problems getting my camera to focus. I'm sure it is just me.

Last, can I ask you all for prayers. I'm losing someone very dear to me. Tonight we'll dance in my dreams. 

My daughter is also losing her mother-in-law. She is on a different path then I had to journey when I lost mine. All I can be is there. 

We all have our own journeys through life.

Monday, April 24, 2017

A Hummingbird Cam

Ya'll know how much I love hummingbirds.

Back in 2014 we got to watch a hummingbird build her nest and lay her eggs.

Then I got to watch them hatch, grow, and leave the nest.

What an experience!

It was the beginning of our flock. Are they even called a flock when there is a group of them? Nope they are called a charm,  how charming!

FYI; Parrots, Pigeons, and Swifts are flocks. Just like a gaggle of geese while on the water. While in flight they are called skein, and when in they are in a 'V' formation, they are called a wedge. I found this information here.

So today when I found a page on Facebook called, Bella Hummingbird Webcam, I immediately liked the page. Here is the link to the video in case the video doesn't share correctly.

I wasn't as lucky to have her build her nest in the same location. It wasn't on a branch we could let grow. A sucker had grown over and through our awning that I hadn't cut it back yet. After she started her nest there was now way I could. I tried to keep it safe during the nesting process. During some of our high winds I had to place an old door at the joist before the nest to protect it. With all the trees I have around, she and others must have found better branches, I just haven't found them yet. If I am meant to, then someday I will. Otherwise I will just continue to enjoy them flutter around my yard.

Just another day on Our Journey Through LIFE!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

What does it mean when a dove flutters at your window?

A white-tailed dove fluttered at my window awhile back. Didn't ram into the window, just did that fluttering thing in front of it like a hummingbird can dance around a feeder. It startled me and I thought how odd. Was it checking me out?

It happened again a few days later. By the time I grabbed my camera it was gone.

What the heck? Is this normal for doves to do this?

Just the other day one of my hummingbirds did the same thing! We laughed because I hadn't filled the feeders and it was telling me it was out. They really have become very friendly. By the way, I'm up to 4 feeders now and looks like half a dozen or more fly around my yard.

Of course I had to google it!

The first thing that came up was...


Is there an omen for birds flying into windows?



According to Nature Center Magazine, a common superstition says that birds flying into homes through windows or flying into closed windows signifies that death is approaching. The most common form of this superstition is that birds, especially black birds, are an omen that a loved one is going to die soon. 

But this was a Dove not a Black Bird? It didn't hit or run into my window?

What is the superstition involving a bird hitting a window?



It is said that if a bird flies into a window, that it portends a death. The Cornell Ornithology Lab, however, has a different explanation for why birds collide with windows. Quite simply, they mistake reflections in windows for open space. 

Another try rephrasing my question, I found this forum called Spiritual Forums.

Spiritual Forums Spirituality & Beliefs Signs & Synchronicities

There was a question,

"Does anyone know what this means, if anything?

Earlier I was sitting on my bed and a chickadee came and was fluttering as close to the window..."

Forums are interesting. Years ago, when the IBM first showed up, I belonged to a few. Soon I just became a reader and haven't posted in years. But I do find them informative. As I read, she too found the same information I had about the death thing. But as I read on, others commented with a more favorable meaning.

"...birds fluttering against the windows and seeming to try to get in were signs of guardian angels watching over.."

" means that the house it is trying to get in has good people and good energy..."

This one pertained to dreams of birds but said it has the same meaning in real life as well.


To see birds in your dream symbolize your goals, aspirations and hopes. To dream of chirping and/or flying birds, represent joy, harmony, ecstasy, balance, and love. It denotes a sunny outlook in life. You are experiencing spiritual freedom and psychological liberation. It is almost as if a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

To dream of dead or dying birds indicates disappointments. You will find yourself worrying over problems that are nagging on your mind.

To dream of birds on the attack means that you are being pulled into too many directions. You are experiencing conflict with your spirituality. If the birds are trying to break into houses, then it implies that you are not following your desired path in life. Others are meddling in your life and interfering with your life path.

To see bird eggs in your dream symbolize money.

To see birds hatching in your dream symbolize delayed success.

To see a bird nest in your dream symbolizes independence, refuge and security. You need something to fall back on. Alternatively, it may signify a prosperous endeavor, new opportunities, and fortune

As I read and with my experiences with all the birds I have, some of those meanings do make some sense. With all the chirping and flying, watching a hummingbird build a nest, in fact I see many nest daily and I watching her lay eggs and hatching, I can see how they might have been a part of everything but will always give God the full credit.

Since it was a Dove, a bird of Love, not a Black Bird, I will rule out that theory of death right off the bat. Even with the sadness surrounding us right now, I just can't let myself think it represents death.

It did try to land on what might appear to be a sill to a bird, only it is a very thin edge not really a sill at all. I had just cleaned my windows, so the reflection suggestion could also explain it.

Last year, at the beginning of spring, I had a few Finches fly onto the back of my Bistro chairs, sit for a while and then fly off again. I continue to have other birds land on my hummingbird feeder and enjoy the beverage I supply. I don't know if that is normal, but in my world it is.

I don't have a lot of seed feeders, and thinking I should get some. I have already picked up more hummingbird feeders and placing them further out in the yard I should have better natural lighting to capture them.

I guess it all boils down to what an individuals own beliefs are as to how to bring meaning to something that just might be as simple as the bird lost his direction.

I just see it as Gods way of reminding us He is the one in control. All creatures came from Him. He uses all of us for His glory. How can I not believe the Guardian Angel theory. How can I not see this as His signs, and embrace them with what ever meaning is needed for the growth ahead. For the healing and recovery from an illness. For the strength to travel the long road grief can bring. For courage. For balance. For anything that is facing anyone of us at anytime.

I will continue to enjoy my yard, my world of wonders. Our Journey Through LIFE is made up of so many moments like these.

Embracing them, praising Him for them, sharing them.

That's why I am here.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

She's a "Steals and Deals" Queen!

She is also known as our "Coupon Queen" too!

I LOVE this about our daughter. No matter what the need, she can usually find a deal for it. She has so many tricks!

Frugal can be fabulous!

Recently she joined some group that post some real awesome deals with outrageous savings. She is able to pick up items at a super duper discounts for her Girl Scout events and other party needs. She donates many items to the school for their needs as well. She has acquired lei's, yoyo's, to even Oscar statures for their many gatherings. She got so many Easter Eggs were thinking of hosting a nice hunt next year.

The savings have been pennies, and I mean pennies on the dollar.

Other items that have shown up are bracelet kits, sewing kits, and even some mermaid tails to name a few. Perfect to set aside for Birthdays, Christmas and even the Countdown Boxes I have sent off these last few years.

All those items have been awesome, but where she saved HUNDREDS of dollars was on these pool floats! She would grab one here, and another one there, until she had pretty much bought a good supply of them.
Why would we ever need so many you may ask?

Pool floats don't last the whole summer around here. We can spend $50-$100 on just a few of them each year. They're not cheep! All those pictured above, had we bought them off the shelf at regular price would have cost close to $750.


Most of them cost her $3.00, some $5.00, and the real BIG ones that usually sell for $69.99-$79.99, she got for $8.00.

I am not kidding! 

It all totaled $107.00! With FREE shipping!

That's all!

This teeter totter, which by the way is so much fun, we've had a few times now and probably cost me $40 each year I bought it.
To replace this one now, it would be $25 on Amazon. Unfortunately it is to small for the older kids now. We found that out already, as you can tell in the picture. Oh, they still had fun on it. 

Add in the noodles and float rings that get replaced each year as well, any savings found gets a big thumbs up from me. 
We seem to always keep our pool full of FUN for the "Grand's" to play on in it.
In looking for photos of the teeter totter floats we've had, I ended up having the most wonderful time reminiscing on the many photos of the pool providing so much fun over the years! So blessed to have so many wonderful moments.

These are just some of the other items that have created so much fun and some great memories. 
That wheel thing was a tough one. I don't think a single child got it going and we had many age limits to work with. Boats were a different story. They have had many styles over the years. When Swimline came out with those new style float ring, I couldn't be happier. They came in many sizes and last the longest. Great investment. Even when the netting disintegrated the ring became something else they created to have fun with. A ring toss, a resting ring, to even a diving into or watersliding through ring. They can even have fun with the tub the dive toys are stored in.
We also go through a lot of googles. I wonder if there will be any of these in her deals.
 That would be great!

There sure is going to be a lot of fun happening in the pool this year!

"Pool is OPEN!"


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