Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Cloudy With A Chance of....

Another trip to the Napa Valley.
Hoping to get more accomplished on the job this time around.
However, just like in December, we were greeted with some scattered showers again!
Did I write a post about that trip?
My mind draws a blank so I took the time to go back and check it out.
Appears I didn't, sometimes I just can't get everything into a post when they are so far between each other. That should be changing or at the least improving. 
Regardless, it did rain while we were up there the first part of December...
Torrential rain to be exact!

So much so that the rain halted the work hubby needed to do, so we had to go back up.
No argument from me!
Cloudy With A Chance...

You see, in December I learned that this wonderful lady I thought had already passed, actually hadn't.
She had been very ill, another stroke. She sent a Christmas card with her new address, but the rains in December kept us from journeying over to find her.
We'll surprise her after the first of the year, we told ourselves.
As we rang the bell, the big iron gates between us opened, we announce who we are there to see.
The minute the words left my tongue, and I saw the look of the assistant, I knew.
We missed seeing her by a week.
It was quick, she had another stroke. Though we all were prepared, it's still hurts!
I don't remember a lot after, except that I was in remote control, thankful, received information, you know, the things that are always said at a time like this.
My husband took over for me, allowing me the peace to absorb the loss.
Tears after memories, after tears as we drove off.
Driving on through the middle of town.
It was by her spirit we happened to turn onto a street that lead us right past a place
were we had some great memories.
There, across the street, in the nursery, a set of wings glistened, and caught our attention.
As we approached, a gentle breeze came over us, allowing this majestic set of angel wings to spiral.
Oh, Aggie, thank you.
Thank you for sharing your Faith.
Your Love.
For being the best stand in Great Grandparent to our "Grand's"
You are with Ed, Mom and Dad, and many other's. You all can continue to watch over this family
you shared so much love with.
You all set such a great examples to so many.  
You all are missed so much here, no more laughs or hugs,
but we will see each other again.
Cloudy With A Chance of...
We've been spending a bit a time back where we use to call home.
My home for 38 years before we packed up everything and moved to the desert.
Honestly, I never thought I would ever consider moving back.
Still don't, but this could get us close, without the cost of being in the valley.
If this is going to work, it must be a part-time thing.
A place where my family can congregate for weekends or weeks.
A retirement plan?
Adding another journey?
Since I can't yet part with my little oasis in the desert, we would be like, Snowbirds!
God has always done some awesome work in our lives
and has presented us with so many opportunities.
We took a leap of FAITH over 20 years ago, and here we are again.
Our Journey Through LIFE is just that, a journey!


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