Thursday, July 26, 2012

Finding My JOY!

Have you wondered where I went?

Not that I have a gazillion readers or members who would notice, but I do. I mean it’s more like guilt to me though. I feel bad that it’s a wishy-washy kind of blog when I come and go as often as I seem too. But I don’t continue this blog for the whole world, though they could read it anytime, it’s just about our journey through this crazy world we are traveling through and right now it’s been doing some flips and flops like you wouldn’t believe.

God is awesome! He keeps giving me strength when I didn’t think I was going to get through it, over it, beyond it, around it. Yet here we are. At the end of one battle, in the middle of another, and the beginning of yet another. I need to stop calling them battles…they have indeed been the stepping stones to the future. With each step through them, I can now see what all the work was for and where the work we are doing will get us. Keeping our faith firmly planted has grown so strong and the roots are holding tight for new growth to flourish.

Fortunately I have not been bedridden for an extended period of time for some time now. (Ok, I will admit I have had a few days of down time, but no 2-3 weeks which is awesome) I Love, love, love that! Instead of long hours on the computer seeing, reading, searching life outside, I have been outside enjoying it!

Have you seen this program on Showtime?


It’s in or shall I say just finished their 3rd season. We’ve been watching it from the start. It touched home in so many ways. The feelings, the decisions, the struggles, the basic ups and downs of it all and how it effects those close to us, yet brings so many into ones life. Having a son with cancer, though cancer free today, the daily fear it won’t recur is real. Add that to my own tumors and the fear they will transform or rupture creates a roller coaster effect that is unpredictable and can become depressing at times.

Besides Faith to fight the fight, one needs to be able to hold onto JOY!

This last season Susan Sarandon was on the show as Joy Kleinman who held a motivational weekend retreat on Find Your Joy. Now keep in mind that it is TV and drama plays out beyond reality sometimes, but the phrase, “Find Your Joy” stuck in my mind. Just like Cathy (Laura Linney) I set out to find, hold on to and cherish the “JOY” in my life.

Back in May I began regaining some balance in my life.

The “JOY” was all I wanted to see and set out on a crusade to bring it back.

How else to feel “JOY” then to hold a 1st Birthday for our Buddy. All of May I painted, planted, and prepared for his BIG day in June.


We pulled out the water games from last years Thomas party for the kids.


Hubby made the frame for the photo op stand.


Fun was had by all!


The snow cone machine was a BIG hit! Good thing I made up 2 dozen molds of ice.


The cake was a big hit as well!


And this little guy sure did enjoy it.


We definitely had “JOY”!

Three of the “Grands” stayed over for 4 days afterwards.  We had some really awesome “Grandma Dayz” and “Grandpa Dayz”  too.


Even had 5 of them one day…


Then I got to go to their house for a few days and spend even more time with them.

We flew kites…


We had water play…


And our last day was to the water park…


I get to go back next week for school shopping and more fun. “JOY”  pure joy!

On the home front, there are more baby turkeys running about bringing the total to 5.


This is the “GRAND” daddy to them all. He was surely telling that cat to go back the other way.


The first 2 turkeys are getting big and taking after their grandpa.


We had a huge storm blow through and left us with lots of water and for the first time in a long time, no major damage. Just a beautiful sunset afterwards.


I’ve got the Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy, down in my heart, down in my heart, down in my heart to stay!

Check back again and see what other Joyful Journeys we have experienced.



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