Saturday, March 31, 2018

The Simple Woman's Daybook ~ March

For Today

March 31, 2018

I  almost didn't get to this...

The last six weeks have been quite interesting!
The Simple Woman's Daybook

Looking out my window... 

...the view has been more accessible for the cat then it has been for me!

I am thinking... 

...what an adventure it has been!

I am so thankful...

...for the many prayers said for my bones to heal correctly, avoiding any possibility of surgery. Without them, we wouldn't have been able to continue our plans for our 40th Anniversary.

One of my favorite things... taking pictures!

Taking them one-handed proved to be a challenge, but am always pleased with what I get. 

I am creating...

...another chapter of "Our Journey Through LIFE!".

I am wearing... Lularoe's! 

They are perfect! They stretch! They are so comfortable!

I am hoping...

...I can get caught up soon!

I am learning... be patient. Healing is a process.

In my kitchen... my hubby, making our meals, even cutting mine into pieces I can fork!

In my garden... won't see any changes, just yet! 

A moment from my day

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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Oh, What a Journey!

I can't believe it's been one month since my fall. Honestly, it seems so much longer!

The doctor appointment went great. He saw the healing he had wanted and gave us his blessing to travel under some conditions, all that I was willing to accept.

  1. Be diligent with pain management.
  2. Keep arm immobile, in other words, the brace stays on 24/7 
  3. Stop every hour and a half to walk for 15 minutes
  4. Continue to exercise the hand, wrist, and elbow as pain allows
  5. No more FALLING!
I'm happy to report we followed his direction to the letter! Or is to a tee?

Wow, has it ever been a journey! It was one heck of a way to add more excitement to our adventures. Unfortunately, some had to be canceled, while others we managed to get accomplished, included more than we had planned on.

All in all, we had a great time. Eventually, I will get the post done on the incredible adventures we managed to have. Editing the 1400 plus photo takes time as well. Not comfortable snapping them one-handed.

In the meantime, I peck across the keypad, one letter at a time, letting Grammarly correct my mistakes with the click of the mouse.

Typing one handed is interesting! Call me silly, because I know there is this microphone thing to assist me, but it doesn't seem to want to cooperate with me. It could be all my fault though, just saying! In fact, all my devices are giving me a hard time. So I'm ignoring them, LOL Even my Instagram won't load. Hubby says as soon as I feel up to it and can manage to deal with the tech guru, we'll upgrade them. They are well overdue after-all!

Besides that, I have had the experience of Home Health. A nurse, the OT & PT, come once a week and a caregiver my hubby hired comes for four hours every day now that I'm home. This has been most interesting.

So that's it for today. As I continue to improve, I will continue to catch up as well.


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