Friday, July 26, 2019

Five-Minute-Friday ~ Middle

The first thing that I thought of when I learned what the word was this week was;

"Stuck in the middle with you..."
 by Stealers Wheels


In the middle of a book.

In the middle of a bible study.

In the middle of a movie.

In the middle of a song.

In the middle of dinner.

In the middle of housework.

In the middle of the road.

In the middle of a storm.

In the middle of a conversation.

In the middle of _______________________________

Fill in the blank!

It seems like we are always in the middle of something.

One thing I am not is STUCK in the middle!

I wasn't sure what band wrote that song or if they had any other hits. Until today, I never knew who actually sung it. I have just heard it many, many times.

After all Rock and Roll is here to stay!

However, so is God!

If I were stuck in the middle, having Jesus on one side and God on the other, I surely wouldn't be calling them jokers or clowns.

Along our journey, we have traveled many miles over the years. Often, there might have been some jokers to our left or hilarious clowns to the right.

Yet, all I can do is smile!


Don't get stuck in the middle! Keep going, you're halfway there!

Sat 10:30 AM

Eight PM is late when you wake up at the crack of dawn when I posted this last night. Usually, I would have expanded on the raw, unedited thoughts as the exercise goes, helping them make more sense, where they might have come from, but I was just so tired.

We've all been stuck at one time or another. We might be stuck because we ran out of materials or money. Sometimes it's because of medical stuff that needs dealt with, or possibly work. Imagine that! The book had to be put down for a number of reasons a number of times. Stuck, more like stop in the middle of bible studies, for very personal reasons. Getting through the storms takes time. As for the middle of the road, we tend to pull over.

Whatever the reason, it's only for a time. A time to take a breath. A time to reflect. A time to pause, pray and be thankful your stuck in the middle with the Father, the Son, and The Holy Spirit!

And I have no idea where stuck in the middle of dinner came from, what a hoot!

Have a great weekend.

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See ya' next week!

Friday, July 19, 2019

Five-Minute-Friday ~ Distant

The prompt for Five-Minute-Friday this week is: Distant.


The perfect word prompt for this week!

Distant; far away in space or time! 

That describes how three astronauts felt on July 16, 1969, at 6:32 AM, when they lifted off from Cape Canaveral on a mission to land on the moon. 

Tomorrow, July 20th at 4:13 EDT, marks the fiftieth anniversary of when two of them, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, stepped on the moon for the first time.

Distant: (of a person) not intimate; cool or reserved. Keeping people at arm's length. Detached. 

I was 12 years old, and we would have just gotten home from church, and was probably sitting in front of the television watching it live, as it had more than likely preempted any programs that were already on. I just don't remember feeling anything about this monumental step in our history. 

I might have even rebelling about it being on. It's about the age I was when I began being distant from my family. That age when you realize things aren't as they appear. Questions, so many questions of what I was trying to understand came with answers that made no sense. The beginning of when one realizes secrets are hidden, and truths are covered up, and you're a liar!

For our country, it marks an incredible milestone. 

For some, it's a reminder of a time when the truth was a distant thing as well! 

For me, it was a time I didn't know what would be ahead or of how others didn't know how to understand. Simply put, it just wasn't talked about!

Facing the truth, hurt. 


Since then, my life has been full of triggers! Even an anniversary such as this can bring up unwanted memories and reactions. As an adult, I have learned how to handle them differently than that 12-year-old child could. 

By the grace of God, that time, those years, some foggy, yet others are as plain as day, allow me to be an influence to other young girls who unfortunately had similar experiences.

Why, after all these years are we still a country, a state, a town, a family, dealing with something that is so easily swept under the rug when technology has given us a tool to help prevent it but doesn't stop it. 

It affects me to my soul when I read or see a newscast of yet another young girl being assaulted!


"God, please, help these young girls find their way through that darkness, so that they can see your glory and grace, for a life full of love and honor. Without you in my life, I wouldn't be where I am. Thank you for sending your Son, for cleansing me of the sins I committed when I was in that same place. Show them the light I was shown so that they can find their way to you." 

Sometimes, words take me on a journey, so unexpected, yet deep within my being. This weeks word did that.

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Sunday, July 14, 2019

Five-Minute-Friday ~ Willing

The prompt for Five-Minute-Friday last week was: willing.

As I sat by the window of our trailer, gazing out at the ocean, leaving behind the 110 plus temperature at home, I'm was so thankful to be there, willing to just relax and enjoy the beautiful views, along with the cooler temperatures the coast can have. 

I had every intention of getting this post done and linked-up, but I got distracted...

When I finally got time to write it, I had no internet access.

So, I am still willing to share with you, what distracted me during the 4 day weekend we had...

Day 1 ~ Arriving...

Crossing over the Coronado Bridge and the San Diego Bay... 

...allowing a view of the San Diego skyline.

Silver Strand State Park
The drive over the mountain was a breeze compared
to the drive from the mountain to here. Traffic, with a trailer, is no vacation!
It might be a parking lot type of campsite, which isn't my favorite, but the view makes up for it.

Oh, and there is no internet, even though you are just a hop, skip and a jump from Coronado.

It never fails, we forget something, this time of all things, the barbeque! How in the world could we (actually it's he) forget that! Thought we could find one, but we didn't need a big one, and that is all we found. Might have had better luck at an RV store, but we decided we can survive without one this trip. Saw a few artsy things along our way. There were others, only my they didn't really turn out that great.

By the time we got back, the sun was setting...

 Day 2 ~  Exploring...

This is not our #shade structure but was a color capture for this summers
#ClickinMomsHunt19. I loved the balloons, though!

My favorite part...
I think there are 37 sites available on the beach.
We weren't fortunate to get one of these sites this time, however,
 the wonderful neighbors shared the tricks on how.

When we were here in January, there was a large berm between the park and the ocean.
Had no idea they level it for the summer months, but so happy they do.
Next July, we will be a part of this row!

In the distance, you can see the Imperial Pier, which is where the festival is Saturday.

Our walk continued through one of the tunnels, bringing us to the Crown Cove Aquatic Center.

The programs they offer are great!

The walk is pleasant, and the views are tremendously beautiful!

There are actually three tunnels connecting the beachside to the bayside.

Coming or going north, The Coronado Inn, is along the drive.

The Walgreens in Coronado wasn't big enough to carry what we needed,
(another forgotten item) so we had to go across the bay to a larger one where we were successful.

When we left, four kite surfers were playing on the waves.
We enjoyed watching them for a bit, and they were still having fun when we got back.

Instead of turning into the campgrounds, hubby wanted to check out,
more like reacquaint himself, to the area before it's packed with

beachgoers and sandcastle builders on Saturday.

Our neighbor had their kite up, bringing excitement to my thoughts
of our grandson will have so much fun flying his the next day.

The sun was hiding behind the marine layer!
Day 3 ~ La Jolla

Watching the sea lions bask on the rock in the surf...

...some appeared to be sunbathing...

...this one seemed to be poised for a picture...

Seems all they do is sunbathe and use each other as pillows!

The Spruce Street Suspension Bridge that I willing walked across this time!

The two men who have my heart!

Finally, a glorious sunset!

With our oldest, soon to be eighteen, grandson!
It's gone by so fast.

Day 4 ~ Sun & Sea Festival

My yearly picture of the pier.
It never changes, but the people who have walked down it, have.
All a year older, some may be wiser, some new parents, some might have just gotten married.

I wonder what he, our youngest grandson is thinking about,
as he's gazing at that waves and the reach his feet!

The sun never did come for the Sun & Sea Festival this year. We weren't complaining though, knowing what the temps were at home. Once the horn had blown for the completion of the sandcastles building, we went up and viewed them, then packed up and headed back to our beach campground for dinner.

This grand wasn't done, though! 

So I showed him where to build his own sandcastle with a moat...

And it worked...

Until a BIG wave...

...just about wiped it out... big brother held the parasol in place with the next big wave...

And the sandcastle was no more!

The perfect shot of a day we won't ever forget!

Next year, the theme is, Beach Blanket Bingo, and we are already looking at what vintage wear we would love to find or make!

It's going to be so much fun!


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