Saturday, June 30, 2018

The Simple Woman's Daybook ~ June

For Today

Looking out my window...I see signs that all is right with my space!
Getting back outside was lovely.
I was able to get everything washed down and ready for a Flag Day Birthday Celebration.
I keep thinking...about where I was just four months ago, and the progress I have made! Even with the surgery last Wednesday, it went so well, my daughter joked with me of how I kept repeating my joy! After all the emergency surgeries I have had if this was what a routine surgery is, mine was better then that!
I am SO thankful...for those in my life that make each day such a blessing!
One of my favorite participating in the Clickin Moms Annual Scavenger Hunt!
Every July, for the last 10 years, I have printed the list she provides, and try my best to capture as many off the list as possible. I don't participate in her contest for any of the prizes; it's well out of my league. 

I do it just for the fun!

This is the list for this case you might want to join in.
I am creating...a way for us to get out in the trailer more often without hubby having to drive for days. So we headed up to Lake Cuyamaca to check out a few places they have. 
I am red LulaRoe Carly. 
 I am watching..."2012
I am accept the fact that she wants to check out the outside! 
Bella likes to keep an eye on her.
In my everything I need to create some awesome ribs for a 4th of July Celebration!
 In my garden...I lost my tomatoes out in the big garden. Once again I got fried green tomatoes due to a heat wave!
But the cherry tomatoes in a container on my deck are still thriving.
Plus I have a watermelon!
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Some moments from a few of my days.

If you want to participate in the Simple Woman's Daybook, click HERE and follow the steps she has made available.


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