Wednesday, March 31, 2010

You Capture - Feet

Dang...I thought I had posted this!
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Grams and Grand feet
Mommy feet
These little feet...
2 and a half years later are now these little feet.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Funny Bunny Folds: How to Make Bunny Napkins

Check these out...are they not the cutiest thing.

As you all might remember, 

 I love setting tables and am always looking for new ideas.

Thanks to Good Housekeeping

I found my napkins for this years Easter Table.

If you want to learn how to fold them too, just click on...

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  • Fill plastic egg
  • Wrap Baskets with celo
  • Starch napkins
Those are just some of the things we want to accomplish today.

While we do our thing, hubby will be doing his things...
  • Hanging blinds
  • Add power to the island (drill hole for the power strip)
  • Wash trailer
With the 'Grands' away, the parent and 'Grand' parents can definately get a jump on things around here. Besides, when they get home, the love figuring out what is different at Grams. Since the remodel, it has been a new game. What will they do when we are completely done?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Six Word Saturday!

So much to do this weekend!

Spring around here always means spring cleaning, spring planting, and even spring planning.

Spring cleaning is under control thanks to a housekeeper but she doesn't sort through closets or drawers, so that is my job.

With a new puppy, the spring planting isn't moving ahead as much as I would like it to. I do hope to get a few more plants in the ground before Sunday, but if I don't, it's ok.
Don't sweat the small stuff, right.

Then we have our usual and sometimes difficult spring planning. As the family keeps growing, it seems to get more difficult each year. We plan for the races, for Easter Sunday, for the Fair, then comes Mother's Day. Trying to cordinate 3 families to all be together can get tricky with so many different schedules between work and 'Grands' visiting their dads. Somehow we always seem to make it work, one way or another. Being flexible is essential. As 'Grand'parent's, so long as we are there, one way or another, either the day of, a day before or even a day after, we always seem to see those great smiles on the 'Grands' faces. 

With that said, it's time for me head out for some shopping. Hubby is working on the trailer, adding a new bike rack so all the bikes don't have to be in the back of the truck, which will free up space for other things. My plan is to have 7 Easter Baskets completed this weekend so I can spend the next week planning the meals, planting and packing.

Have a great weekend everyone! 

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Way Back When-sday

Way Back When-sday.

As a mom, now grandma, I love to go back and remember when...

When my twins were young and adventerous, not that they still aren't, but it was different then. It was those first moments when they realized the many different things the world offered. The first scoot across the floor to a certain toy. Their first steps toward their daddy's arms. Their first tooth. Their first time day of school. Their first friend. Their first riding of an ironing board as a surf board. Their first climbing of a tree and falling out. Their first curb jump on their bike and crash. Their first day of High School. To even their first graduation day that lead them into the world.

The year they became 18, would be our first day of seeing them off onto their journey through life. Our first day of sitting on the sidelines and watching them become who they are. Our first day of seeing their first's in a whole different way.

As our children grow, there comes a time when we are no longer seeing all their first. Their first ride on a real surf board. Their first real fire they got to put out. Their first trip to Chicago. Their first trip to DC. Their first concert.

His first jump out of a plane.

His first flying a plane.

But it doesn't mean we don't enjoy's just in a different way. The excitement is still the same. The smiles are still the same. The joy's of it all, are in a way, still the same.
Now we get to see their excitement when their children take their first steps. When their son's ride their first bike, or rides their first train, or flies in their first plane, or rides his first wave or even go done the slide into the pool for the first time.

It seems those first never really end, they just change from one generation to the next.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

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FOR TODAY- Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Outside my window...As always blue skies, a slight breeze, and our puppy is playing mischiefly around the house. The tree outside my window is beginning to show signs of spring and will soon look like this.

I am thinking...of why life can be so complicated. Why do the steps have to be so darn steep at times and other times, they are layed out so perfectly, the walk is pleasant. As we walk up these steep steps, I have faith they will lead us to a plateau of great beauty and peace of mind.

I am thankful for...having Jesus in our lives, who died for our sins, and through him we overcome the things that come our way.

From the kitchen...comes the wailing of dirty dishes that want attention. Instead I am sitting here typing away. I'll be there in a minute! Your sink will shine, and we'll figure out what's for dinner. Hang tight!

I am wearing...lounge pants and a sweat shirt.

I am remembering...the time my husband and I were in my brother's wedding, in 1988, when after the ceremony we were having group pictures be taken. We were all gathered up on the gazebo and our twins were sitting on the steps watching the action. When my hubby turned to leave, he did not see the boy's and tripped over them, falling to the ground. He was more embarrassed then hurt. The rest of the day, many would comment on his fancy foot work of not hurting the twins and if only a video was running, it would make Funniest Home Video's. Why in the world would I be thinking of this today? My SIL posted old photo's on her Facebook. And these are what triggered the moment.

I am creating...a plan for our upcoming Easter dinner.

I am see the 'Grands' tomorrow and take them to the book fair.

I am followers blogs and the ones I follow right now.

I am hoping...for some rellief from the pain I have been having. Maybe if I stop overdoing it, it might help. There is just so much to do the beginning of spring and must be done in order to have an enjoyable summer.

I am hearing...a little voice in my head to get those dishes done, LOL!

Noticing that...none of my summer clothes will fit if I don't lose some of this winter weight.

Pondering these words..."The best things in life are the people we love, the places we've been, and the memories we've made along the way." Marjoleim Bastin

From the Learning Rooms...that every day is a lesson. We learn new things everyday. Like I learned the puppy jumping on my lap needs to stop. She is getting bigger and needs to learn she just won't be a lap dog. Do Labs ever learn this?

Around the house...the hot tub has been cleaned. The dog kennel is cleaned. Hubby is almost done adding the trim. Base boards are down. Door casings are up. Floor transition piece's are in place. And there are always puppy toys everywhere.

One of my favorite getting ready for NASCAR week in Phoenix. Watching the 'Grands' get excited as they watch the trailer being prepared.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Wednesday is the book Fair and Ellie Bellie's Birthday dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Thursday my car goes to the shop and dinner is being prepared for us as a thank you for our hospitality. Friday the housekeeper comes and the weekend of NASCAR preparations continues.

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing...

Visit The Simple Woman for more daybooks and join the meme!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Where in the World is Yuma, Arizona?

First, let me give credit where credit is due.

To Cat @ Juggling Act of Life for writing a fantastic post about where she lives
and introducing me to Blog-Trotting.

A place where you can visit many corners of the world
without leaving your home.
As her banner says, "A Virtual Travel Blog!"

After you read about Yuma, AZ,
head on over to see other destinations and explore the world,
right from the comfort of you home.

We have not been a Yuman all our life, but we are Yuman now! 

We moved here in 1994, with 13-year-old twins and our 15-year-old daughter. Scary, you bet it was. However, we believe God had our destination planned before we ever knew about it. With Him, the growth our family received through the move, glorified His work. That story for another time, but for now, let's explore Yuma.

Since Arizona Mamma @ Our Daze in the Desert covered the state, let me tell you about our neck of the woods desert.
Yuma is at the very bottom of the state, the very bottom of the Colorado River, and at times at the bottom of one's list of places to visit. 
It is right smack dab on the border of Arizona, California, and Mexico. All you have to do is drive across the 4th Avenue Bridge, and you're in California. Drive another 10 minutes west on the I-8 to Andrade, California where the Algodones border crossing is, and you're in Mexico.

Port of Entry, Los Algodones, Mexico, Near Yuma
(Photo courtesy of Webshots)

Or in my case, drive to the end of our street (8th Street), and you could be in Mexico if this old bridge/dam thing across the Colorado River were passable. 

Fortunately, it's not and for good reasons. One, it would make our street very busy. Second, it would require security like a port of entry. 

Our view of Mexico from the end of our street.

Of course, the Border Patrol drives the river's edge and the canal regularly 
for unlawful entries that get past that LARGE fence barrier.

There have been many nights we have had them on our property searching for them as well. With 3 BIG dogs in our yard, we have never had them come any closer than the neighbor's pastures or the levee road. We have had searchlights from helicopters shine down on us sometimes. 
One time, while watching the 'Grand' Bug, the dog's became excited. I looked out the bedroom window to see why. What the hay? I grabbed Bug and went outside to see a white van abandoned with all their doors open toward the rear of our property. There were 3 border cars behind it, but no one was around. Then up the drive, two more cars came. I don't remember what our words of exchange were, but I do remember taking Bug back inside. I kept watching from the window of the action going on outside. Imagine my surprise when a LARGE bus back down our road into the yard. What was more surprising was the 20+ if not 30 kids were led single file into the bus. Yes, they were kids, and not one of them looked over the age of 16. And they came out of that van. They must have been sitting on each other's laps or on the floor Who knows!

Back to Algodones, which is probably one of our favorite places to take our guest when they visit. We always take a picture of the group right inside the border crossing. These are just a few of our visitors.

The sites. The color. The food. The pharmacies. All of which is what attracts so many visitors every year.
Don't forget to barter on the price. They will tell you they have Walmart prices or "it's "almost" free today." We like to take the price they gave, offer half, and when they come back with another price we go halfway between ours and theirs.

Linda @ Arizona Skies has blogged about Algodones, so head on over to her and see more pictures and how she describes this amazing shopping experience. If you ever plan a trip there, remember you need a passport or border ID card to come back into the US.

San Luis Arizona has a border crossing to San Luis, Mexico, about 25 miles from Yuma. Rarely do we head that way. It's always hectic, not the most accessible place to walk into which is why most visitors prefer Algodones.

Back into Yuma, there is really a lot of history to be found. There are so many interesting things to see and do in our oasis in the desert

To learn more about Yuma's history head on over to They do a lot of work in restoring and preserving Yuma's Heritage.

Another source is in this book, The History of Yuma and the Territorial Prison.

The Ocean to Ocean bridge was built to join the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans with a major highway over the Colorado River. Constructed between Yuma, Arizona and Fort Yuma, California at the cost of $76,000, in 1915. The 336 ft bridge is still in use today after being closed many years before being restored.

As you drive off the bridge, it drops you right into Old Town. This is were you will find Lutes Casino, though it is not a casino. It is the best eatery in town and holds an array of nostalgic items. A must see on anyone's list when they visit Yuma.

Another of our favorite places to take a visitor is the Yuma Territorial Prison. Unfortunately, it is was scheduled for closing due to budget cuts. However, through fundraising and The Chain Gang, there is hope it will remain open. They even began a national campaign, so if you want, spread the word by going to the link above. Every little bit helps.

UPDATE: As I was writing this an email came stating:

Subject: Yuma Community successful in keeping the prison open

The Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area is announcing that we have reached our goal of raising $50,000 to keep the prison open. We will continue to support the Yuma Territorial Prison Chain Gangs and their fundraising efforts. Any money raised over the $50k will be used for programming, education, and much needed infrastructure needs. Please join us at the Pull Thru for the Prison in the parking lot of the Foothills Bank this Friday 11am-9pm. Thank you for helping to keep the prison open!

Another great experience is Yuma Proving Grounds. Not only do they test the many things needed to protect our country, but they also have the Golden Knights training. Each year, they come to our great weather and put on an impressive display.

Recently built was a park for all ages. 110-acre city park that has a stocked pond for fishing, walking, and equestrian trails, plus ramadas with tables for picnics and other gatherings.

When the park opened in 2007, residents were able to buy paver's and picket's to help fund the construction. We had five pickets made for each of our 'Grands' at the time for the fence and a paver. Every time we go to the park, the sidewalk paver is the one thing they will spend time looking for.. Although they spelt Gabrielle without the 'e' we will fix it when we have pickets made for the 'Grands' that have since arrived.

We also got a nice big shopping outdoor shopping mall. At first, we thought "outside in Yuma?", but it turned out nice and brought some excellent stores to town.

There are many annual events happening in Yuma.

Each January we celebrate Lettuce Days. We grow, well not we - the farmers, grow a lot of it here. I mean A LOT of it.

These pickers were working the field down the street from our house.

After the lettuce, comes the wheat and melons.

Yuma also grows cotton, corn, cabbage, and celery to name just a few.

March brings Midnight at the Oasis, and if you love old cars, you need to come to Yuma the first weekend of the month to see all these awesome cars. Friday of the show, there is a cruise where most of the cars do a parade around town. It's a 3-day event and to see all the cars it takes at least 2 of those days.

March also means MCAS Air Show and the Golden Knight even drop in. It is huge! It's been a while since we have gone to it. Now that we have 'Grands' we should make a point of heading out there this weekend.

The Yuma County Fair takes place in April. We love going out for the Destruction Derby.

As the Snowbird season winds down and the heat rises a lot of people head to the river for tubing, or to Fisher's Landing and Hidden Shores for boating. Unbelievably not something we do. We tend to head to cooler places like San Diego or the Napa Valley. We do have a great 4th of July celebration both at home and at the fairgrounds where there is another destruction derby. It tends to be hot and sticky, go figure, and add that to the crowd of people, and it is somewhat uncomfortable. We enjoy the fireworks from parking lots and canal roads. As the fairgrounds round up theirs, Cocopah is beginning theirs, makes for a spectacular night of fireworks in the sky.

In November, we have The Colorado River Crossing Hot Air Balloon Festival - presented by the Caballeros de Yuma. It's amazing to see all the balloons in such vibrant color float above the desert. They even fly right over our house if the winds are right. It is one event we have enjoyed since moving here. 

On Saturday night, they do the Desert Glow at the ballpark.

From probably October to May the Imperial Sand Dunes become a city all of itself. Just minutes from Yuma, I would estimate about 50,000 people descend upon them over the Thanksgiving and New Year holidays. Each weekend you can see caravans heading out, coming from San Diego or the Phoenix area.

Did you know these movies were filmed in Yuma?

Star Wars (Special Edition)
George Lucas Film

In The Army Now 1994
Pauley Shore, Lori Petty

True Lies 1993

Stargate 1993
Kurt Russell, James Spader


Return of the Jeti 1993
Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill

Rambo III 1988

Flight of the Phoenix 1965
James Stewart, Ernest Borgnine

Star Wars 1977
Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill

To see what other movies were filmed in Yuma click here.

So that's a rap!
Thanks for reading about our oasis in the desert.


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