Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Friday, August 19, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy!

After  our 2 night 3 day staycation, I only had a few days before our house would be full of little people running around. Busy was I putting together the last touches on what was to be a...

Birthday Party!

Celebrating a birthday around here is a big deal. My daughter and I love creating some awesome themed events. This one was put together for the whole family to just have some down right, much need fun! Grandpa made a car wash for the "Grands" to drive through...

we gathered together sponges, buckets, squirt bottles, water guns and lots and lots of water balloons.

The house was ready. The yard was ready. Presents were bought and wrapped. All we had left was for them to arrive.

Busy was my daughter with these "Grands", getting them ready for the first day of school...

...which means "Grandma Wednesday's" begin again! Which  meant they got to test run the car wash and it washed her windshield perfectly!

After they left I got busy again making beds and  preparing for the middle of the night arrival of this "Grand"...

And of course she came with her dad and brother...

For 2 days we just kind a hung out, played, and enjoyed watching these "Grands",  playing with these "Grands"...

All waiting for yet the other "Grands" to come, just doing what kids do best, being kids! I could just melt!

I was busy Friday morning finishing the last list, for the last trip to the store, when the call came that the Guest of Honor and his siblings were not going to make it. For now, I will just "Sugarcoat" it and will explain at a later time and in FULL the details of just what a certain ex pulled, AGAIN! I couldn't believe it, that as busy as I felt just minutes before, a sudden halt came over me and I was just numb. I will say it took me for a spin! Quickly we had to pull it together for the other many small children questioning why they weren't coming. Unfortunately, 2 of them have been hurt by her doing this very thing many times before. Sad to say it but they are beginning to understand more then we would like.

With a few prayers, I mean a lot of prayers, asking for direction, strength and courage, we all decided that it wasn't fair to the other kids. We had already told the church friends the party was off, but we could still enjoy the time together as a family. The 4 year old didn't really understand and kept asking when the birthday boy was going to get here. "I came from Colorado for his birthday party!", "I know", "When will he get here", Remember, we told you there was a problem and he won't make it", "So we won't have cake?" That did it! We were just going to have to celebrate in his honor! We didn't sing Happy Birthday, there was no opening of presents, but they played with all the water fight supplies, we BBQ'ed some ribs, swam, slid, splashed,  and made the best of a bad situation.

Even "Buddy" hung to out by the pool in his Kidco PeaPod...

 And just as "The Boy" had wondered, we did have cupcakes after dinner.

Though we missed having the one the celebration was planned for, we were able to see the blessings right in front of us, and we will continue to believe in the work God is doing to bring a resolution to all this.

Blessings, always blessings along Our Journey Through LIFE! No matter how busy we get, no matter what road blocks pop up along the way, we will always look at and see the blessings!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Another "Grand" Staycation

This last weekend we spent a few days having a mini "Grand" Staycation at

The Arizona Grand Resort!

With it being close,  well 3 hours away that is, as a family, we have decided to continue making it our yearly Before School Begins Spalsh weekend. Last year we took these smiling faces...

This year we went with our daughter and her family. (Hubby came too, he was changing into his swimsuit but couldn't pass up taking a picture since Buddy was awake.)

Arizona Grand Resort is a "Grand" place for the family!

A trip to the Arizona Grand wouldn't be complete without a trip to Build A Bear...

Then back to the resort for more fun in the sun... 

Bug was the only one tall enough to go down the slides. Even this grandma went down a few times. However, this little Button was an inch short. Every day she wanted remeasured to see if she grew.

 While dad and brother rode the slides, she hung out being one goofy girl.

After an afternoon of sliding, lazy river floating, wave pool splashing it was time to get dress for dinner.

We voted on eatingr at the...

The Kids got to slide down a slide to get to the dining room.
Of course us old foggies took the stairs.
(sorry about these picture, they came from my cell since my batteries died in my camera shortly after arriving)

Other then our dinner taking an hour to get, the evening wasn't all bad. The kids had fun and by the time we left they were bone tired and ready for bed.

Our last day brought a visit by our son. He didn't have his kids with him but it is always great to spend time with him, his love and Little "D".

Once everyone was ready we all went down the lazy river. However, with all of us in the water, no one took any pictures. After we just hung out in the wave pool, play pool and ordered lunch. Bug and I took a few rides down the slide and Little "D" had fun in the kiddie pool area.


It never fails, even though you plan out everything, everyone is in agreement about it, when the times comes, they don't want to leave. Trying to get one last picture, with 3 very tired, but won't admit it kids, and a Buddy not really sure what is happening, this was the best I got.

Driving the 3 hour trip home, well for us that is, Little Buddy was not happy being  in his carseat causing them to stop a number of times, we arrived home just as the sun was setting, bringing an end to our Mini "Grand" Staycataion.


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