Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Good-Bye 2011, Hello 2012!

Around this house, we were happy for 2011 to be over!
Just more then a month ago, I vowed to myself to get back to my blog.  As it happens, good intentions can be interrupted with life's unexpected, yet welcomed in this case, distractions.
First up was Christmas programs…
At Church.
Christmas shopping (though gifts were done, there was still items like flour, tape, and many other pre-event items) , decorating, baking and making filled many of my days.
Then came school programs.
And a Little Man’s 1st Birthday
After the party we headed home to pick up a little girl and her daddy from the airport. Our Christmas was officially in full swing now!
Christmas Day was just plain memorable. With 2 - 1 year olds and a 6 month old, it made it extra special.
The day after Christmas is just as much fun. Santa left them some great outside games. Gramps and Unc began to with the tether ball. One old tire, a 10’ pole, some grinding, and a few welds….

After the concrete was poured and I got an idea…

Each penny is the birth year of the grand’s initial. I think I will paint the tire as well.
Next up was the basketball hoop. First they had to heat the asphalt to chip it out for the hole…
Fill the hole with cement…
While it settled before the pole could go in, Unc had to make an adjustment on the tetherball…
And away they go….
Once the pole was in place, they added their hand prints.
By the time they got home from their dads it was ready to go. All we have left to do is paint the rebound lines, boundary lines for the tetherball, and a hopscotch, along with a start and finish line for races to complete this outside play area. Then work will begin on the swing set area that has plans for a fort/hideout high up and if it works out a zip line, a playhouse made out of an old trailer, horse shoes pit, that will also work for ring toss. We have their great grandpa’s old boat that will become a play structure for them to let their imaginations take off and create hours of fun! I am excited that the plan is for this to be well underway by spring. I can’t wait to sit outside and watch them play!
We spent a quit night at home for the New Year commenting on how 2011 ending was no different then the way it began. For Auld Lang Syne 2011. New Year, new journey’s, new improvements, new people, new doctor’s, new decision’s.  It will be filled with new memories and honestly can’t wait to see the direction God has planned for us. I will sugarcoat it by saying, God’s plan is awesome! To feel Him walk this path with us has been a joyous blessing. 
One change we weren’t prepared for was the loss of Jake (black flat coat retriever). Though he was 13 yrs. old, blind and deaf, and we knew our time was coming to an end, when the end comes, it is still heart wrenching. Plus he died on my birthday. Not a gift I was happy to receive, except his death brought him peace and relief from his pains. While we held him as he fell asleep for the last time, we told him to have fun playing ball with Maybell. It has been years since he has been able to play and now he is free to play for eternity. He also knew his sister Abby (the blonde one) will be following not far behind. In fact we were more prepared for her then him, so it was shocking it went as it did. Even our vet was surprised. She said he probably had a ruptured blood vessel or a clot that made him seize and we could try some drugs to see if they worked, but honestly, I didn’t need to do that to him for just a few more days or weeks but not much longer then a few months. It was his time, so now we just wait till Abby will be joining him and enjoy what time we have left her. On a happy note, at least one for my hubby, I do not have the urge to replace him or even her when she goes. Besides our son’s Nikki (4 yr old American Bull), Bella (2 yr choc. lab) and Tucker our 9 yr Chihuahua, they will continue to fulfill our lives.
So 2012, we are ready for you. Bring it on!


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