Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Five-Minute-Friday ~ 31 Day Challenge for October ~ Close

What has the Lord taught you or shown you through this exercise? 

I did it!

31 days done!

On the mark,
get set,

I am not surprised I was able to put something together every day!
After all, when I set my mind to something, I give it my all!
And boy, can my mind wander!

God does a great job of keeping me on the path whether I see it or not. As I wander, I am absorbing everything, engaging with strangers, even when they give me a look of, "Who are you? I don't know you." Just apologize and move on. Not everyone wants to believe He has a purpose. That someone you don't know can make a difference.

Sometimes it was about the prompt on how to write my story. 
Sometimes it had nothing to do with writing my story.
Sometimes I might have missed the point of the challenge completely!
But I can say that over these last 31 days, I was able to find the time to at least try, without worry as to how it came out. Trusting the Lord was helping me share whatever it was I needed to share. 

Honestly, the way my mind works or doesn't these days, make me self-conscious. I wonder, can they tell? 
Do some say, "How is she ever going to write a book with writing like this?"
Believe me, I question myself.
Then a prompt appears, and for some reason, it makes a light come on.

I let the timer continue to beep as I tried to finish that last thought, 
for the last time in this series. Stop! 

You see, God loves me just the way I am!

He knows the struggles, and knows I persevere on!

What I know is this is, this was to be raw, and free writing, no editing!

This series gave the child in me a voice. The teen in me see the doors He had put in place. Understanding that as a young adult I took chances and was inspired by the positive people and things that were in front of me. I did believe in myself, or I wouldn't be where I am or who I am. I know for a fact, none of this would have been possible without Him in me first. 

I had to learn how to love God first, then myself, then others. When I finally put Him at the top of the list, things started happening. What I have learned through this series, through the other Christian writers I have the pleasure of reading, is we all have Him in front of us. We all write to show others the work He has done in us, in order for us to share with others praying they can reach the same place. 

This blog has always been about our journey. Not always correctly punctuated or with proper grammar. But it's me, it's our journey, and we have enjoyed every step, stage, set-back, and every mile of it!  

Until my story goes to a publisher, and hopefully public, it will be the only thing edited by others who are better at this writing thing than me. When that ever happens, this blog will still be mine, with all its mistakes.

The new blog that has been under construction for almost 2 years will be about Him, and how He created me to tell my story! I will have someone else doing its editing, and promoting of my story. I've learned I am not going to be doing this alone.

Shesh, that is a scary concept but in a good way!

It will be there you'll learn more of a little girl who knew things weren't right because the Bible told her so!

Thank you, Kate, for your inspiration and challenge. I hope to participate again.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The Simple Woman's Daybook ~ October

Looking out my window...

...I see my yard is finally looking good again.
I know it looks a little brown but one day of irrigating will take care of that.
We hired a couple new guys to take care of it.
This time we didn't hire from the recovery pool.
I'm sad that we had to go another route.
There are so many that can't get a real job but need real income.
They have a past most employees shy away from.
For a good reason, but they can have a second chance at making a better life.
 We always got good men who worked hard.
A few have lasted a year or two until they finally got a real job.
One we even hired as a route driver for our business.
Until he had a relapse that is, sad face.
I really thought he was going to do it this time.
This time we hired a father and son team who was recommended by someone in our church.
They use them for their home and rental.
So far so good, actually GREAT!
They removed all the debris from Hurricane Rosa.

She wasn't supposed to arrive till Monday, October 1, but she showed up early.
Sunday about 1:00PM. it began to look like this...

 20 minutes later...

I am so thankful... have these guys visiting.
Our son is doing some repairs for us.
The first plan was for him to cut up tree limbs.
Only to find, our chainsaw needs to be repaired.
Second on the list was getting things cleaned out of the guest house.
It's time to turn it back into something we can use, instead of for storage.
He was able to remove and replace with sheetrock and siding two doors we don't need.
Two rooms are cleared out.
My job is to get what will be the living area, packed up.

I am thinking... lucky I am to spend some great time with the kids.

I hoped...
...Sergio didn't bring the same damage as Rosa.
He did produce a small tornado out by YPG!

And he did dump a lot of water north and east of us.
All we got was the clouds moving by, and the sunset reflecting off them.

I am learning...
...that writing a book takes time.

I am surely not one of those writers who can whip a book out lickity split!
 I have been working on it for a while, and am learning I'm not the only one.
Some writers take years to produce a book, so I am right where I should be!

I created...

...another successful Boo Bash!
Our 10th Annual actually!
26 kids came, played, painted, and went home happy!
I love watching how many of them grown from year to year.
Some were babies that the first year.

I am wearing... lularoes!
I love how comfy they are.
I don't have to go out shopping for them.
I watch the consultants videos and comment sold on the ones I like.
Then they show up at my house.

I was watching...
...the pest guy remove cobwebs outside before he starts spraying for bugs.
Once the hour was up, I let Kitty back out and was watching her explore more.
She learned how to get on the roof.
She reminds me of a toddler who learned something and
then repeated doing it over and over.

One of my favorite things... this cat!

Since Tucker died, she has been missing him. So have I!
She used to terrorize him, though she thought she was just playing!

 I've been letting her outside in the mornings now that they are gorgeous!

Another favorite of mine is to do my devotions during this golden hour and capture moments from the morning.

In my kitchen... the remnants of a party waiting to be put away for another year.

In my garden...
...we have it ready for the rock to go down.
I am almost positive this will stop the weed problem.
Once spread out, the planter boxes go on top.
No more bending over to garden which should make it easier.

Share a Quote

Some moments from October

 If you want to participate in the Simple Woman's Daybook,
click HERE and follow the steps she has made available.

Five-Minute-Friday ~ 31 Day Challenge for October ~ Voice

Timer set...go!

I can honestly say I have my own voice!

Maybe when I was younger, not knowing where I was heading, I tried to be like someone else, but as I learned, it didn't last long. Being in counseling for so many years, helped me see me, and others as who they are. As I journey through, there were and will be some still, who don't "get" me. And that is fine. Maybe I don't get them either!

At times, my writing seems to be just how I actually talk, and I hope that is how I am heard. One problem with having a thyroid problem is my voice is coarse, crackly or broken. It's hard to describe, but I do wish I could be more soft-spoken. My mom was like that. However, I also learned I can't be heard at all then, and I'm asked to repeat it. Sometimes, it's like this voice doesn't match my heart. So I tend to remain quiet the older I get. Maybe that is why I type like I am talking because the words don't come out my mouth or as well as they do in type. I don't have a delete or auto-correct software, to make sure it is proper. Sometimes I amaze myself that something came out completely different than how I was thinking it!

I see this book as my voice for what wasn't heard, for what was ignored and how a loving and forgiving God has kept me close. Now my voice is for Jesus, who kept walking beside me, making sure my journey would take me where needed. I'm still not the best voice He has, but He knows I am the best I can.

Wow, I got a couple more sentences in this time before the timer said to stop!

Day 30, leaving one more day of this challenge.

Being the next couple months will be rocking busy,
I hope I can post other stuff more often as we continue moving ahead. 
I hope you all check in from time to time to see what we have been up to.

Verse of the Day
For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast.
Ephesians 2:8-9 ESV

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Monday, October 29, 2018

Five-Minute-Friday ~ 31 Day Challenge for October ~ Together

What steps do you need to take today to pull your story together? 

As Kate winds down on her tips to telling our stories, 
each one has created a fire within me to continue
moving forward with this writing project.

Maybe a New Year is just what I need!

1,2,3, Go!

I still have many steps ahead of me. They are of varying sizes depending on which part I am working on. Until the desire to write my story came up along the journey, I had no idea what it took to write a book. I have read so much on the subject, and have done some writing challenges, but these last 29 days has helped me over some bridges that I was afraid to cross or knew there was a way across. Together with what I already had roughed out, I can see clearly where God want this to go. I'm excited again to bring this to fruition.

As excited as I am for that, there are still some roadblocks ahead that I must drive through first. None of which have anything to do with my writing, but will affect my ability to write. My hope is, together with what I learned these last weeks, and applying some of them during this unforeseen challenge ahead, I pray I don't get discouraged again. 

Together with God's direction, He will guide me along this journey, as He has all along, allowing the opportunity needed for this to come together for His glory!

And just like that the timer chimes, stop!

Now it's up to me to play around with what I have learned and apply it to what I have compiled already. Instead of deleting, I now can use what is there, letting God show me the way.

First I need to get my writing area uncluttered again, giving me space to expand my wings. God knows the plans we have made and has allowed me the ability to pursue them, even through some of the health issues we have been dealing with.

It's just another part of Our Journey Through LIFE!

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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Five-Minute-Friday ~ 31 Day Challenge for October ~ Song

Embrace your story. Sing your song.

Taking a few minutes to catch my breath.

Five of those are for this challenge.


I started singing my story way before it was allowed to be sung. Because of it, I tried my best to raise a confident, strong, woman and now I see her similarly raising her daughter. Helping a young teen find their wings and fly in the direction God has planned for and as parents, we prepare them for, isn't always easy. Especially today. Both of these ladies allow me to sing Gods praises in such a way, it brings tears to my eyes. I find the now weak regrets I once had, means I have done something right. The parents that my three children are makes me thank Him for choosing me to be their parent.

I often asked Him why he blessed me with twins when our means were low. I felt I had to put one prayer in front of another with many of the stages of that journey. I couldn't repeat most of what I was taught and knew the one thing that was true and forever, the most precious gift my mother could give me was my faith. Each time I got caught attending another church, it was my father who brought down the whip. Looking back as a mother, like my mother, I can see her faith pouring her faith into me. I can see she is happy with my love for God. 

Watching my children sing their songs, creating their story, and even the "Grand's" as they approach adulthood, letting each one of them have a different story as well, and I see them nurturing it, I know where it will lead.

Timer says to stop!

Our stories aren't always perfect, and the songs they create can be of many beats, but they all bring about inner peace, that all is right, and right with Him.

This video is one of many that catches my beat and dream big, or small. (I love, "Dream Small" by Josh Wilson). Encourage the young to work for their dream. My last granddaughter just turned 8, and I know, in a couple years these precious times of her childhood will change. This is a song I would be playing in the car if she was with me. 

Maybe someday!

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Saturday, October 27, 2018

Five-Minute-Friday ~ 31 Day Challenge for October ~ Whole

Missed yesterday due to an awesome event,
our 10th Annual Bood Bash!

There was a whole lot of fun happening!
I stayed up as late as I could. 

Ready, set, go...

My story as a whole isn't over!

Some of it hasn't been written yet. 

That which is being written embraces grief, growth, and God along with challenges, choices, and Christ.

There is so much more to it than the snippets I have shared. 

Those who have traveled close with me, know the whole story. Some who started with us, are still here and am thankful daily Some who can only be here for a season each year, the whole truth is when apart we miss them as much as they miss us. Being miles apart and all our children growing, some with families of their own now, have stretched out the times between visit. To those who were here for a reason, to help us through Physical and Occupational therapies. They are the ones who assist in jobs we can't do ourselves anymore.   

So those yearly events, like the races, or Christmas Shopping in the Napa Valley, and the community events love attending, all offer opportunities when we can meet up, make us whole for a day, a week, or even a weekend. 

My story, our journey, wouldn't be what it is without those who travel it with us. Each creating a joyful adventure.

The witching hour of five minutes has ended.

Our Annual Boo Bash, celebrating its 10th year, it will be a story all it's own. There are a handful of families that have been attending the whole 10 years and another handful that joined a couple years later. The kids listen, watch, or ask when it is when they know the time is getting near. As they have gotten older, their thanks for being invited are now coming with, "This was the best one!", "I can't wait till next year!". 

I have a whole lot of work ahead of me. Packing away the party stuff, and loading the trailer for our next adventure.

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Friday, October 26, 2018

Five-Minute-Friday ~ 31 Day Challenge for October ~ FMF

Which moment defines your story? 

Please, wait one moment?
It's Friday, which means it's Five-Minute Friday as well!
If you want to read more of them, click the link above.


This might take more than five minutes.

It was the fall. Similar to now in fact. The heat was over, leaves were falling, brisk breezes fly them around. Doors could be left open allowing all the fresh air to circulate around.  

We were getting ready for a routine procedure most women go through. So far all the pre-admit had gone smoothly. After the EKG they detected a problem. It appeared I had had a heart attack recently. Well, that was news to me! The anxiety began that very moment! The nurse then the doctor felt I needed to head to the ER. Once there, IV's, and monitors were hooked up, and nitrate went under my tongue. Once stable I was moved upstairs. Being in the cardiac wing was eye-opening! Lots of beeping from most rooms. Patients slowly walking and other's getting ready to head home with a heart pillow pressed against their chest.

Times ticking...

Long story short - after a week of heart test an angiogram was ordered.
It was during that procedure when I flatlined 4 times and woke up in the ICU the next day. 

I remember the moment I heard the cardiologist ask if I took all the prednisone and then if I felt okay, all I remember saying yes and then I said, "I think so," but I'm not sure it was heard. In the blink of an eye, he backed out of my main artery, closed up, and I was rolled into recovery. There I remember seeing my hubby and asked if I could go potty. No sooner had the nurse came in to assist, everything sounded as if in a tunnel and in slow motion before I drifted into sleep. At times I could hear them, but I couldn't answer nor could I see them. It felt like a dream but not! For a moment they would get me back, and a few minutes later I was gone again. 

Tick-tock...times up!

It took a little over five-minutes. 

Though there were many moments before this one that can also define my story as well, this moment, this is the one that began this journey and ended my search.

It was and still is very vivid, my visit to those pearly gates!

I saw there was a heaven. 

I knew then I wanted to make sure I got to back!

And He has walked with me every step of the way!

Verse of the Day
All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.

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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Five-Minute-Friday ~ 31 Day Challenge for October ~ Capture



I mean, go!

I can be a bit OC when it comes to capturing a photo of so many moments.
Click, and a moment can be remembered at forever!
Even when you forget it happened, a search through photos can remind me of that time. It can bring about sharing where the photo was taken, when, with who, what was going on maybe before or after. 

It's also been how I have documented, Our Journey Through, LIFE!

On the days there were no photos, there is always a good reason, even if the reason wasn't something good. Life just happens with or without a camera in hand
Some days I don't look very good.
Which is why you see very few photos of me.

I'm more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it.
As I stand there, I whisper to whoever is next to me, "Do I look okay!"
Or, I lip it to my hubby if he's not in it.
My daughter is another life saver. Since the beginning of my illness, I have asked her to please make sure I look good! There will come a time I might not be able to. Like when I broke my shoulder, and she brings me designer hospital gowns and hair accessories! 
When we are at a function, we tend to ask each other before going in, "Do I Look good!"


Of course, that five minutes had nothing to do with learning how to share my story. I wrote on the prompt before I went to capture Kate's photo for it.
I really like her photo prompts.

I began using Grammarly a couple years ago. LOVE it!

She also suggested we come up with 10-12 chapters titles.
That was easy. I already had that many and more figured out.
She introduced  Scrivener to the group.
I am really excited to check out this out!
What a help it could be.

I've contemplated enrolling in a course out at the college, but I might not be able to keep up with it. The drive, the walk, shoot, even getting ready could be a problem on some days. Of course, there are many online resources as well. A self-learning program is a good option for me right now. Something I can do at my pace and not have to keep up with any other expectations but my own.

Before any of that, I have our 10th Annual Boo Bash this weekend, and I've been getting some fall color planted. Some of it will do double duty as our next adventure begins 10 days later.

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