Friday, November 4, 2011

Our 3rd Annual Boo Bash!

Once home from our extraordinary vacation, we immediately got to work putting together our biggest bash ever.

Last year we had 20 something kids.

halloween 2010 amber

This year we had 20 something families. (Not everyone had their picture taken)


Last year it was held on the deck.

Holloween 2010 047edHolloween 2010 051

This year we had to move it out to the yard.


The Grand’s had to test out the cakewalk. This year we didn’t use the wheel. We drew numbers out of the witches cauldron. We had 29 squares, and more kids then squares, so we held a walk about every 15 minutes. We also had each family bring a small cake or jumbo cupcake. We were so busy since it began, neither I or my daughter took a picture of all the wonderful cakes brought.


In between and even during the cakewalks they played other carnival games. We kind of lost control here. It was our fault for not manning the games. Other then the dart game, which had an adult, we thought the trust and honor system would work. For the younger kids it worked great. They played more with Hoop the Pumpkins, Giddy Ghost Bowling and You’ll Putt Your Eye Out, not just for a prize but for fun. We had hung more witches cauldrons full of treats from shepherds hooks at each game. Most kids would take their turn and take a treat. Unfortunately we had some kids who took more then what we would point out as their fare share. There was enough for everyone and no child would leave empty handed.


As the evening went on, the older kids would man a couple of the games, even without prizes the kids had fun playing. Once all the balloons were popped, that game was done. We learned some lessons for next year and hopefully it will make it run even smoother.

As they continued to play and walk, we managed to get the food out. Since our numbers weren’t known what there to be until that morning, we hadn’t fixed enough. Don’t you just love lessons! Granted it was only 3 new RSVP’s but they just so happened to be LARGE families. Well, fortunately we had a few parents ask if they needed to bring anything…FOOD! Blessing to Albertsons and our dear friend Tina for the fried chicken…you helped feed an army!

We made some new food items this year…

Pulled Pork Sandwiches


Turkey Chili


Meat Ball Sandwiches and Buffalo Chicken Wings


New treats this year…

Pumpkin Whoopie Pies










And of course our favorite Oreo mummies and pumpkins,along with Nutter Butter ghost. Since cakes and cupcakes were coming, we didn’t go overboard with our usual treats. We did plan to do pretzel rods, but couldn’t find any other then the $1 store ones, which we don’t care for. Not sure if someone in town bought them all up, but after searching at half a dozen stores, I gave up. We tried the small stick webs but they fell apart. Failing once was all it took.









After food there was more gaming while others created frames for the pictures at the Witch Craft area…







The Cakewalk was full each time..







All our guest had such a good time.












One snag that caused us, more like me to let some things go that weren’t working out or coming together was my arm, which is beginning to turn into arms. Back when we learned of the IBM, then the neurosurgeon finding all the tumors, and with the biopsies that were done, they saw more of what they were looking for on one leg then they did from both my arms. We always thought my legs would be what went first. Since they don’t know where, when, or what area will weaken first or even how, we just figured it would be my legs. After all, they are what tire and spasm the most and were what started the doctor coaster. Well, right now, it appears as my arms, more my right has acquired limits.

Back in July, while playing with a grandbaby, I felt the pull. After treating it as a pulled upper tendon, kept it immobilized for 3 weeks, it got better, the pain that is, but I was left with extreme weakness. Before the arms, I had been concerned with the constant pain around my ribs, talked with the doctor, and he agreed that we probably have growth on some tumors, to maybe even some new ones. He did order a scan but knowing the cost, we decided the cost doesn’t justify the knowledge. We discussed our lack of options with the knowledge and agreed, we don’t need to know how big they are or how many more I have grown. Since that appointment we have been focusing on our son and his needs. When the arm thing happened, I really was hoping it would just be a normal injury. Guess not!

For the last couple months I have learned new limits while fulfilling desires and obligations. Our Boo Bash was both. So I sucked it up. And yes, God allows me to be blunt. And I curse with the pain also, and God forgives me for He knows all to well my challenges.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

You Capture~Halloween + Harvest

It’s been awhile since I did a You Capture.




Pop on over to I Should be Folding Laundry to see more….



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