Friday, May 20, 2016

I'm Still HERE!

This last month has been jam packed with this, that and the other in regards to some family time, some adjustments on the health front, but mostly there was lots of progress on the writing projects. 

Spring cleaning the laundry/craft/sewing room took me a bit longer then expected. I have yet to create the writing area though, however a plan has been established and is ready to be executed once another areas needs are met. Having to replace a rotted deck, before a graduation pool party, was not on the agenda. It's always something!

In the meantime I'm keeping notebooks, yes that is plural, in many locations. From the bedside table or the table beside the chaise lounge, to the car and travel trailer, anywhere I can in order to allow me the ability and the opportunity to jot down a thought or memory. It has been so helpful. I have also been using Siri more often and we are becoming pretty good friends. She really helps when my tired handwriting has become so illegible, not even I can read it.

These notebooks have also become a very convenient tool when it comes to making a list of items needed. I LOVE using a list for shopping. Which stores I need to go to and what is needed at each one. I've become the "Go in, get what you NEED kind a shopper". I especially use one for groceries. It controls most impulsive buying and we seem to get out quicker.

Oh, the many list of my life! 

I have a Bucket List of places I want to go someday, with locations and directions in code. Some are even given by friendly people we meet while misdirected at one time or another. Places we heard about on the Travel Channel or Discovery Channel, are scribbled with web page addresses and hints.

Not to mention the notebooks are great for being able to leave a note on a friends front door when they are not home or a windshield when someone has parked in such a way, they need reminded in the nicest way that those lines painted so nice and straight are meant for. A happy face for a signature really helps.

They have become my traveling journals. My memories. My calendars. My place to vent, and my place to leave tears. I don't know what I would do without them. 

I do know, getting the words off those pages and onto the computer, takes longer then I expect. Then to get them organize into some type of a filing system, well, I procrastinate more then I would like to admit, but it's the truth! 

There are a few pages, okay a large number of pages, of "What Was I Thinking!" thoughts. The "Where did that come from?" pages create questions. Pages only I will ever know what they say. As I go through those pages deciding what I will keep or what needs to be deleted, I read, I reflect, I pause, I pray, and when I am ready, I rip those words right out of that notebook. 

Words that were never meant to be spoken, and should never be read by anyone else. 

Words that created healing and growth within me, and are so personal, they were only shared with God.

I would like to rip more then just those pages sometimes. 

Be it the side effects from the medications or dealing with one constantly being adjusted, I would like to throw some pill bottles into that same receptacle! 

"Patience Elizabeth!" 

I must keep reminding myself of this, but all to often I tend to beat myself up with what I haven't thrown away. As I reflect on how others had gotten through these years with the stuff they were dealing with, reminds me of the example they set as they had gone through what ever it was they were going through. Life is full of milestones. Some are well documented, while other are torn pages from a journal. 

I will keep growing forward!

I told my hairdresser during my last hair cut, that for the first time in my adult life, I only have to take care of myself these days. Everyone else is taking care of themselves, just as it's suppose to be. I have a feeling the years ahead, those prior to the "Grand's" becoming adults themselves, my role will be shifting again. 

Getting into a new groove is and will be "Grand"!

What Journey!

All of this and that creates Our Journey Through LIFE and I wouldn't be where I am without the roads, paths, and directions we have been given or taken. 


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