Monday, June 28, 2010

You Capture - Get Down Low!

It is hard for me to get down low and be able to get back up
so I only took a couple of pictures this week...

Hubby suggested I set the camera down n the ground and do what I do do best..

point and shoot!

I wasn't that far down for this one but this 'Grand' was laying on the edge of the pool playing with the hose as the pool filled.

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Check Out What We Did!

Yesterday there was a baby shower for a very dear friend of our daughter. However her mom and I had met some 13 years ago when she interviewed us for a scholarship our daughter was receiving to Hope International University (formally PCC, Pacific Christian College). At that time her daughter was already off at college. Her daughter moved home when she battling breast cancer. Without our help, they connected a few years ago, and as God had planned, they are now raising babies together. Her mom and I hugged yesterday and gave praises for the growth of our children. He has surely rewarded us.

So what did we do for this special lady...

It began with this...

I removed the original drawstring and added ribbons the color of her nursery. I was going to stencil his name on the liner but wasn't to sure it would look nice. So, next time I make one of these I will embroider the babies name on the liner.

My daughter created these...

While I put together this...

Which all went in here...

She opened it like this...

The shower was so much fun. They had a candy bar which allowed me to fill my candy jar at home. I also won a center piece, good thing because our little group had been eating it.

Friday, June 18, 2010

You Capture - Water

My favorite thing...water!

Not just because we own a water business in the desert but because my 'Grands' LOVE swimming and playing in the water in many creative ways.

This week while swimming, and actually not even knowing what the assignment was for this week, 'Grand' Bug called my attention to what he could do in the water. No, it wasn't a new dive or slide trick, it was this...

Twirling his finger under water to make a vortex

 'Grand' Button got in on the trick also.

Finally I was able to CAPTURE the twirling vortex.

Here are some other CAPTURES of water while playing in the pool this week.

While 'Grand' Bug tried to be a dam on the slide...

I wanted to capture some of the water splashing against him.

Then began a game...

Who can make the biggest splash!

I just love captureing the 'Grands' in the water!

Oh dear, I can see my pool area needs weed trimming and mowed. I guess nothing stops when one is on vacation. We're just not there to see it but it is there when you get home.
Guess what we'll be doing tomorrow!


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Time to Drive Home!

It never fails that I drag my feet when it comes time to pack up to go home. Knowing it will only take me less then an hour to prepare for departure, I decide to take Bella for her last whoraw around the park.

She has developed her own direction and once her job has been performed, she knows just the right way home. I wonder if she knows this is her last time walking that path. Does she realize the trailer getting packed again means we'll be on the road soon. I think so. She's dragging her feet.

So we're all ready to go...

But first we must stop...

for a champagne cake,
maple bars
and  few other goodies.

After one last stop to pick up Calistoga Water

we can now say good bye to the valley. 

Our journey home was just like the trip up, uneventful.

Since we came up the 101 we decided to take the 99 home. To get to the 99 we must first go along the 12. Open farm land on rolling hills. Bad thing is they are doing construction and we could only go 45 mph. Up and down, bump and grind. It almost made me sick.

It was nice to see the delta's and the view
encouraged a few conversations about the trips we had there.

Once on the 99,

even Bella settled down for the long flat road ahead. Many of the trains we saw had beautiful graffiti if one could say graffiti is beautiful. Though I don't promote doing it, some of the work is like art. Very creative!

My favorite part of this drive is the drive up and over the Tehachapi's.
We take the 58 off the 99 from Bakersfield.
It will take us to the 395S
to the 215,
to the 210,
to the 10,
 to the 86 and onto the 8 and home.
See why I like the 101.
The trip starts on the 8, to the 5, to the 405
and then the 101 all the way to the bay area.

The view while traveling to the top is spectacular!
Distracts the aggravation from the many people who enjoy cutting you off,
while cresting a hill with a trailer. Idiots!

The purple wildflowers going up the mountains was beautiful.

Tunnels throughout the mountain for the trains. I tried to get some cool shots of the trains going over old trelliss's, but going 60 mph, added to the trains speed in the opposite direction, they just didn't come out. Hubby just laughs. At least on the 101 he could slow down for some of the pictures. Not on the 58's

The town that has the cutest little lake.

Check out Brite Lake...

As you drive in, every other tree is carved on one side and sometimes on both and a few had three. There is a tall totem pole by the livery that has a cat on the top. An outhouse that house bears and raccoons goofing around on top and in the door. Just some amazing carving. The other great thing is it's a small park and only has 12 hook ups so there is no crowding between neighbors.

There is tent and self contained camping down by the water, but we really like our power and water, LOL. Even if just for a night. Someday we should bring the family here for a long weekend. It's only 5 hours from Yuma.

My batteries went dead on my camera so I have only a few pictures of the last leg of the trip. Once home, 'Grand' Bug was over. He had been calling since we were 2 hours away. Was he anxious to see me or Bella?


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