Friday, June 18, 2010

You Capture - Water

My favorite thing...water!

Not just because we own a water business in the desert but because my 'Grands' LOVE swimming and playing in the water in many creative ways.

This week while swimming, and actually not even knowing what the assignment was for this week, 'Grand' Bug called my attention to what he could do in the water. No, it wasn't a new dive or slide trick, it was this...

Twirling his finger under water to make a vortex

 'Grand' Button got in on the trick also.

Finally I was able to CAPTURE the twirling vortex.

Here are some other CAPTURES of water while playing in the pool this week.

While 'Grand' Bug tried to be a dam on the slide...

I wanted to capture some of the water splashing against him.

Then began a game...

Who can make the biggest splash!

I just love captureing the 'Grands' in the water!

Oh dear, I can see my pool area needs weed trimming and mowed. I guess nothing stops when one is on vacation. We're just not there to see it but it is there when you get home.
Guess what we'll be doing tomorrow!



  1. I didn't notice the weeds at all! All I saw was happy children! : ) I love happy children!

  2. LOVE your pics! The colors are so vibrant and the close ups are amazing!

    Your "Grands" are ADORABLE ... all of them!!

  3. I LOVE those!!! I want to come play!

  4. I l o v e the vortex picture!!! It's pretty amazing :]

  5. Great job capturing the vortex! And the action shots of the cannonballs are awesome!



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