Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Still Missing in Action!

For the last few months my writing has been interupted with life or in my case illness!

The back is healing nicely and for right now we won't be doing a biopsy. We have other issues that have moved to the top of the list. Seems the pain I have been having is the tumor on my liver. It has grown to unknown size, at least until the scan is done, but it is bigger and leaking causing inflamation. More meds to help with that.

On top of this, the week we were heading to NASCAR in Pheonix I began having fevers. I would be fine during the day, but come 4-5:00 I began getting warm. This went on for over a week which made the races a bit different this year. I slept through so much of them. I felt so bad that we didn't even go into the pits as we normally do. It was nice to not have so many activities and just enjoy the friends and time together.

Once home a cold began to set in and with Thanksgiving just days away, I had to dig deep for the energy to pull it off. I felt so bad I didn't even go shopping on Black Friday. In fact I didn't do my first day of shopping till this last friday, but was only able to get through one store and I got one 'Grand' finished. The cold part of this bug is really kicking my butt. I just have no energy.

With hubby's help and Bug, they got the outside BIG tree up and all the blow ups are in place. Bug has such a great time helping gramps. Hubby brought up all the boxes from storage and we even got the village up and lit. Over the weekend we managed to get our main tree up and lit as well. I will spend the next week decorating it and the other 10 trees around the house. I am bound and determined to not let this winter bug interfer with the holidays.

Sorry for such a brief update of our coming and goings. Things around here have been crazy and not sure if or when or how they will all work out or end up. All I can do is deal with everything one thing at a time and let time take it's course and trust that the path God has us on right now is how He planned it and the growth and strength we have comes through him. With FAITH we will be just where he wants us to be. How can we do anything else but trust him.

I hope you all have a wonderful and the Merriest of Christmas and a Happy New Year. I promise to get back sooner and share Our Journey Through LIFE with you.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Let Me Tell Ya!

The last couple of weeks have been CRAZY!

Let Me Tell Ya! The lump on my back is still there, a bit smaller, but still there. I go back to the doctor on the 9th so to be referred to a surgeon. I am also going to ask for another PET scan. The pain on my right side is never ending and inhibiting the use of my arms. Something has changed or grown causing this pain. Not sure what or what can be done, but I just need to know what is going on. Not sure if it has anything to do with the lump.

However, going through this has not slowed me down, though my hubby wants it to. He thinks I try to do to much, which he's probably right, but I refuse to give up doing the things that make those in my life happy.

Like our Boo Bash! Let Me Tell Ya...all the work, all the preparation was so worth it. This year we had 22 kids enjoying themselves with the games, cake walk, and trick or treating at our candy bar. Even their parents had come in costume and had a great time. I had planned to dress us up as a Bee Keepers and the dogs as our bee's but when the day came I only had enough ability to pull the party together. In fact I had told my daughter that in order for these events to come off as we hope, I need more help. This one really took a lot out of me. I almost didn't make it through.

Let Me Tell Ya...no one had a clue as too what I have been going through and I loved receiving all the wonderful comments of the event, it made it so worth each and every ache and pain.

Check out the fun they had...

And they loved all the treats....

 Let Me Tell Ya, our Halloween weekend had only begun!

The next morning we had to get up bright and early, 5 AM to be exact and head over to our son to help him move. Well, actually hubby and him did most of the work but I managed to contribute some.

Let Me Tell Ya! The best part of the day was taking a break to spend the evening with these guys at a friends annual block party. There were games and food galore and we had a great time!

Finally it was Trick or Treat time and they loved going from house to house.

Let me Tell Ya! Come Hallween day we were tired but we had a few more loads to get from the old house before we left.

 We got on the road just in time to make it back to Yuma so we could go Trick or Treating again! Let me Tell Ya, things didn't go as planned! While towing home the Carmin Ghia the trailer blew a tire. Seems we have had bad luck with tires lately! This time it was on the car trailer.

We were about 100 miles from home and there was no tire left to limp anywhere. The spare was low on air, figures, but we had no choice to use it and limp ahead to the next town.

With only a small, and Let Me Tell Ya, it was a small town. One store, gas station combo that was ran by a 70+ little old lady. She was a dream though. She loaned us an extension cord so hubby could air up the tire. However, once there was air in the tire, the trip of about 12 miles on the low spare caused damage to the tire and hubby knew it was not going to make it anywhere. We asked if we could leave the trailer and head to Yuma to get tires we had at the house. While hubby was working things out and securing the trailer I did manage to take a few interesting pictures of our surroundings.

With time against us, hubby dropped me off at our sons so I could go out with the 'Grands' and he would head home to retrieve the tires.

Let Me Tell Ya, this was Bug and Buttons first time ever going door to door and they had such a great time!

As for the tire, the ones we had at home wouldn't fit so we had to wait till monday morning and go to the tire shop to get 2 new tires. No way were we going back without 2.

Let Me Tell Ya, this Halloween weekend will be remembered for many reasons.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Time to Pick-me- Up

No I don't feel 100%! I do have my moments though, and believe me, they are just moments. My back still has the fever thing going on, but last night some fluid finally oozed out. (Sorry to gross you out) Can't say it made it feel better, in fact it kinda stung. Hubby did his awesome care and that did Pick-Me-Up some. I love his nuggets, no not those, get you mind out of the gutter, ha,ha,ha! It's a term my therapist gave him. She always points out when I am craving more then he can give, he manages to give me nuggets and she taught me to enjoy them. It's more like I need to see them and seeing them I am!

During some of my moments today I was able to reshape the cheese clothe ghost back into shape. See, he's been stored for a year and was kinda flat and deformed. With a balloon to support his head, I sprayed him down with water, added a couple clothes hangers to reshape his arms and he is now dried and ready for anther Halloween Boo Bash. Kinda of a Pick-Me-Up moment for the ghost too!

Once done with that I rested for an hour and decided tonight I would make ribs for dinner. Since I didn't take them out of the freezer yesterday, cause I didn't think if it yesterday,  I gave them a bath to thaw in. While they soaked in their tub, okay it was the sink, I once again rested. Sometimes it amazes me how often doing such minor things can cause me to be exhausted or cause pain. When they went into the oven I decided to work on some of the party candy. Wow, another Pick-Me-Up feeling came over me and I got 12 Witches Wands done and 10 candy ghost. Not all at once, it took me over a 5 hour span to achieve it, but that Pick-Me-Up feeling felt really good regardless.

After all that, it was now time for the thing that would Pick-Me-Up the most. My daughter came and she took me to get my hair cut. BIG Pick-Me-Up! It was great to spend time with her and our dear friend who has been cutting our hair for years. Unfortunately she has been battling cancer this last year and we were among the first of her clients to return. For us, it felt good to be there, to be talking and sharing, and in the end...not only did she Pick-Me-Up with a new look, but we got to Pick-Her-Up. Isn't that what family and friends do. Pick each other up.

My sister-in-law called yesterday which really was the beginning of my Pick-Me-Up journey. Without her call, I might not have Picked Up the mood to slow bake baby back ribs, make the candy, or get my hair done. Just when we need a boost, we get one. From a call or special visit from your daughter to share some most extraordinary news. I can honestly reflect over the last 36 hours and see all the special moments God had planned for me.

He knew I needed this Time to Pick-Me-Up and I am for ever grateful He allows me these special moments. I will rest as needed but I will also enjoy my Pick-Me-Ups!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Keep the Faith

Today was suppose to be the day they had planned to lance open and biopsy the lump on my back.

Well, it didn't happen as planned.

There is still some infection with fever going on. I have 6 more days of antibiotics to complete. With the way it is looking, she felt it would be best to have it done at the dermatologist office that performs Mohs Surgeries. As I understand it, it is the best surgery to remove things off the skin. Since I have a number of other areas that need to be checked, it is the best place to go. Unfortunately I can't get in until Nov 15th. By then the infection should be gone and they will be able to get a clean slice. However, if after I am done with antibiotics, it has not healed, they will most likely try a different one. I am to call if it hasn't improved after these last 6 day of the meds.

Pray that the antibiotics do there job. Pray that the biopsies are benign.

I so want to feel better. We have a party we are hosting this weekend and next weekend is our 2 Annual Boo Bash. The is so much to do and I have little to no energy.

With all your prayers, I believe God will provide all that needs to be accomplished. I must remain faithful.

Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, October 18, 2010

It's Finally Over!

SHE SIGNED the papers today!

Praise God for all he has done over this time and we will always walk with him in Our Journey Through LIFE!

Thank you all for your love, support and encouragement. It means a lot to us and we would have not gotten through this without you.

Hang on tight, Our Journey is going to get even better! With these happy faces, how else could it be!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

As Promised...

The oldest grand showing their names on the fence around Castle Park. Now we need to add 2 more, one for Peanut and Maddie. I wonder if they will be able to keep them together.

My boys didn't think us women could get the tired, grumpykids to smile for just one picture.
We proved them wrong!

You just don't get more Blessed then this!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Cousins Meet Maddie!

Finally I am getting to post about last weekends family time together.

I had hoped to do it earlier but have not been feeling to good. I have a lump on my back that is causing pain and went to the doctor Thursday. It is an abscessed cyst. She put me on antibiotics and will check it again Tuesday and also biopsy it. With that said....

Here are pictures of our Family Weekend...where all the cousins got to meet Maddie!

All my girls!

Here we are at Castle Park....

But it got HOT and we tried to get a group pictures

They were just to hot and tired!

Swimming is always on the agenda...

Playing around just like little girls do.

Lending a helping hand!

Dressing up!

All hanging around to spend time with the littlest sunshine in our journey!

Then Monday our son took his kids to the San Diego Zoo. I wish I could have gone too, but with my back, that wasn't an option. They had a great time and told us all about when they got home.

They had Fish and Chips by the sea...

My daughter was able to get some other group shots on Tuesday and when she has edited them I will share them all with you.

I hope you enjoy seeing our 'Grands' as much as we like spending time with them.


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