Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Keep the Faith

Today was suppose to be the day they had planned to lance open and biopsy the lump on my back.

Well, it didn't happen as planned.

There is still some infection with fever going on. I have 6 more days of antibiotics to complete. With the way it is looking, she felt it would be best to have it done at the dermatologist office that performs Mohs Surgeries. As I understand it, it is the best surgery to remove things off the skin. Since I have a number of other areas that need to be checked, it is the best place to go. Unfortunately I can't get in until Nov 15th. By then the infection should be gone and they will be able to get a clean slice. However, if after I am done with antibiotics, it has not healed, they will most likely try a different one. I am to call if it hasn't improved after these last 6 day of the meds.

Pray that the antibiotics do there job. Pray that the biopsies are benign.

I so want to feel better. We have a party we are hosting this weekend and next weekend is our 2 Annual Boo Bash. The is so much to do and I have little to no energy.

With all your prayers, I believe God will provide all that needs to be accomplished. I must remain faithful.

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. My husband has had Mohs surgery and it is the best way to go!!! Prays and good luck to you!!


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