Monday, June 26, 2017

Five Minute Friday ~ Steady

Seems Friday has turned into Monday once again for me! 

It was an interesting end to a week that began with many blessings. I didn't want to boggle my mind over the weekend with anything else other than those things that won't be changing. I need to just take it slow and steady for right now. The one thing I do know right now, is "He is that Steady!"

Yes, He is!

Yes, He does!

Over the last month we, and that really means my daughter, has been jumping through hoops, dotting other's i's, and not getting cross over their t's not being crossed, with the insurance company. I can only watch in awe as she continues to advocate for me as she navigates this crazy healthcare system. We now have dates for scans and referrals to doctors that will help get us started to wherever we are heading. 

Steady, the road ahead just might get a bit bumpy!

Ready, set, Go!

I don't know what this journey would be like without Him.

At a young age, Jesus captured me and has held on tight ever since. Even when I didn't include Him in my life, He was still there and He knew the day would come when my life would be all His. 

It hasn't been easy and it's even been a bit crazy at times. I wouldn't say I turned my back on Him through those time, but I can say had I given Him more of the burdens He would have gladly taken them from me. Silly me didn't want to burden Him or anyone. But oh no, instead I took my burdens upon myself and tried to deal with them the best I could. Well, that really didn't work out all that well. 

When I decided I couldn't do this without Him and excepted wherever this path would take me as His, He continually answered my prayers in a way only He does. They might not have been the answers I was looking for but when I looked back at it through what His plan had been, it made sense. 

To get here I had to be there. 

To get there can only be with Him. 

Even when I am so weak or tired, one pray, one praise, He delivers strength that enables me to continue on. He already knows what He plans to do, and waits patiently for my human form to catch on, react, share or spread His words in a way so that others might find the same with Him as well. 

Isn't that what He wants from us?

To be stewards of Him?

Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.

This journey I have been on has allowed me to share with others in ways I couldn't have had I not been going through what I have. As you reach out to even one person as He needs you, it's a blessing to watch how His words and works can take things to a whole new level. 


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The HEAT Is On!

It's been all over the news that we were getting some pretty high numbers in the temperature around here, but that's not really unusual for this time of the year.

We expect it.

We just deal with.

Our monthly service at Cibola National Wildlife was scheduled for today way before the forecast even came out. To beat the heat we got on the road early. Thankfully as by 9:00, driving through the desert the temperature outside had already crept up to 107 degrees.

The road to Cibola winds up and around some low mountains before it drops back down into the valley around the Colorado River. By the time we reached the crest, it was up to 109. Within minutes of descending down into the valley, that when we reached the turn off for Cibola it had dropped to 95 degrees. Amazing how the agriculture and the river effects the temperature.

Nice view to work from, right!

It didn't last long! Once we finished the service on the system at the river, we headed towards the visitors center and maintenance yard. The route requires us to drive along a canal road with alfalfa growing in the fields. It's always exciting when you see deer grazing. This morning there was ayoung buck enjoying the cool morning breeze eating his breakfast.

The further we got from the river caused the temps to creep back up. As I sat in the air conditioned truck under an awning I was able to watch the temps increase right befor my eyes! Granted the engine heat was adding to the outside temperature rising, but inside it remained a very comfortable 78 degrees, while the thrucks gauge outsdie temps read:

No walking about exploring this trip. Best activity for a day like this, read and play games on the computer. When hes was done at the maintenance yard, it was time to move up to the visitors center. Again I just waited in the truck. Usually it's a matter of minutes to turn in the paper work and answer any questions. On a day like today, every minute outside, along side a building reflecting even more heat, the gauge on the truck went all the way to 128. Without the shade even the air-conditioner was struggling. So thankful it was just a few minutes.

Back on the road allowed the thermometer to cool down and by the time we made it to Blythe, it was reading 110 degrees. Which matched the thermometer at the gas station. It was only 10:45 so there was still more to come!

After lunch at what has become our favorite restaurant we headed home. As we traveled back through the desert, it surely had life standing still. The border check point was opened but everyone was inside until a vehicle came through. As we crossed the railraod track we could see a train stopped on the tracks and a vehicle ahead of it, checking the tracks. It was so hot that the even the steal is effected by the temperature. We decided to watch on the right side so not to be blocked. When we made a turn we found something we never knew was there.

A Cemetery.

There must have been a sign at one time?

Up the way was the remains of a foundation.

When I googled it I learned it was once the town of Ogilby.

Here are a few links that mention it.

What a blast of heat that hit me when I rolled down the window to capture some pictures. I can't imagine anyone working it but they do. Including my hubby! I said a pray for the guys doing the highway work. NO SHADE what so ever for those walking and working on the ground! Well maybe some shade from the BIG trucks who drive around with AC blowing in their cabs. Still it must be treacherous! 

As we got closer to home, even the harvesters were out working. 

Praise God for giving talent to a man who thankfully came to invent air-conditioning! I wouldn't live here without it! 

Once home, my indoor thermometer read:

Even the birds were panting!

So I turned on a sprinkler for them!

That one guy in the lower left corner soaked up so much water he could barely fly. I also crack the valve a little more on that pipe with the moss, allowing more water to drip out. I placed some shallow tubs of water about in shaded areas for them to refresh with. They really seem to like it.

So yep, the Heat is ON! More high temps will be coming, then the monsoons.

 All part of Our Journey Through LIFE!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Five Minute Friday ~ Worth

Heaven Will Surely Be Worth It All!

W. Oliver Cooper wrote "Heaven Will Surely Be Worth It All" 

Often I'm hindered on my way,
Burdened so heavy I almost fall;
Then I hear Jesus sweetly say;
"Heaven will surely be worth it all."
Many the trials, toils and tears,
Many a heartache may here appall;
But the dear Lord so truly says:
"Heaven will surely be worth it all."
Toil and pain I will endure,
Till I shall hear the death angel call:
Jesus has promised and I'm sure
Heaven will surely be worth it all.
Heaven will surely be worth it all.
Worth all the sorrows that here befall;
After this life with all its strife,
Heaven will surely be worth it all.
I'm setting the timer, ready, write...

I am not a scholar of the Bible. I read. I listen. I learn. I grow from my understanding and experiences of what God expects from me. I search out His answers the best I can. He gives each of us our path, one that is not the same for everyone but gets everyone to the same place, which is an eternity in heaven. The people we encounter along this journey add to our growth. We share, they share, we all praise Him and are so thankful for the time and experiences given during the good and the not so good stuff. 

It's knowing this, and more that makes it worth it!

Eternity, the final destination of our journey. 

What is worth?

Such a powerful word.

From here to heaven it can be:

Advice worth taking.
A place worth visiting.
How much is that job worth?
They are worth millions!
Our net worth.
Your worth to the world?
My worth to the world?
Women of worth!

With the Bible as my road map, I can be women of worth! The advice and directions given throughout the Bible are worth taking. I am useful and necessary to not this world, but for God's eternal glory. He calls each of us to a task. He never claims it will be easy, a breeze. It will be easier with Him than without Him.

Romans 8:18English Standard Version (ESV)

Future Glory

18 For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us.

That pretty much means that all our present or past sufferings are so little in contrast to the glories of heaven, that by comparison, they are simply unimportant. All those bumps, stumbles,  challenges, successes, failures, to surviving, will it all be worth it?

I believe so!

Worth it to you?

Beep, beep, STOP!

Even with preparation, trying to gather all my thoughts before the 5 minutes started, still needs more work, which is nothing new! I am and will probably always be a work in progress. It's okay; God loves me this way. He loves what I do for Him, no matter how weird or funky it gets. I love what He shows me of this world, that will take me to His for eternity.

Yep, I believe all of this is worth it!

With views like this along the way, yep, it's worth it!.

Till next week, Live, Love, Laugh and write your heart out in His name. 

It's worth it!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Five Minute Friday ~ Expect

Once again I am a bit late to the party, but for good reason at least.
I won't waste any more time and just jump right in.

On your mark, get set, GO!

I was thrilled with the prompt for this week, expect. 

Absolutely perfect!

Since we just got back from the most incredible week with our daughter, her husband, and the three grandchildren, to say it was what I expected it to be, doesn't even come close.

Along Our Journey Through LIFE, I have learned to expect just about anything, and at the same time accept the best of it as well. 

Sure we had planned for this week for a while. Made plenty of notes and checked out numerous sites to visit, but until we actually got there and it became real, did we know if any or all of that planning would work out as expected.

From our very first stop at Montezuma's Castle to our last stop at the Wupatki Pueblo, the kids were excited about learning all the facts about each place right down to what kind of lizard was just running across our path. As expected they weren't afraid to ask the Ranger a question about anything. The youngest got right into the Jr. Ranger Program, doing the booklets, answering the Rangers questions, then raising his right hand to be sworn in as a Jr. Ranger at the parks we visited. I think he earned 6 badges this trip.

The week created some of the most memorable moments. From seeing the Grand Canyon through the eyes of our grandchildren after going down the Colorado River with them raising their arms as if in flight, and then at the Red Rocks of Sedona, soaking up all its energy to even sliding down the Slide Rock, was everything I had hoped to expect and beyond.
I surely didn't expect to fall in love with the area as I did. I thought I would always be a Northern California gal. 

I can't believe this is what has been in my backyard for our last 23 years here. I mean I knew it was always there but this was my first time actually getting to create some of the most wonderful memories there.

Whatever took us so long? 

"Why" came to mind a lot along the journey! 

Why didn't we stop the numerous times we have driven through?
Why did we only stay one night back when?
Why did we only visit the Grand Canyon a number of times?
Why didn't we take that road before?

Why did the timer have to beep when I wasn't expecting it to?

I expect it's time to stop!

Expecting to share a week's worth of memories in five minutes is simply impossible! Even trying to get all the words out of my heart and head is a challenge without the timer causing some anxiety.

We've had some pretty awesome vacations before, that is for sure, and this one gets to be right up there with them.
 Montezuma's Castle                                      Meteor Crater
Their First Views of the Grand Canyon
Red Rock State Park                                      Slide Rock State Park
Sunset Crater Volcano                                 Wukoki Pueblo
      National Monument                                                               

We already plan to go back and more often.

We have one last trip planned for Northern California to visit my sister and have decided it will be our last for a while.

With all this beauty we have been discovering right here in our own state, and the other states that surround us, it's time to cut those ties that had kept us going back, freeing us up to enjoy other places while we can.

One last thing.

As I was making my way down to the Slide Rocks, others our age that had attempted it was happy to share their experience with us. Though I agreed with most of what they said like it was for the younger kids to enjoy, I wasn't going to let their thoughtful tips stop me. My comment back and one that I plan to remember was this, "Just because something is on my bucket list doesn't mean it is going to be easy!"

With a few prayers, a faith in God that has no boundaries, along with the courage to do what I can, when I can and how I can, along with the help of an awesome grandson, I DID IT!
It is 80 ft long! I completed about 20 of it! It was cold! It was slippery! It was a blast! 
Check that off the bucket list!

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Five Minute Friday ~ Future

Yep, it's Friday and that means...

Okay, so I didn't get it finished on Friday. Each time I previewed to make sure what I had added before and after my five minutes was where it was suppose to be, wasn't and it was giving me a hard time. When things like that happen it's best I just set it aside for a bit and come back later to try again. 

Without further ado.

Ready, set, go...
Que sera, sera

Whatever will be, will be
The future's not ours to see
Que sera, sera
What will be, will be

We might not be able to predict what the future will be, but God already knows what He wants the future for us to be. When you can look up in the sky after a storm, and see a rainbow develop as the clouds move away, it not only reminds us of that covenant He made with Noah but that our future will be with Him. After all, we are the future generations He was talking about!

Genesis 9:12-13English Standard Version (ESV)

12 And God said, “This is the sign of the covenant that I make between me and you and every living creature that is with you, for all future generations: 13 I have set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be a sign of the covenant between me and the earth.

From our very beginning, He has been planning our future.

Jeremiah 29:11 English Standard Version (ESV)

11 For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare[a] and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.

That was and still is my daughters favorite verse. During those teen years when things didn't always come together or as easy as we'd hope, knowing He has the plan that we can't quite figure out yet, He allows us to breath and understand that this to shall pass.

Every journey begins at birth. From that moment on, the present will inevitably become the past just as in the past it was the future. We will always be living in the present, remembering and learning from the past, while preparing and planning for the future. 

It is possible that the future you thought you would have, isn't exactly what it ended up being when it became the present. 

We have been enjoying our journey together for well over 40 years now. I can't begin to count the number of times we might have said, "In the future...", only for the future to have delivered something completely different. For instance, I thought I would still be riding roller coasters. Instead I get to live one! Not that it's a bad thing at all, as I love the thrill, the excitement. Investing in this journey with God's direction, allowed us to also invest in ourselves, in our future, and that future is eternity. 

Do we really want to know what the future will be? Que sera, sera.


I wasn't ready for the beeps to stop. I wanted to expand on the roller coaster. How no two are really alike. How that first ride becomes the past and each turn, dip, twist, is learned along the way. I went a few second past to finish off with that last sentence. I had so much more I wanted to end with more about what will be, will be. 

Rules are rules.

Well I think working on getting a higher word count in five minutes is something I hope the future holds. I never realized how much I couldn't write in five minutes. Had I reached that goal, I would have wrote something like how we get there can depends the many paths we get to choose from along the way. One turn for me, might not be the same for someone else. Just as theirs might not be whats right for me. Some might like the fast lane and trendy things, while I enjoy the back roads and re-purposing those trendy things. 

I also had wanted to bring into it notes from this weeks Living Proof with Beth Moore. As always it was another one that shook and moved me. She always seems to discuss a topic that has or had been weighing on my heart. It was just what I needed to excite me even more for her upcoming Entrusted Summer Bible Study that starts June 15th.

"Ministry is the collective works God has called us to do in our lifetime upon this planet to His great glory."

The past, present, and future makes up that journey of a lifetime!

"Whom among us is willing to believe the power of Jesus could dramatically change something that has been true of you since birth?"

Me, me, me! Oh Jesus, me! Oh so thankfully I praise Him! Even when I stumble. Even when I disconnect from Him. Even when I ignored Him. He stood by knowing He would continuously be with me along this path to my future. He is the only one who knows where I will be, what I would be, and it is through Him that I am right where I am suppose to be for Him.

"We will deal with erroneous estimations of others all our serving lives."

Ain't that the truth! I so wish I didn't have to hear the comments, or the opinions of others, but some just shout them out so loud you have no choice. A while back I had received a response to a letter I had written. 

 "If you want to believe that God has a plan for you that's fine. I don't believe that God has a plan for any of us. We are in control of your lives and how we live them."

It came at a time when the future I thought I was going to have, had been turned upside down. Once the dust settled, standing firmly in my faith, what was once upside down, grew in a whole new direction. By the grace of God, it had turned out to be a blessing. Only God can do that! He transforms us!

Acts 14:22-23English Standard Version (ESV)
22 strengthening the souls of the disciples, encouraging them to continue in the faith, and saying that through many tribulations we must enter the kingdom of God. 23 And when they had appointed elders for them in every church, with prayer and fasting they committed them to the Lord in whom they had believed.
At the end she left us with 5 words for the journey:

Just keep getting back up.

That is exactly what I have done my entire life. Go ahead, knock me down. I have the power of God that allows me to get back up again! 


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