Monday, June 12, 2017

Five Minute Friday ~ Expect

Once again I am a bit late to the party, but for good reason at least.
I won't waste any more time and just jump right in.

On your mark, get set, GO!

I was thrilled with the prompt for this week, expect. 

Absolutely perfect!

Since we just got back from the most incredible week with our daughter, her husband, and the three grandchildren, to say it was what I expected it to be, doesn't even come close.

Along Our Journey Through LIFE, I have learned to expect just about anything, and at the same time accept the best of it as well. 

Sure we had planned for this week for a while. Made plenty of notes and checked out numerous sites to visit, but until we actually got there and it became real, did we know if any or all of that planning would work out as expected.

From our very first stop at Montezuma's Castle to our last stop at the Wupatki Pueblo, the kids were excited about learning all the facts about each place right down to what kind of lizard was just running across our path. As expected they weren't afraid to ask the Ranger a question about anything. The youngest got right into the Jr. Ranger Program, doing the booklets, answering the Rangers questions, then raising his right hand to be sworn in as a Jr. Ranger at the parks we visited. I think he earned 6 badges this trip.

The week created some of the most memorable moments. From seeing the Grand Canyon through the eyes of our grandchildren after going down the Colorado River with them raising their arms as if in flight, and then at the Red Rocks of Sedona, soaking up all its energy to even sliding down the Slide Rock, was everything I had hoped to expect and beyond.
I surely didn't expect to fall in love with the area as I did. I thought I would always be a Northern California gal. 

I can't believe this is what has been in my backyard for our last 23 years here. I mean I knew it was always there but this was my first time actually getting to create some of the most wonderful memories there.

Whatever took us so long? 

"Why" came to mind a lot along the journey! 

Why didn't we stop the numerous times we have driven through?
Why did we only stay one night back when?
Why did we only visit the Grand Canyon a number of times?
Why didn't we take that road before?

Why did the timer have to beep when I wasn't expecting it to?

I expect it's time to stop!

Expecting to share a week's worth of memories in five minutes is simply impossible! Even trying to get all the words out of my heart and head is a challenge without the timer causing some anxiety.

We've had some pretty awesome vacations before, that is for sure, and this one gets to be right up there with them.
 Montezuma's Castle                                      Meteor Crater
Their First Views of the Grand Canyon
Red Rock State Park                                      Slide Rock State Park
Sunset Crater Volcano                                 Wukoki Pueblo
      National Monument                                                               

We already plan to go back and more often.

We have one last trip planned for Northern California to visit my sister and have decided it will be our last for a while.

With all this beauty we have been discovering right here in our own state, and the other states that surround us, it's time to cut those ties that had kept us going back, freeing us up to enjoy other places while we can.

One last thing.

As I was making my way down to the Slide Rocks, others our age that had attempted it was happy to share their experience with us. Though I agreed with most of what they said like it was for the younger kids to enjoy, I wasn't going to let their thoughtful tips stop me. My comment back and one that I plan to remember was this, "Just because something is on my bucket list doesn't mean it is going to be easy!"

With a few prayers, a faith in God that has no boundaries, along with the courage to do what I can, when I can and how I can, along with the help of an awesome grandson, I DID IT!
It is 80 ft long! I completed about 20 of it! It was cold! It was slippery! It was a blast! 
Check that off the bucket list!

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