Friday, August 31, 2018

The Simple Woman's Daybook ~ August

Today is the last day of August, and I am just now getting to my Daybook for the month. Since this year started out very odd, I decided to use the Daybook as my entry on my main blog for the year. Keeping up with the post for our 40-4-40 adventures is enough for this old gal. I've done pretty well getting my 365 Day's a Year photo's posted so far as well. Granted I tend to post the whole month at a time, but it is better than not at all! 
Only missed a couple of days so far, yeah! 
What a MONTH August was!

Looking out my window...
...I can see many different things.
It all depends on which window I may be looking out.
From the living room, I still see the DEAD garden that still has the two broken umbrella's twirling about from last months monsoon!
 Bella looks out the same window but to keep an eye out for those feral cats and chickens that wandered in.
One bark and they run!
From the closet window, I see a construction mess!
Kitty doesn't mind looking out the window though.
She has taken over the makeshift reading nook I made. 
It's made out of a hope chest and a quilt until I get something better.
What I would love to find is the right comfy chair to replace it.
I also took down those curtians as well. 
 While looking out the window of the car, another monsoon was brewing in the distance!

It was coming as we were going.

 I am thinking... far we have come, and how far we still have to go!
We couldn't have done what we have or what we will be doing without His blessings!
...these last 40 years have taken us to the highest mountains we thought we couldn't climb, to below sea level, thinking we are going to drown!
Then His grace comes upon us, and in the blink of an eye, everything begins changing, growing, just as it's supposed to.
...only of where He has us right now.
I am thankful...
...for so much! 
Not a day begins nor ends without praising Him for every part of it! 
He's the God of All my days!
...that the repairs to the truck were less than we had feared.
...that God sent us an Angel. Seriously, our new employee's name is Angel!
One of my favorite things... getting ready for one of our adventure!
I am creating...
... a unique book for an extraordinary couple, who's wedding is part of our upcoming adventure.
I am wearing...a pair of jeans and a loose fitting tee.
I am watching... it's more like listening to NASCAR while I write the post. I'm also watching an old dog, so he doesn't get attacked by a wild cat!
In my a bunch of recipes that really need organizing!
I've been slacking these last few months but for a good reason. Up until the end of July, I still couldn't reach with my left arm. Now I can, but it does have some weight limits. 
Recipes would qualify as light lifting.
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