Sunday, July 14, 2019

Five-Minute-Friday ~ Willing

The prompt for Five-Minute-Friday last week was: willing.

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As I sat by the window of our trailer, gazing out at the ocean, leaving behind the 110 plus temperature at home, I'm so thankful to be here, willing to just relax and enjoy the beautiful views, and the cooler temperatures the coast can have. 

I had every intention of getting this post done and linked-up, but I got distracted...

Instead, I am willing to share what distracted me from the 4 day weekend we had...

Day 1 ~ Arriving...

Crossing the Coronado Bridge across the San Diego Bay... 

...allowing a view of the San Diego skyline.

Silver Strand State Park
It might be a parking lot type of campsite, which isn't my favorite, but the view makes up for it!
It never fails, we forget something, this time of all things, the barbeque! How in the world could we (actually it's he) forget that! Thought we could find one, but we didn't need a big one, and that is all we found. Might have had better luck at an RV store, but we decided we can survive without one this trip. Saw a few artsy things along our way. There are others, only my photos didn't really turn out that great.

By the time we got back, the sun was setting...

 Day 2 ~  Exploring...

My favorite part...
We weren't fortunate to get one of these sites this time, however,
 the wonderful neighbors shared the tricks on how.

In the distance, you can see the Imperial Pier, which is where the festival is Saturday.

Our walk continued through this tunnel, bringing us to the Crown Cove Aquatic Center.

There are actually three tunnels connecting the beachside to the bayside.

Coming or going, The Coronado Inn, is along the drive.

The Walgreens in Coronado wasn't big enough to carry compression sock,
(another forgotten item) so we had to go across the bay to a larger one where we were successful.

Before heading back to the campgrounds, hubby wanted to check out,
more like reacquaint himself to the area before it's packed with beachgoers on Saturday.

Day 3 ~ La Jolla

And the Spruce Street Suspension Bridge that I willing walked across this time!

Day 4 ~ Sun & Sea Festival

The sun never did come for the Sun & Sea Festival this year. We weren't complaining though, knowing what the temps were at home. Once the horn had blown for the completion of the sandcastles, we went up and viewed them, then packed up and headed back to our beach campground for dinner.

This grand wasn't done, though! 

So I showed him where to build his own sandcastle with a moat...

And it worked...

Until a BIG wave...

Just about wiped it out...

Big brother held the parasol in place with the next big wave...

And the sandcastle was no more!

Next year, the theme is, Beach Blanket Bingo, and we are already looking at what vintage wear we would love to find or make! 

It's going to be so much fun!


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