Sunday, May 27, 2018

Simple Woman's Daybook ~ May

Oop's, I almost forgot!

For Today
Looking out my window...I finally see signs of spring!

My best friend came for a week in April and helped me out in so many ways.
Planting some spring color was at the top of the list.
I am thinking...about all the things I can finally do again, and the things yet to come!

I am allowed to drive!
I can now raise my arm 3/4 of the way up over my head.
I'm able to wash my hair with two hands.
I can blow dry my hair, although using the curling iron is still a bit tricky.
I can even ride the arm cycle at therapy!

Still to come, being able to grab something during the reaching process.
Opening jars, bags, to even ice cream bars still require help, along with cutting certain foods, pulling straps into place and getting socks over the heels!
Yes, there are devices, and we have many of them for accomplishing such tasks.
They are so awkward for me, and sometimes I would like to throw them across the room!

I'm thinking about that saying "This to shall pass!" fits perfectly.

I am SO thankful...for all the help I have had during this adventure!

Asking for help has always been hard for me.
This time I did and accepted it when I tried and couldn't.

I'm thankful for the patience I found while journeying through this ordeal.

One of my favorite always watching my hummingbirds zip around the porch.

As they rest on branches for a break, it allows me to capture the moments.
I am notecards for Christmas gifts.

It has become a tradition for the "Grand's," and it encourages them to write.
The old fashion way!
I use photo's of our travels, sometimes of the ones done together.
Some have been of the hummingbirds.
Each card has a description of where the photo was taken.
I use Vistaprint, and sometimes I even use their pre-made cards and personalize them.

While on our travels, I will pick up notecards representing our location.
When they write me, I will use one of those cards to respond back, or I'll use one I made with a picture of grandpa and me.

I LOVE Grandma Mail!

I am wearing...Something new along with my LulaRoe's leggings!
Awhile back I signed up for Dia & Co.

It's a subscription where a style team chooses clothes based on your answers to a few questions.
They are then delivered based on your delivery options.
You have five days to try them on, before shipping them back in the pre-paid bag.
I didn't like anything in my first box.
Then my second box arrived at the beginning of my accident.
I really couldn't try any of it on, but I did love the skirt that came.
I kept it for a wedding this September'
 I sent the rest back, only paying for what I kept minus the styling fee.
I extended my next delivery to May so I would be able to try them on.
Well, I LOVED everything that came in this box!

I will be able to mix and match all of it with most of my LulaRoe items as well.


 I finally watched...Beth Moore's Wednesday night programs I had recorded.
 Her recent 4 part series, The Art of Growing Up, helped move me in a better direction!
Rather adolescents growing into teens,
teens growing into young adults,
adults becoming parents,
 or parents becoming grandparents...
I am listening to...KCFY, our local Christian radio while I compose my post.
I am reading...actually, it's more like flipping through USA's Best Trips. 
52 Amazing Road Trips. 
If you've been reading me long, you know we LOVE going on road trips.
I seem to get lost in the research when creating a journey sometimes.

What I have noticed, during a break in the driving, or after we are set-up or settled in, all my notes become conversations. Planning our day over breakfast, or discussing the next day's agenda at dinner has become a tradition all on its own. 

I am learning...that by doing my daily exercises prescribed by my therapist, my measurements not only improve I'm also getting closer to the end.
 The bone has healed great. I do have to have some extra build up scrapped off the shoulder, but it's a simple procedure. The bicep no longer feels like a broken bone! However, some days my muscles don't want to cooperate, for the therapist or me. On those days I get an hour massage, and he knows just how to find which ones are giving me a hard time. 

In my my hubby, reviewing past recipes from one of our delivered meals thing. I think he picked the panko pork chop one. 

In my much is happening!

The "Grand" and I have been playing around with our Fairy Gardens.

We've created two.

One is out along the path to the beach. My birdbath of 15 years broke so we turned it into this...
An old wheelbarrow that we had...
Got turned into this...
With the help of so many, the weeds have been controlled!
The new soil has been blended with what was already in the beds.
The two tomato plants seem to be happy! I'll be happy if we actually get tomatoes!
So I put these around the garden with water in them, hoping they will attract the bees and butterfly to pollinate the flowers.
Some of the mulch has been spread around with more to do.

Now we wait to see what grows, or not.

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Some moments from a few of my days.

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Monday, April 9, 2018

The Simple Woman's Daybook ~ April

For Today

April 9, 2018

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Looking out my window... 
...the days are beginning to warm up!

I am thinking... 
...about the wonderful time we just had at the fair!
I am so thankful...
...for the continued prayers.

One of my favorite things...
...are linens. Bed linens along with table linens.
I am one who likes to change her linens for the seasons or holiday.
Most of it mixes and matches for whatever the occasion or mood I am in.
In the desert, you really don't need to be bothered with a comforter.
I do have a couple quilts for those rare 35 degree nights.
Otherwise, I use duvets with nothing in them.
Add a couple flat sheets of coordinating colors, and I end up with a cool bed set.
I even use a window panel as one of those foot drapes.
I just fold it in half lengthwise and tuck it in or let it hang off the edge.
Right now my bed is set up with many pillows and a wedge as I continue to heal.
It isn't one of my best ensembles but changing the bed isn't all that easy right now.
So I'm keeping it simple.

I am creating... in my bed linen armoire for more!
Yep, a new bed requires new linen!
I've had a Queen these last 5 years.
Time for a King! 
I just love making my bed feel as comfy as a 5 Star Hotel!
Now it will be as big as one too! 

I am wearing... Lularoe's, still!
It's either them or my PJ'S. 
They are the most accessible clothing for me to put on and off right now.

I am hoping...
...that things continue to go in the direction they have been.
This broken arm seems to have been a blessing in disguise.

I am learning... do my exercises one step at a time.
I was so discouraged the first day of therapy.
I couldn't do what the therapist was asking me to do.
A week later, it's improving. 
Can't wait for the day I can put my arms over my head!
In my kitchen... the makings for tonight's dinner, Spaghetti and Meatballs. 

In my garden...
...the only change is the annuals are beginning to bloom!
The flowers are so beautiful on this tree.
The hummingbirds love it.
I still have no desire to get out there and putt around.
Keeping up with the house seems to be enough right now!

A moment from my day
...a moment from one of my days last month.
Keven Harvick's burnout after his win at ISM Raceway in Phoenix.

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Adventure #3 - Our LONG Drive to Las Vegas

Over a week ago I finally got around to writing about one of our adventures from last month. Adventure #3 is done, in the book and can be read here. The other 8 will be up soon, and then I'll be caught up! Thankful our next adventure shouldn't happen until sometime around the middle to end of May. I am so grateful I had the layouts done before my accident so to make it easier to blog while traveling, but that was not how it ended up working out. I didn't even take my laptop with us. I was just so thankful I got to still go on the trip, I didn't want to jinx it or add anything else to it!

Being able to type one and a half handed is better than one-handed, LOL! I can actually rest my left arm on the laptop now and move just my hand as needed. Mobility has been improving too. Bruises have healed, aches and pains have reduced considerably, and only get pop pain up after exercising which I have been given and are allowed to do. What I also had was my first outpatient PT appointments last week. Went very well. Will be at them twice a week for 30 weeks. That seems like a long time but having a myopathy adds just a bit of a challenge. Plus my insurance allows me 60 visits a year, and since I have met my deductible for the year, they are covered 100%. Also no more Home Health as of the Friday before last, yay! We also stopped the nurses, or as I had been calling them, grannysitters! I had three different ladies help me over the 6 weeks, all were so helpful and allowed me to continue resting, and healing, instead of straining it trying to keep up with things myself.

Last week I got to go to the fair and watch my granddaughter show her goats. She did excellent as always. She received Grand Champion and Grand Champion Reserved for Breed with her two baby girls. Plus she got purple for their momma's! She didn't do as well in her showmanship, getting the first blue, but understood where she slipped up. Lesson learned!
Because she has two dairy goats, she needs help during the breed judging. On the left is Brook with her leader's daughter, and my granddaughter is on the right with Chloe. Even though Brook is absolutely beautiful, she does have an attitude and doesn't like to show. Chloe just LOVES strutting her stuff!
She wasn't the only one entering the ring. During the PeeWee Show, young kids not yet of age to actually enter themselves, get to check it out as well. It's my grandson 3rd year with the goats but his first for the calf.
He looks like such a pro!

That was the extent of my time at the fair this year. I didn't even get to the other exhibits. I am so stubborn to use my chair in town. It's one thing for the races, amusement parks and such, but to get around town, I would prefer to try and walk it. Only since my accident, has it been difficult. Hoping the strain will pass with therapy as we continue to work out those muscles again. 

Just another week of Our Journey Through LIFE. Thanks for stopping by. 

Saturday, March 31, 2018

The Simple Woman's Daybook ~ March

For Today

March 31, 2018

I  almost didn't get to this...

The last six weeks have been quite interesting!
The Simple Woman's Daybook

Looking out my window... 

...the view has been more accessible for the cat then it has been for me!

I am thinking... 

...what an adventure it has been!

I am so thankful...

...for the many prayers said for my bones to heal correctly, avoiding any possibility of surgery. Without them, we wouldn't have been able to continue our plans for our 40th Anniversary.

One of my favorite things... taking pictures!

Taking them one-handed proved to be a challenge, but am always pleased with what I get. 

I am creating...

...another chapter of "Our Journey Through LIFE!".

I am wearing... Lularoe's! 

They are perfect! They stretch! They are so comfortable!

I am hoping...

...I can get caught up soon!

I am learning... be patient. Healing is a process.

In my kitchen... my hubby, making our meals, even cutting mine into pieces I can fork!

In my garden... won't see any changes, just yet! 

A moment from my day

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