Thursday, July 2, 2020

Taking the year off

I might be a bit late in posting that I am taking the year off.

With the rollercoaster continuing, and with the addition of Covid19, writing of our journey just was not an option. Somewhere during this last year or so, I had a stroke, according to my MRI. My last MRI was taken in 2014 and was consistent with the previous result. The one that was done last September threw us a curveball.

Putting words together has been difficult to frustrating, so much that putting them into a post, I was deleting more then I was writing. 

I will be doing my 12th Annual Clickin Moms Photo Hunt and you can see them by clicking the Life-365 Days a Year link above, then click on Annual Summer Scavenger Hunt. 

See ya next year!

Friday, January 10, 2020

Five-Minute-Friday ~ Direction!

Hello, 2020! 

And hello again, Five-Minute-Friday writers! 

I missed sharing with you!

Last year, thankfully, ended with some much-needed direction. 

So, where was I, and what direction will 2020 have?

Since October, we have been on a roller coaster, which is why I haven't been posting. 

That doctor's appointment I had back when I wrote last, ended an eleven-year relationship with my primary doctor. Though devasting, a week later, with the results from all the tests and the Phoenix doctor's orders, I saw a new local doctor, and we created a plan to move forward with.

When God closes one door, He opens another! We must remain firm in our faith and let His plan take us through the things of this world. The first step was to get control of those panic and anxiety attacks while we navigate the journey ahead. I know that with Him, all will work out for His glory.

During the weeks ahead, my hope is to pick up where I left off and share how we got through some of those difficult times, to where we are now, and where all these paths will take us. 

2020 is going to be a remarkable year!

Saturday, October 19, 2019

31-Days of Five-Minute Free Writes Challenge ~ Strong

The word prompt for day nineteen of the 31-Days of Five-Minute Free Writes is...Strong.


One thing about this our journey of ours, no matter where, no matter what, the one thing that keeps us strong is our faith.

It has been a very tough week trying to keep my head above all the nonsense thrown at me. 

But I did not break!

I might have shed some tears out of frustration, but I am not letting them disregard everything I have done to better my world. I am not a cookie-cutter, textbook kind of person. I believe I am a unique human being who didn't bury her head in the sand, or run in the other direction when things got tough. I prayed, and I listened. I heard, and I saw all that God wanted me to so I could move forward.

When my voice doesn't sound healthy or strong, it doesn't mean I am weak. Wait for me to catch my breath. When the tears begin because I am not being understood, don't expect me to continue talking with you. Can't they see it is difficult? 


Unfortunately, that one appointment wiped out any thoughts that caused me not to finish my five-minute-write!

It's taken a few days to get back on the ground I once walked. One small link in my health team changed, and we might need to omit that which isn't as strong as the others. 

Forward I go, even though I am behind on my 31-Day Challenge, I did get my Five-Minutes completed.

For October, I'm participating in Kate's 31 Days of Five-Minute Free Writes. I will be sharing our journey through life, one day at a time using the prompts provided.

Friday, October 18, 2019

31-Days of Five-Minute Free Writes Challenge ~ Active

The word prompt for day eighteen of the 31-Days of Five-Minute Free Writes and Five-Minute-Friday...Active.


It's important to remain active even when you are going through things. 

Doctor appointments come and go, but life continues. Work and school schedules, writing, housework, to even working outside in the yard, are regular things that fill my days. 

In between my appointments this week, the grandson and I had the opportunity to watch the "Big Boy" 4014 leave the station early Wednesday morning. We got there just as the sun rose above the train. We waited as the crew prepared for departure. I couldn't wait to see the steam rise, and the grandson was excited to hear the whistle blow that they were ready to pull out. It would take another 15 minutes before it would leave the station, so we moved to find a place further down the tracks. After it passed us, we took off for the next area it would chug through. Pennies were placed on the train tracks by some of the bystanders, hoping to be flattened by the massive wheels. 


We didn't stick around to see if it worked. We wanted to catch up with it again in Dome Valley. In all, we were able to see it a few more times before we turned around and head back to town. 

I'm sure it will be a day he won't ever forget!

If you're interested in catching it as it continues its journey, here is a map and schedule of the towns it will be going through next.

For October, I'm participating in Kate's 31 Days of Five-Minute Free Writes. I will be sharing our journey through life, one day at a time using the prompts provided.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

31-Days of Five-Minute Free Writes Challenge ~ Consistent

The word prompt for day twelve of the 31-Days of Five-Minute Free Writes...Consistent.


Every now and then, a word prompt has been chosen that just happens to be one of my favorite words. It's an important word and not just for a writing tip.

Having consistency in my life is just as important as in my writing. Reality is I'm not as consistent with my book as I am with other areas of my life. Things run so much smoother when certain things are done a certain way. Throw in a bit of OC, and even an empty spot in the fridge tells me we are out of something. Folding the clothes as they come out of the dryer. Going to bed with a clean sink to making the bed within minutes of waking is just part of it.

As we continue along our journey ahead, being consistent has always been my saving grace. It creates a wave of peace within me, knowing that all the I's were dotted and the T's crossed. From doctor appointments to packing the RV for a trip, even grocery shopping, being consistent can settle any anxieties that nothing was missed, as well.


Sometimes thing being consistent is out of my control. I can't help but wonder how much it would improve the doctor's office staff that is far from being consistent with proper paper procedures. Waiting till the day before or even the day of an appointment to submit an approval doesn't work. They should already know that! As the patient, it can throw me off-kilter. 

It's been a tough week where we've had to rearrange our time due to their mistakes. It caused me to fall behind on the 31-Day Challenge that I consistently try to achieve each day. 

I'm determined to catch up!

For October, I'm participating in Kate's 31 Days of Five-Minute Free Writes. I will be sharing our journey through life, one day at a time using the prompts provided.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

31-Days of Five-Minute Free Writes Challenge ~ Avoid

The word prompt for day sixteen of the 31-Days of Five-Minute Free Writes...Avoid.


Lately, avoiding the wrong path has been our top priority.

It's getting tougher and tougher to navigate these detours created by others not doing their jobs. The frustration, anxiety, and panic attacks I experience are overwhelming, all due to the postponements, delays, and rescheduling that continues to interrupt my quality of care.

People who are not doing their job is getting ridiculous. The excuses are becoming a concern. The wait is daunting. I'm doing everything within my power to avoid traveling down the depression road, that could spiral out of control if I'm not careful. It's already affecting my concentration and creativity.

My prayers continually include asking for help in any way to keep the light shining within me. 

He is one who always does his job. 

He doesn't avoid anyone or anything.

He will bring me through this!


For October, I'm participating in Kate's 31 Days of Five-Minute Free Writes. I will be sharing our journey through life, one day at a time using the prompts provided.


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