Friday, October 18, 2019

31-Days of Five-Minute Free Writes Challenge ~ Active

The word prompt for day eighteen of the 31-Days of Five-Minute Free Writes and Five-Minute-Friday...Active.


It's important to remain active even when you are going through things. 

Doctor appointments come and go, but life continues. Work and school schedules, writing, housework, to even working outside in the yard, are regular things that fill my days. 

In between my appointments this week, the grandson and I had the opportunity to watch the "Big Boy" 4014 leave the station early Wednesday morning. We got there just as the sun rose above the train. We waited as the crew prepared for departure. I couldn't wait to see the steam rise, and the grandson was excited to hear the whistle blow that they were ready to pull out. It would take another 15 minutes before it would leave the station, so we moved to find a place further down the tracks. After it passed us, we took off for the next area it would chug through. Pennies were placed on the train tracks by some of the bystanders, hoping to be flattened by the massive wheels. 


We didn't stick around to see if it worked. We wanted to catch up with it again in Dome Valley. In all, we were able to see it a few more times before we turned around and head back to town. 

I'm sure it will be a day he won't ever forget!

If you're interested in catching it as it continues its journey, here is a map and schedule of the towns it will be going through next.

For October, I'm participating in Kate's 31 Days of Five-Minute Free Writes. I will be sharing our journey through life, one day at a time using the prompts provided.


  1. Beautiful photos and a beautiful day described.
    Your FMF Neighbour #34


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