Thursday, September 27, 2018

The Simple Woman's Daybook ~ September

Yeah. It's. September!

I've been waiting over a year for this month.
It marks the halfway point in our adventures.
It hasn't been easy.
The waiting, planning, preparing, changing, searching, finding, or creating
what it could possibly be or what it wouldn't be.
All while healing physically, emotionally and spiritually which has finally brought us to here.

Looking out my window...

...of the wine train, the scenery was remarkable.

I am thinking...
...43 years ago I had no thoughts of celebrating our first date in such style!

 I am thankful...
...for all the opportunities we have had through these 40 adventures and beyond.

One of my favorite things... being able to travel in our Travel Trailer.
Lake Mead and Las Vegas, Nevada
Baker, NV and Bakersfield, CA
 McFarland and Napa Valley, CA

I am creating...
... additional pages to my album documenting our recent travels for our 40 adventures.
Eventually, I will get them posted to the blog.
It seems to be taking me longer and longer after a trip to get this done.

I am wearing...a pair of jeans and a navy blue tank top.
My LulaRoe's are in the laundry.

I am watching...the Confirmation Hearings. I won't get into politics here. 
However, being a surviving victim, I believe and support her.
I believe this is a problem in our world today, defend the attacker and destroy the accuser.
It happens within families, not just our government.
It happens in the workplace, even our churches.
That is where I stand, and I don't need a debate about it. 

I am hoping...things that have developed recently continue to work themselves out as they are meant to.
What will be, will be!

I am learning...that some things are just out of my control!

In my's like Old Mother Hubbards cupboards, they're bare!
I emptied the trailer on Monday of all its food, so we've just been eating left-overs.
Yesterday was my Grandma Day, and the grandson even mentioned how little there was.
Asked if he wanted to help me shop, he said, "Nay, I want to watch my shows."
So, here I sit typing, waiting for the pest dude, who is already a half hour late.
9-11AM has come and gone!!!
He has no clue I need to get this shopping done!

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 Some moments from September...

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