Sunday, January 29, 2017

Chinese New Year - Year of the Rooster

A blog I read reminded me that yesterday was also the Chinese New Year. Seems it is the year of the rooster and includes those born in 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017.

I couldn't believe what I was reading. I mean I don't usually follow this kind of stuff. But this was kind of creeping me out. 

First I have LOT'S of rooster constantly hanging out. Not that it has anything to do with the Year of the Rooster. Just that my life is full of them. Some people have feral cat's or rabbit's, I have feral roosters and chickens. There is this trailer park behind us where their tenants seem to be allowed to have them. Only they don't keep them cooped. Complaining gets me no where since they don't speak English. They are seasonal crop workers and when they leave, guess what? Yep, they leave the roosters and chickens behind. We have had eggs laid in weird places, just like the turkey's did. It is just something we deal with living where we do. One plan is to set out nesting boxes and collect eggs. Another is to actually build a coop of our own. However that would create limits on traveling and this year is to be a year of back roads and weekend trips.

Second, and what I found really weird was, my mom was born in 1921 and my mother-in-law was born in 1933. Two women who can be described as...

"...Kind-hearted, flexible, hard working, independent, observant, honest, talkative, open, generous..."

I'm honored to be in their company. 

It continued to say...

"....2017 is the year of the Chinese Fire Rooster, therefore, those born under this sign will be experiencing more spiritual lessons than any other sign of the zodiac throughout this year....

....Two stars benefiting Roosters this year are Jiangxing and Jinkui, which bring success and luck in leadership and also support to ensure creative endeavors run smoothly."

Hmmm! How tempting it is to fall for or follow such things. I remember during those teen years we dabbled in it, but then we grow up. I've read old horoscopes to find they might have been pretty close, but things happened how they did without knowing it anyhow. 

With all the answered prayers we seem to receive, I think I'll be sticking to my regular prayers for my future. With God, I know where I will be going.

Happy Chinese New Year!
*NOTE* ~ Three post in one day. One I had done last week and forgot to post. One about yesterday and then this one. Am I on a roll? Could be it's because I have a place to write again. Yay! 

It's Just The Beginning...

......for day trips in 2017 that is!

Yesterday we took advantage of some time and took one of those adventures.

We spent the day up on the mountains between here and San Diego. We've done this drive 3 times now, and each one delivered a different experience.

Our first time was when we were on our way home from another trip over and decided to take a route we had been wanting to check out. I don't think I ever blogged about it.

I fell in love with Julian on that drive. It was May so there was still some color and the drive was absolutely beautiful. We brought home some of the famous Julian Pie Company's apple pies. Yes, you really shouldn't leave with only one! We even looked at some property back then. That area remains on the list of possibilities for so many reasons.

Then last year we went up a completely different way see the desert color and find the Metal Sculptures. That trip was awesome too! Don't be surprised if we do that one again. There is something about the blooming desert that attracts me. In fact with all the rain and snow, I'll bet the desert will be full of color this year. Even hubby agrees we need to drive over again.

Like the first trip over this part of the mountain, this trip was just suppose to be a different drive home after some shopping was cut short. The COLD wind halted that adventures once we got there.


I was looking forward to strolling through Viejas Outlets. I hadn't been a there in while and I was on a mission. I've got 3 granddaughters turning 13 this year and was hoping to find them something as special as they are.

Unfortunately I am still having a hard time controlling my body temperature. Doc said I probably will for some time or always will. Add that to the myopathy, cold is just not my friend! We made it to one store and decided this outing was a bust.

With a day to do what ever we wanted, we decided to go back home by way of the 78 again. Stop in Julian for Lunch. Enjoy a nice drive home.

On the way up the mountain along Interstate 8, we had seen some dusting of snow. It wasn't deep. Looked like it had been there a couple days. When you looked up the mountain, you could see some blotches of snow but we weren't expecting what we came up on.

The blotches of snow got bigger!
Icicles, 3-4 foot high mounds of plowed snow.
There was a beautiful white blanket covering everything!

From the cab of a well heated truck I soaked up that beautiful view of all that white stuff everywhere. We stopped for pie's but the line was out the door. Not unusual. Having to stand in icy sludge was unusual for this lady and wasn't happening. We couldn't even find a parking place where the walk wouldn't be difficult for me. Where hubby parked for me to get out for the pies wasn't a real parking spot. We decided to just mosey on and grab something down the road. I did manage to gather some snow for an certain 5 year old grandson. With no gloves, no shovel, only a hammer and a small insulated ice chest, I manged to get enough to make him happy!

Our first adventure of 2017, for Our Journey Through LIFE, was a complete success.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


My first trip out to Cibola National Wildlife brought me exactly what I had hoped for. 

Last year I learned that these rock piles were actually habitats for burrowing owls, and I wanted to capture them. So last week when I tagged along for their monthly service, hubby drove the Goose Loop Road for me in hopes we would see something.

We were just about to the end of Goose Loop Road when hubby spotted it. We actually drove past it and he caught it in the review mirror. He didn't want to back up in fear it would make it fly off.

Needless to say I was ecstatic! I mean I really thought it was going to take a couple trips to actually see one. But the first time we went looking? I couldn't believe it!

It was a great day all around at the refuge.

The river was really low showing some sand bars 
we hadn't seen in a long time. 

 The mallards have filled their pond. 
All hubby has to do it say "BOOM!" and they fly!
 I caught this coyote with it's breakfast. 
 A Canadian Geese taking flight.

He has to go back out next Monday and I plan to tag along again.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Dang It!

I did it again!

I don't mean too. Honestly I don't.

I really do LOVE to blog.

It's just so much easier to read blog posts right now then it is to write them. I've begun a number of them, but then something distracts me and takes me away.  

So while I continue to learn these new devices, navigate the road we are on, please be patient with me. Because at the same time we are setting up my writing area, looking for the perfect pieces that will bring it all together, we are also putting the final touches on some pending bids and offers. A few things might be out of sorts right now, but all for good reasons. It won't take to much longer and I hope writing will resume.

Plus, I LOVE sharing our "Joy" along the Journey! 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Going "60" Will be More Fun Then Going "55"

Yep, I turned the BIG 6-0 over the weekend. 
It really was no BIG deal. 
Felt like any other birthday. 

Yet a milestone. 

I got to celebrate it for 3 days.
Ending with a slumber party with 3 of the "Grand's".

I've been breathing for 31,540,320 minutes and counting!

I've experienced 21,903 days!

It's took me 1 year to learn to walk.

12 years to become a teenager. 

5 years to become an adult.

And 42 adult years to get to here.

What's ahead....

And finish my book!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

It's A Dream Come True

Well almost!

With each step it's getting closer though.

The chair was a gift from the hubby for my 60th birthday. I've been eyeing something like it online for a while but wouldn't take the plunge without sitting in one. He stopped in at the Oak Tree and More here in town, and saw this one. The minute I sat in it I knew.

All I can say is perfect!!!!!

Now to get our 100 year old slab of Black Walnut sealed. Hubby acquired it back in 1975 from a 60 year old orchard in Yountville in the Napa Valley that was being ripped out for vineyards. A friend of his father was able to get a few of the trunks and he was given a slab off one. It has moved with us over the last 42 years just
waiting to be finished.

My son found this awesome company in Phoenix called Porter Barn Wood. I feel I can trust them with the job.

I like the legs he found, but it wasn't quit what I had in mind or was looking for. Since my writing desk is in the sewing/craft/laundry room I was thinking along the line of something like these.

Imagine them on the slab with these drawers.

For now I will use the ones he got until we find some like them.

After all it's a work in progress

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Since 2003, when I learned about this theory...

by Christine Miserandino

Spoons have become another kind of interest of mine. 

Mentally I have kept a collection of my own to allow me to do things beyond my limits on some days. Without the help of those imaginary objects, I wouldn't be where I am today. Ok, maybe I'm being a bit over zealous but what I was trying to say is the theory works when you work it. And we've been working it ever since!

But You Don't Look Sick began at a time when we were still learning and dealing with what had been happening. Many times over the years, especially toward the end of a special occasion, I would have to admit my spoons were getting low. My daughter always knew what I meant and stepped right up.

Fast forward to present time and those spoons are doing just fine. 

Though my own posting can get a bit sporadic, I still stop by many of my original bloggers I've been following since I started blogging.

 One of those is Between Naps on the Porch.

If you've been following my blog, or know me personally, you know how much I love DISHES. I just love setting a table. I can't pass them up at Estate Sales or Antique shops. Over the years I have acquired some pretty special pieces and sets of my own. I like learning how to pull them all together and her blog is a great place to begin. She does one of those carnival, or party things every Thursday.

So many idea's in one place. I love it! I don't know if I will ever set a table as gorgeous as hers, or some of the others but when she recently posted a blog about her spoons, I fell in love with the idea. 

My MIL had boxes and boxes of them that I've held onto for reason I didn't know why at the time. Maybe I thought I would get the rest mounted. (she had 3 glass and wood cabinets full along with a half dozen shoe boxes full) Where ever she was, she picked one up. Most are those regular souvenir kind, but she also has some really beautiful old ones as well. Those are the ones I plan to put to use. After all, they aren't doing any good in the box.

Just like she said holds true here, spoons get used a lot around here too!

While I wait for the stamp kit to arrive I might as well pull them out and see what I have to work with. Next week when the "Grand's" go back to school I'll hit the antique shop to see about a dish to store them in and maybe look around for some more spoons.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

OH My, OH My!

It's the New Year, already!

Boy, has a lot been going on around here!

Sorry I didn't get to post about it.

My computer just about CRASHED!

Yep, there was a number of things that took it over the edge, like it was trying to commit suicide! Or was I the one killing it!

I know a computer has it's limits.

Kind of like my own brain lately!

So, I got a new laptop, as did the office. Along with that my phone needed an update, so that was taken care of too. With that came learning two new devices. You know what they say, "If you can't figure it out ask a child!" My grandchildren have been tickled to teach grandma how to use her phone. I enjoy their giggles. The computer is a whole different thing though. For now, or even then, I learned the basic to get through the holidays.

Oh, and I also got a new laser printer for all those photo projects I've been preparing for. When you buy two laptops from Dell, and my daughter knows how to find the deals, they throw in a free printer.

Can you say WIN, WIN!

I was having a hard time getting it set up though. I just decided to add it the list of things to do after the new year.

After all we had NASCAR right after the Boo Bash. FUN!!!!!

Then came Thanksgiving, which was AWESOME!!!! Our Floridians couldn't make it but everyone else was here. "Grand's" are now 15 years down to 5, and the help they now contribute, made even more memories for me to store in my heart.

Right after Thanksgiving, and I mean like 6 days later, hubby had his first CTS surgery. Couldn't have asked for better results. I contribute it to the MANY and I mean many prayers said by so many.
You see, plans had already been made to travel to Napa for our annual Christmas visit. With dates filling up fast, it was our only window. When the date was set for the surgery, it was either that day, or the next year...well, being our deductible had already been met for the year, there was no other option. Second surgery was scheduled for the 23rd. Yep, he had to have both hands done.

I just put all this in His hands.

The prayers began and boy did they work!

I was to be the driver for this trip in order for it to happen. With pillows, med's, and gifts we made it up and back with only a couple of oops along the way. Without those prayers, I really could have never done this. Crazy California drivers continually amazed me! It'd been 4 years since I personally had driven that route. After that, I would much rather be the passenger. It's no wonder so many have stress when they have to drive in that every day, to and from work, to and from daycare, to and from school, doctors, groceries, just about anywhere one might need to go. NO THANK YOU! Putting all that aside, the time we had up there with family and friends, was just perfect! The whole trip in fact was just perfect. From our stops on the way up to, our annual Harris Ranch stay on the way home, everything was absolutely perfect!

Once back home, Christmas got into full swing. Christmas tree's. Gingerbread houses. Sugar cookies. Fudge. You know the normal stuff. Even getting ready for the 14th Annual Dorothy Young Memorial Electric Light Parade has become the normal for us. We always have so much fun!

With close to 85% of my shopping done before Thanksgiving, I had a lot of wrapping to catch up on. For the last few years what I call my office/craft/sewing room/laundry room gets transformed into what the "Grand's" have named, The Christmas Room. It's where all that wrapping takes place. Boxes are laid about for shipping, while others are prepared for delivery, and then other's got ready to go under the tree.

With everything ready by Christmas Eve, it's time to enjoy and celebrate everything Christmas is meant for. I think giving of gifts is so much more fun then receiving them. I received the gift of Jesus years ago, and cherish the time we get to celebrate Him. Yes, we have gifts, and it seems like a lot, but each gift has much thought and meaning. The gift are meant to enhance and bring growth and love to each recipent. Sure we could buy TV's, computers, laptops, video games, but we could buy those things anytime throughout the year if needs be. Christmas is a time to share our love, and I enjoy doing that through the gifts I give that represent that love.

After all the package have been open, and the gifts have made their way to their own homes, some come back in the way of notes to grandma on the notecards I make them each year. Sometimes I even get art crafts or goodies created from the kits or recipe books they got. These are the gifts that come back throughout the year, just not at Christmas.

Writing also seems to get pushed aside during the holidays. But with the holidays over, and half of it already put away, I can reclaim my space. Mainly because I want to put together the writing desk hubby has found the pieces for. Something I have been dreaming about since last year. I just can't wait to get it all put together. It's going to be so cool!

I'm really excited to see where 2017 takes
Our Journey Through LIFE!

Happy New Year


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