Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Going "60" Will be More Fun Then Going "55"

Yep, I turned the BIG 6-0 over the weekend. 
It really was no BIG deal. 
Felt like any other birthday. 

Yet a milestone. 

I got to celebrate it for 3 days.
Ending with a slumber party with 3 of the "Grand's".

I've been breathing for 31,540,320 minutes and counting!

I've experienced 21,903 days!

It's took me 1 year to learn to walk.

12 years to become a teenager. 

5 years to become an adult.

And 42 adult years to get to here.

What's ahead....

And finish my book!


  1. Happy belated birthday! Celebrating for three days sounds like a good thing.

  2. Happy 60th birthday! The year when both digits of life's odometer flip over! My husband came up with that one. My 62nd is next month....no, I'm not retiring, although it would be nice but work is still good! Have a wonderful year and your cake looks delicious!


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