Saturday, January 7, 2017

It's A Dream Come True

Well almost!

With each step it's getting closer though.

The chair was a gift from the hubby for my 60th birthday. I've been eyeing something like it online for a while but wouldn't take the plunge without sitting in one. He stopped in at the Oak Tree and More here in town, and saw this one. The minute I sat in it I knew.

All I can say is perfect!!!!!

Now to get our 100 year old slab of Black Walnut sealed. Hubby acquired it back in 1975 from a 60 year old orchard in Yountville in the Napa Valley that was being ripped out for vineyards. A friend of his father was able to get a few of the trunks and he was given a slab off one. It has moved with us over the last 42 years just
waiting to be finished.

My son found this awesome company in Phoenix called Porter Barn Wood. I feel I can trust them with the job.

I like the legs he found, but it wasn't quit what I had in mind or was looking for. Since my writing desk is in the sewing/craft/laundry room I was thinking along the line of something like these.

Imagine them on the slab with these drawers.

For now I will use the ones he got until we find some like them.

After all it's a work in progress

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