Sunday, January 29, 2017

It's Just The Beginning...

......for day trips in 2017 that is!

Yesterday we took advantage of some time and took one of those adventures.

We spent the day up on the mountains between here and San Diego. We've done this drive 3 times now, and each one delivered a different experience.

Our first time was when we were on our way home from another trip over and decided to take a route we had been wanting to check out. I don't think I ever blogged about it.

I fell in love with Julian on that drive. It was May so there was still some color and the drive was absolutely beautiful. We brought home some of the famous Julian Pie Company's apple pies. Yes, you really shouldn't leave with only one! We even looked at some property back then. That area remains on the list of possibilities for so many reasons.

Then last year we went up a completely different way see the desert color and find the Metal Sculptures. That trip was awesome too! Don't be surprised if we do that one again. There is something about the blooming desert that attracts me. In fact with all the rain and snow, I'll bet the desert will be full of color this year. Even hubby agrees we need to drive over again.

Like the first trip over this part of the mountain, this trip was just suppose to be a different drive home after some shopping was cut short. The COLD wind halted that adventures once we got there.


I was looking forward to strolling through Viejas Outlets. I hadn't been a there in while and I was on a mission. I've got 3 granddaughters turning 13 this year and was hoping to find them something as special as they are.

Unfortunately I am still having a hard time controlling my body temperature. Doc said I probably will for some time or always will. Add that to the myopathy, cold is just not my friend! We made it to one store and decided this outing was a bust.

With a day to do what ever we wanted, we decided to go back home by way of the 78 again. Stop in Julian for Lunch. Enjoy a nice drive home.

On the way up the mountain along Interstate 8, we had seen some dusting of snow. It wasn't deep. Looked like it had been there a couple days. When you looked up the mountain, you could see some blotches of snow but we weren't expecting what we came up on.

The blotches of snow got bigger!
Icicles, 3-4 foot high mounds of plowed snow.
There was a beautiful white blanket covering everything!

From the cab of a well heated truck I soaked up that beautiful view of all that white stuff everywhere. We stopped for pie's but the line was out the door. Not unusual. Having to stand in icy sludge was unusual for this lady and wasn't happening. We couldn't even find a parking place where the walk wouldn't be difficult for me. Where hubby parked for me to get out for the pies wasn't a real parking spot. We decided to just mosey on and grab something down the road. I did manage to gather some snow for an certain 5 year old grandson. With no gloves, no shovel, only a hammer and a small insulated ice chest, I manged to get enough to make him happy!

Our first adventure of 2017, for Our Journey Through LIFE, was a complete success.

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