Sunday, June 18, 2017

Five Minute Friday ~ Worth

Heaven Will Surely Be Worth It All!

W. Oliver Cooper wrote "Heaven Will Surely Be Worth It All" 

Often I'm hindered on my way,
Burdened so heavy I almost fall;
Then I hear Jesus sweetly say;
"Heaven will surely be worth it all."
Many the trials, toils and tears,
Many a heartache may here appall;
But the dear Lord so truly says:
"Heaven will surely be worth it all."
Toil and pain I will endure,
Till I shall hear the death angel call:
Jesus has promised and I'm sure
Heaven will surely be worth it all.
Heaven will surely be worth it all.
Worth all the sorrows that here befall;
After this life with all its strife,
Heaven will surely be worth it all.
I'm setting the timer, ready, write...

I am not a scholar of the Bible. I read. I listen. I learn. I grow from my understanding and experiences of what God expects from me. I search out His answers the best I can. He gives each of us our path, one that is not the same for everyone but gets everyone to the same place, which is an eternity in heaven. The people we encounter along this journey add to our growth. We share, they share, we all praise Him and are so thankful for the time and experiences given during the good and the not so good stuff. 

It's knowing this, and more that makes it worth it!

Eternity, the final destination of our journey. 

What is worth?

Such a powerful word.

From here to heaven it can be:

Advice worth taking.
A place worth visiting.
How much is that job worth?
They are worth millions!
Our net worth.
Your worth to the world?
My worth to the world?
Women of worth!

With the Bible as my road map, I can be women of worth! The advice and directions given throughout the Bible are worth taking. I am useful and necessary to not this world, but for God's eternal glory. He calls each of us to a task. He never claims it will be easy, a breeze. It will be easier with Him than without Him.

Romans 8:18English Standard Version (ESV)

Future Glory

18 For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us.

That pretty much means that all our present or past sufferings are so little in contrast to the glories of heaven, that by comparison, they are simply unimportant. All those bumps, stumbles,  challenges, successes, failures, to surviving, will it all be worth it?

I believe so!

Worth it to you?

Beep, beep, STOP!

Even with preparation, trying to gather all my thoughts before the 5 minutes started, still needs more work, which is nothing new! I am and will probably always be a work in progress. It's okay; God loves me this way. He loves what I do for Him, no matter how weird or funky it gets. I love what He shows me of this world, that will take me to His for eternity.

Yep, I believe all of this is worth it!

With views like this along the way, yep, it's worth it!.

Till next week, Live, Love, Laugh and write your heart out in His name. 

It's worth it!

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  1. Good for you for giving yourself grace on the five minutes! I've been working on this too, and admit that two of my last posts have been longer, since I chose to write in honor of my parents (but still wanted to use the word prompt, which is what inspired me to write about them). I agree with you that it is worth it to follow the Lord! all of these things will work together for our good. :)


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