Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The HEAT Is On!

It's been all over the news that we were getting some pretty high numbers in the temperature around here, but that's not really unusual for this time of the year.

We expect it.

We just deal with.

Our monthly service at Cibola National Wildlife was scheduled for today way before the forecast even came out. To beat the heat we got on the road early. Thankfully as by 9:00, driving through the desert the temperature outside had already crept up to 107 degrees.

The road to Cibola winds up and around some low mountains before it drops back down into the valley around the Colorado River. By the time we reached the crest, it was up to 109. Within minutes of descending down into the valley, that when we reached the turn off for Cibola it had dropped to 95 degrees. Amazing how the agriculture and the river effects the temperature.

Nice view to work from, right!

It didn't last long! Once we finished the service on the system at the river, we headed towards the visitors center and maintenance yard. The route requires us to drive along a canal road with alfalfa growing in the fields. It's always exciting when you see deer grazing. This morning there was ayoung buck enjoying the cool morning breeze eating his breakfast.

The further we got from the river caused the temps to creep back up. As I sat in the air conditioned truck under an awning I was able to watch the temps increase right befor my eyes! Granted the engine heat was adding to the outside temperature rising, but inside it remained a very comfortable 78 degrees, while the thrucks gauge outsdie temps read:

No walking about exploring this trip. Best activity for a day like this, read and play games on the computer. When hes was done at the maintenance yard, it was time to move up to the visitors center. Again I just waited in the truck. Usually it's a matter of minutes to turn in the paper work and answer any questions. On a day like today, every minute outside, along side a building reflecting even more heat, the gauge on the truck went all the way to 128. Without the shade even the air-conditioner was struggling. So thankful it was just a few minutes.

Back on the road allowed the thermometer to cool down and by the time we made it to Blythe, it was reading 110 degrees. Which matched the thermometer at the gas station. It was only 10:45 so there was still more to come!

After lunch at what has become our favorite restaurant we headed home. As we traveled back through the desert, it surely had life standing still. The border check point was opened but everyone was inside until a vehicle came through. As we crossed the railraod track we could see a train stopped on the tracks and a vehicle ahead of it, checking the tracks. It was so hot that the even the steal is effected by the temperature. We decided to watch on the right side so not to be blocked. When we made a turn we found something we never knew was there.

A Cemetery.

There must have been a sign at one time?

Up the way was the remains of a foundation.

When I googled it I learned it was once the town of Ogilby.

Here are a few links that mention it.

What a blast of heat that hit me when I rolled down the window to capture some pictures. I can't imagine anyone working it but they do. Including my hubby! I said a pray for the guys doing the highway work. NO SHADE what so ever for those walking and working on the ground! Well maybe some shade from the BIG trucks who drive around with AC blowing in their cabs. Still it must be treacherous! 

As we got closer to home, even the harvesters were out working. 

Praise God for giving talent to a man who thankfully came to invent air-conditioning! I wouldn't live here without it! 

Once home, my indoor thermometer read:

Even the birds were panting!

So I turned on a sprinkler for them!

That one guy in the lower left corner soaked up so much water he could barely fly. I also crack the valve a little more on that pipe with the moss, allowing more water to drip out. I placed some shallow tubs of water about in shaded areas for them to refresh with. They really seem to like it.

So yep, the Heat is ON! More high temps will be coming, then the monsoons.

 All part of Our Journey Through LIFE!

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