Monday, October 29, 2018

Five-Minute-Friday ~ 31 Day Challenge for October ~ Together

What steps do you need to take today to pull your story together? 

As Kate winds down on her tips to telling our stories, 
each one has created a fire within me to continue
moving forward with this writing project.

Maybe a New Year is just what I need!

1,2,3, Go!

I still have many steps ahead of me. They are of varying sizes depending on which part I am working on. Until the desire to write my story came up along the journey, I had no idea what it took to write a book. I have read so much on the subject, and have done some writing challenges, but these last 29 days has helped me over some bridges that I was afraid to cross or knew there was a way across. Together with what I already had roughed out, I can see clearly where God want this to go. I'm excited again to bring this to fruition.

As excited as I am for that, there are still some roadblocks ahead that I must drive through first. None of which have anything to do with my writing, but will affect my ability to write. My hope is, together with what I learned these last weeks, and applying some of them during this unforeseen challenge ahead, I pray I don't get discouraged again. 

Together with God's direction, He will guide me along this journey, as He has all along, allowing the opportunity needed for this to come together for His glory!

And just like that the timer chimes, stop!

Now it's up to me to play around with what I have learned and apply it to what I have compiled already. Instead of deleting, I now can use what is there, letting God show me the way.

First I need to get my writing area uncluttered again, giving me space to expand my wings. God knows the plans we have made and has allowed me the ability to pursue them, even through some of the health issues we have been dealing with.

It's just another part of Our Journey Through LIFE!

This post is part of the 31-Day of Five Minute Free Writes challenge link-up.  

For more information on the challenge click here. 

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