Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Way Back When-sday

Way Back When-sday.

As a mom, now grandma, I love to go back and remember when...

When my twins were young and adventerous, not that they still aren't, but it was different then. It was those first moments when they realized the many different things the world offered. The first scoot across the floor to a certain toy. Their first steps toward their daddy's arms. Their first tooth. Their first time day of school. Their first friend. Their first riding of an ironing board as a surf board. Their first climbing of a tree and falling out. Their first curb jump on their bike and crash. Their first day of High School. To even their first graduation day that lead them into the world.

The year they became 18, would be our first day of seeing them off onto their journey through life. Our first day of sitting on the sidelines and watching them become who they are. Our first day of seeing their first's in a whole different way.

As our children grow, there comes a time when we are no longer seeing all their first. Their first ride on a real surf board. Their first real fire they got to put out. Their first trip to Chicago. Their first trip to DC. Their first concert.

His first jump out of a plane.

His first flying a plane.

But it doesn't mean we don't enjoy's just in a different way. The excitement is still the same. The smiles are still the same. The joy's of it all, are in a way, still the same.
Now we get to see their excitement when their children take their first steps. When their son's ride their first bike, or rides their first train, or flies in their first plane, or rides his first wave or even go done the slide into the pool for the first time.

It seems those first never really end, they just change from one generation to the next.

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