Thursday, April 27, 2017

I Think it's Time to Purge Again!

Over the last few year I have been weeding through things, slowly purging and doing a sort of downsizing. Though I am not actually downsizing anytime soon, it's just over 40 years things do tend to accumulate. There are day's when I have really overdone it, and I briefly think of selling and moving into a condo where someone else does the yard work and pool maintenance, can sound intriguing. Thankfully those moments don't last long.

I LOVE my little piece of the country.

The other day I was reading Women's Day. Not the actual magazine, but on their Facebook page online. I've been a reader for like ever! My mom always had subscription to it, so I guess I could say I have read it since I could read, to when I got married and raised a family, to even today.
April 1964                               April 1978                            April 2017

Some thing's just stick with you. I can remember the pile of saved magazines with folded pages of things I would like to make, bake or create. Now I have files for them on my computer.

The article that popped out at me was,
As I read I couldn't believe some of things they said to get rid of.







I have been holding onto 5 of the 6 things listed?

For instance "China"?

Oh my goodness, even my granddaughter wants my dish collection. I would like to think that my son's wife's and their daughters would like to have some of them too. It's just not China in my collection. I have quite a few dishes along with one almost complete set of dishes painted by family at Homer Laughlin in East Liverpool, Ohio which was just 5 miles north of Wellsville, Ohio where his grandparents lived. They might not have a high monetary value, but family history is still important within our family. I want to believe they will continue to be past down through the generations ahead. If they want to pass on some of the other Holiday dishes, and coordinating sets, that will be their choice. I have no plans of thinning down or getting rid of any of them between now and then. I love mixing and matching the different sets. You know me and my tables!

Then there is the "Coin" collection. My Mother-In-Law gave us each an uncirculated proof set every Christmas for probably 20 years.  We have quite a few old coins that are worth far more then their face value. I totally disagree with this item being on the list. It's been a while since we have pulled it out, but I have no desire to sell any of it off before I go to heaven.

I don't have a lot of "Antique Furniture", but the few pieces I have are not going anywhere. My grandmothers wicker chair she hauled from Nebraska fleeing the Dust Bowl isn't going anywhere. The bedroom set I have is like the style in the picture will remain as well.  It's called a Waterfall from the 1920-1930's and has these beautiful Bakelite drawer pulls. I have the bed frame and dresser and would love to find the vanity that goes with the mirror I have. I allowed it to be used by a family member and all I got back was the mirror of the vanity. I've held onto that mirror all these years with the hope I would find one missing the mirror, I will have the original.

Then there is the "Silver" I have, from new pieces to those from great and grandparents. It doesn't matter what the price is per ounce. It's the fact that some wonderful women picked out or were given these pieces a long ago. They have been on the necks, ears, wrists and fingers of these awesome women. Some pieces will be passed down through the 6th generation. That has a lot of value and something I hope is never lost. All of those pieces of silver, gold, pearls, and diamonds won't be going anywhere but to my children and their children.

As for the "Dolls", I only have a few. Okay, maybe a couple dozen are hanging out in the curio cabinet. They range in size from a couple inches to 16" baby dolls, to my mothers Bride Doll from the 1920's. I have already passed on the few Barbie Doll's my Mother-In-Law had saved. The niece they went to cherished them and I hope she holds onto them for years to come. Again, the ones I have, they will be hanging out for a while and not going anyway soon. 

The only thing on the list that I don't have to deal with is the "Rugs". What ones were around years ago went to other family members. What rugs I do have came from discount stores and are replaced about every year. I pick them up cheap and after numerous cleanings, there just comes a time when they need replaced.

What wasn't on the list, "Christmas Decorations and Ornaments". Not that I would purge any of mine, but when we have gone to estates sales there are always a good amount of them spread out on tables.

What is ON my list:

  • Vases from florist, Candy Dishes, and Baskets
  • Kids Toys
  • VHS Tapes
  • 8 Track Tapes
  • Coffee Mugs, Wine Glasses, Beer Glasses, etc... 
  • Maybe Some Linens
  • Party Supplies (Themes that won't be repeated that is.)
  • Some of the Picture Frames (Plastic, Cheap, Broken)
  • Some NASCAR Stuff (Sorry, they will just have to deal with the rest)
I think that is a good start.

What's on your purge list?

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  1. hi Elizabeth,i have never thought of this ,i actually dont know what i would get rid off,lol scary thought x


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