Tuesday, April 25, 2017

In The Garden

I love my mornings in the garden this time of year.

There is so much activity lately from the many birds flying about. New babies are learning to fly!

The other day I picked up 2 hummingbird feeders from the $1 Store. Nothing fancy. I've been wanting to add a few more feeders for a while now. These ones will do the job.

I make my own solution like most; 4 cups boiling water, add 1 cup sugar, let cool, fill and repeat about once a week. More as it warms up. I also clean the feeder with vinegar before refilling, very important. I've been doing it this way since that first nesting and read the recipe here.

When I looked out the window this morning I noticed a few hummingbirds enjoying the new feeders. Soon there were more. I grabbed my camera and headed out to the gazebo.
For an hour I sat, stood, sat, and stood some more capturing these fast moving beauties. I couldn't believe how many there were flying around and enjoying the new feeders. I counted 7 at one time. I think there might be more. I know one thing, I am going to go get more feeders!

I've also noticed lately that when I am watering they come around and play in my spray. I knew they loved water but hadn't had any do it till now. Could it be because I have created a Charm of Hummingbirds. I think so. So I am going to get a new water fountain for the my garden as well. It's been awhile since I've had one. I think it's time for another one. I love the sound of water trickling over rocks.

 I found this site from another site, but forgot to bookmark the other site for future use. I did manage to save this part in my "I Want That" folder.

I'm thinking a pair might be worth the try. Since the area she picked back 2014 isn't available, add in the fact she still controls the feeder on that side of the house. I'm thinking maybe she would like them.

What else is happening in my garden.
The vegetable part of my garden is moving slow, AGAIN! My large box is showing some age and might need to get replaced this season. So for now I have white pumpkins growing on my deck. I'll thin them down tomorrow. All I did was put the rotting pumpkin in the pot, covered it with dirt and watered. My squash and canaloupe aren't doing so well. I think the birds are pecking at them. Do they do that? I'll put some netting over them but it might be to late.

We also have things that are blooming!
These are just a few of the pictures that came out. I have been having problems getting my camera to focus. I'm sure it is just me.

Last, can I ask you all for prayers. I'm losing someone very dear to me. Tonight we'll dance in my dreams. 

My daughter is also losing her mother-in-law. She is on a different path then I had to journey when I lost mine. All I can be is there. 

We all have our own journeys through life.

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