Sunday, April 30, 2017

Doing Something New!

I am always looking for something new to do, or something new to write about, or something new to grow in my garden. I'm always looking for a new item to perk up my home. Or a new adventure to journey through. Anything new that will enhance even my most ordinary days is worth searching for! 

This last week I found a few new things I wanted to pursue. Adding new things to my life can take a while to root. Kind of like my garden. 

While doing some of that purging, instead of throwing a few things out I found a way to re-purpose some of them. I know, I know, the whole idea of purging is to get rid of things. But in a way it will. Three old milk crates will be turned into three nesting boxes. Yep, I'm going to be an egg collector! There are so many wild chickens running a muck around here that something has to be done. Collecting the eggs should eliminate or at least slow down the chick population. Giving them a place to lay the eggs will hopefully stop finding eggs in the weirdest places as well. 

Then while working on my blog, which over the last 10 years of writing has gone through so many changes, I found that some of my old blogs I had read had become new blogs too. Some don't even exist anymore. 

It has been a while since I have joined in on those link-up things. Years ago I did a few. Actually I participated in one just about every day way back then. 

Like You Capture. It was so much FUN, which was the last time I joined in. She hasn't blogged since 2014 though.

Getting To Know You was about just what it says, question to get to know each other. Well it is now some health site! 

The Simple Woman's Daybook is no longer a blog at all. I loved participating for the time I did. I believe her husband took over for a while after her stroke, but maybe it was not something they needed in their life anymore. She could have recovered and started a whole new blog as well. After a life changing illness, it is so common to find a new joy in our lives. I have saved her outline in hope to begin a regular post using it. One of those new seeds I hope will grow.

I would also combine Way-Back Wednesday with Black and White Wednesday some weeks. The Long Road to China changed up her blog as well and expanded on her photography. Loved her new site. It was nice to see that Twinfatuation still blogs. Kind a got side tracked for a bit catching up on her twins. She still does her Way-Back When-esday, too.

I have always read Tablescape Thursday @ Between Naps on the Porch's to get ideas for my own table, but have yet to submit my own table. Compared to the tables others submit, mine are just so simple. Maybe one of these Thursday I will conquer that fear, "I am not good enough to be among them", and just do it like I did my photos for the fair. After all, "Doing Something New", did open up something new within me and it felt great!

Five Question Friday with Five Crooked Halos was another question link-up. The last time I participated was July of 2010. That's about the time things were getting really dicey around here and I began to write less and less over the next couple of months, to years, to where I was blogging only quarterly with lengthy updates. She then retired her link-up in August of 2013. Seems I am not the only one who bounces on and off this blogging stuff. She mentioned back in January she might start it back up, but LIFE seems to have snuck up on her too. If she does, I'll hook up with her every now and then. Sometimes questions are hard for me to answer. Sometimes they don't need to be answered.

Then there was Six Word Saturday. Last time I linked up was May 8, 2010. When I went to get her information, I found out she had still been doing it, but back on April 8, 2017, she past the torch onto Travel With Intent. I think I will do something new and link my Life - 365 Day a Year to her blog. I fell in LOVE with the photography. This is why it can take me so long to write a post sometimes. In researching I get interested in what I'm reading. 

While I was reading one of the new blogs I found, "Empty Nest", she participates in a link up called "Five Minute Friday". Each week Kate at "Headed Home" picks a one word prompt and challenges her readers to write on that word for 5 minutes.

It just so happens this weeks word is "MORE". So though this post took me more then 5 minutes to write, it will be my first week joining in. The word reached out to me and am looking forward to more one word challenges. I believe there is so much more I need to learn still. I know there are more places I want to journey to. I'm so thankful to have the time to read more and more blogs. It will hopefully encourage me to reach out to more readers at the same time.  

If you would like to join in, here is how

If you are new here, thanks for stopping by. 

I hope you enjoy Our Journey Through LIFE!

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  1. Love the way you have done this post and your play on words. So glad you found you way to Five Minute Friday this week.


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