Saturday, April 22, 2017

She's a "Steals and Deals" Queen!

She is also known as our "Coupon Queen" too!

I LOVE this about our daughter. No matter what the need, she can usually find a deal for it. She has so many tricks!

Frugal can be fabulous!

Recently she joined some group that post some real awesome deals with outrageous savings. She is able to pick up items at a super duper discounts for her Girl Scout events and other party needs. She donates many items to the school for their needs as well. She has acquired lei's, yoyo's, to even Oscar statures for their many gatherings. She got so many Easter Eggs were thinking of hosting a nice hunt next year.

The savings have been pennies, and I mean pennies on the dollar.

Other items that have shown up are bracelet kits, sewing kits, and even some mermaid tails to name a few. Perfect to set aside for Birthdays, Christmas and even the Countdown Boxes I have sent off these last few years.

All those items have been awesome, but where she saved HUNDREDS of dollars was on these pool floats! She would grab one here, and another one there, until she had pretty much bought a good supply of them.
Why would we ever need so many you may ask?

Pool floats don't last the whole summer around here. We can spend $50-$100 on just a few of them each year. They're not cheep! All those pictured above, had we bought them off the shelf at regular price would have cost close to $750.


Most of them cost her $3.00, some $5.00, and the real BIG ones that usually sell for $69.99-$79.99, she got for $8.00.

I am not kidding! 

It all totaled $107.00! With FREE shipping!

That's all!

This teeter totter, which by the way is so much fun, we've had a few times now and probably cost me $40 each year I bought it.
To replace this one now, it would be $25 on Amazon. Unfortunately it is to small for the older kids now. We found that out already, as you can tell in the picture. Oh, they still had fun on it. 

Add in the noodles and float rings that get replaced each year as well, any savings found gets a big thumbs up from me. 
We seem to always keep our pool full of FUN for the "Grand's" to play on in it.
In looking for photos of the teeter totter floats we've had, I ended up having the most wonderful time reminiscing on the many photos of the pool providing so much fun over the years! So blessed to have so many wonderful moments.

These are just some of the other items that have created so much fun and some great memories. 
That wheel thing was a tough one. I don't think a single child got it going and we had many age limits to work with. Boats were a different story. They have had many styles over the years. When Swimline came out with those new style float ring, I couldn't be happier. They came in many sizes and last the longest. Great investment. Even when the netting disintegrated the ring became something else they created to have fun with. A ring toss, a resting ring, to even a diving into or watersliding through ring. They can even have fun with the tub the dive toys are stored in.
We also go through a lot of googles. I wonder if there will be any of these in her deals.
 That would be great!

There sure is going to be a lot of fun happening in the pool this year!

"Pool is OPEN!"

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