Monday, April 17, 2017

Hippity Hoppity, Easter Came!

Last I wrote I was trying to decide how I wanted to set my table.

Well, I didn't do much different then years past.

I had good intentions. I had a plan. Unfortunately I have this problem of putting things in a shopping cart then forgetting to check out. When I realized I had done it yet again, it was too late to order those beautiful plates I had seen at Pier 1. So I headed down to our Pier 1 to see what they had available.

My new additions this year included these cute little Bunny Salt and Pepper Shakers and the Alabaster Salad Plates.
When I pulled out my pale yellow tablecloth of more then 10 years, it surely showed it's age. Getting a new one become a goal. Even when time is against me I still watch the budget. I know what I paid for the original, on clearance way back then, and really wanted to stay within the same price if at all possible. However prices have changed in those 10+ years.

JCPenney had a 60x84 for $42. Unfortunately our local store didn't have the color I needed. Gold yes, pale yellow, or as they called it, straw, nope, notta, and once again only online, which won't arrive in time without expedited shipping.

Next store across the way from JCPenney was Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Online I had seen this beautiful cutwork table cloth and thought it would work. My hope was to find it local. With a strike out at JCPenney, maybe, just maybe I would get lucky. 

Nope, I couldn't find it! 

I could have asked, but why bother when I would just be told it's not available in the store, but could order it online. 

Really! I needed it for Sunday. At $34.99 plus $20.99 for online ordering with expedited shipping would break the bank, or at least my budget. Sure, shipping to the store is FREE, but that doesn't work when it won't be there till after Easter.

When I ogt home I checked out, my favorite go to site for party linens. There I found the light yellow I was looking for and in a 84 inch square (I have future plans for it to be used on my 72inch round table) for $7.69 plus $10.29 for next day. Half the price even with expedited shipping, WIN!!!!

While I waited for the tablecloth I played around with my layout. Since this year there was just going to be the 4 us, I could get more creative.
I have folded these cute little bunnies since 2010. Not every year did I fold them, but they were on my table more times then not. This year I found where one blogger, Moco-Choco, had found a different way of folding and finishing them off by adding a bow.
If only I had found her blog before, I just might have changed my colors too. Isn't this just beautiful! I will save this for next year when we have, I mean my adults children, have their children for Easter. Plus it gives me time to pick up some of the stuff on clearance. Like those beautiful green plates! As for the table cloth, well I bought a light green, or sage color last year from for Christmas that will work perfect. The runner I can make out of some bolt fabric, just cut and hem.

I found the original bloggers site in hopes of finding out where she got her plates. Well, you will have to use the translator app in order to read it. My chances of finding her exact plates just got really slim. However, I did find something similar to them here.  At least I have a year to find them. 

GREAT!!! Just what I need, another set of dishes! Oh, the loves of my life!

Okay, back to the present.

Pulling out all my Easter stuff to see what I will or will not be using. At one point I had just about all of it on my table. Here are my bunnies with their their new bows. 
Since I had already ironed and made my bunnies the way I have always done before, I just flipped them around and tied a bow on. Being I was done store hopping like a bunny, I just used what ribbon was in my craft basket. I should have said what was left. It appears I need to restock my ribbon basket. It's getting a bit thin. My options were not plentiful.

Once my tablecloth arrived on Friday, I was ready to finish with my table. The 84inch square was a bit long on one side, but with some packing tape I made it work. You see, I don't use a conventional table like you'd find in the furniture stores. I found this teak table at the patio stores end of season sale for 70% off. It measures 48x72 without the leaf and can sit up to 8 people. I can squeeze 10 at it if necessary. When the leaf is brought up, it measures 48x96 and I have had 14 people sitting at the table so far. I bet I could squeeze two more if I had too.  
I really should have put it in the dryer for a bit to get the folds out. Whatever was I thinking! 

By the time diner was served, I didn't even notice the fold lines.
Before we even sat down to eat, there had to be an Easter Egg Hunt!

It was such a nice, quiet day. Bella enjoyed egg hunting with the "Grand" and even took a dip in the pool. Usually Easter is the "Grand" opening of the pool, and though it was ready for splashing, there wasn't time to enjoy it. We had a real nice Easter lunch instead of a dinner so our daughter would have time before she had to leave to head up "The Mountain" for the "pick up".

I will bet money that come Grandma Wednesday, there will be "Grand's" in the pool!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter as well.

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