Thursday, April 6, 2017

Time To Set A Table

With Easter approaching and it being Tablescape Thursday, once again I turn to my favorite blog for ideas. Of course Google will also show me other great tables, but for now, I LOVE some that were posted today.

This is the one she posted.
I have an egg table runner similar to hers only it isn't beaded. I would have thought it was expensive and from a specialty store but it wasn't. She noted it was from Kohl's. I love how she made it work with her bunny plates. In fact I always love her tables and could only dream my would ever look that good.

I've been building off mine runner for a few years now. Most years I try to add something new, but when I couldn't I just did something new with what I have. The pictures aren't in order. I tried way too long to rearrange them so they were, and finally gave up. The first picture on the left is from 2014. The next is 2016. Then 2015, and 2013. The bottom photo is from 2010, and I believe that was the year that I found the runner.
So, what will I do this year. I have no clue! Which is why I thought if I started now, checking out other tables, I would be inspired.

When I clicked on her link for the plates she used, I saw these below in that area where they show you other items you might be interested in. It's the one of those things that can distract me, lickity split. But I thought, if I can buy some new salad plates this year, I think I might consider these from Pier 1.
I can just imagine them on top of a pastel dinner plate.

Then as I clicked through some of the other tablescapes, I found this one and boy did a light bulb go off!
I have always loved to add Spring flowers to my table especially since I don't have a large collection of bunnies. At least not yet! However, I think I need to add more flowers like this. 

This table was from Celebrate and Decorate by Chloe Crabtree. Boy would I love to find some bunnies like hers, but since I can't I can however add more flowers this year, and then with those plates above, it might just work. 

Time to bring up the Easter boxes and get to work!

After the Fair that is!

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