Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Yep, It's April!

Like most American's this weekend, okay maybe not most but a darn good share of them, it not only started with some funny April Fool's jokes, it was also Opening Day in baseball.

For us Opening Day was Saturday for this "Grand".

For the next 6 weeks we'll be attending most of his games, and rooting him on while capturing his first official year in the Babe Ruth Little League. Like his older brother, he LOVES baseball.

After the game we headed out of town and "Up The Mountain" as we call it when we are headed to the San Diego area. I LOVE the mountain we have to go over. For years we kept saying we will have to check this out, or that out, and lately that is just what we have been doing. Instead of going up and over by the way of the interstate, we took the scenic route again. Yep, this was I think our 4th time taking this route, but it was our first time being there at the right time when there was so much blooming.
Once we reached the top, the views were just remarkable!

Along the way there was so much color!
I LOVE my hubby for taking me on these adventures. At one point he joked, "I need a sign on the back that say's, "Photographer on Board, Frequent Stops!" He has even gotten in the habit of stopping or turning around because he saw something he would like me to capture. I haven't been disappointed yet.

 This is the desert. There is nothing out here. Nothing.

I disagree. 

There is plenty out there. 

Plenty of color. 
Plenty of trails to explore.
Plenty of views from beginning to end.
Plenty of history telling a story.
Plenty of artist capturing and sharing the beauty of the desert.

It might have been the longest way to get to San Diego, but it sure was the most beautiful route. We didn't actually go all the way down into San Diego, we stopped and stayed in a town called Alpine. It has been our drop-off/pick-up location since 2005. Our sole reason for going up was to pick up these two "Grand's" the next morning.
Before they got there, we spent the morning at Alpine Garden and Gift's. We've been here before. A few years ago, before I found Green Valley Christmas Tree's we bought a Christmas Tree from here. She has a lot to look at and this weekend is a Vintage Market.

We won't be going back up though, it's Fair Week here.
The goats have been taken down and are settled in their pens.

Tonight was the Destruction Derby, and we all had a blast cheering on our favorite cars!
Tomorrow will be a full day of showing the goats.

Oh, one more thing. I didn't ribbon on any of my photos and only 6 of the 10 were on display. Can't wait till pick-up day so I can read the back of any comments made. I could tell the difference between mine and the winners and see where I can improve. For my first time I am so thrilled 6 made it on display after the judging.

Not bad.

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