Sunday, July 7, 2019

The Simple Woman's Daybook ~ July

Looking out my window...everything is continuing to look fantastic! Our heat finally showed up with a few over 110 days, but we survived! It's not forever. It will be over before we know it, landing us in some extremely paradise-like kind of weather. Actually, it been a fairly decent summer so far, it could be hotter! I'm sure those days are ahead. For now, I will continue to enjoy my door being open in the morning along with the beautiful evenings.

After all, the pool is so sparkling and so inviting...

I am thinking...why did I decide to start a weight loss program in the summertime? There are so many wonderful events with mouthwatering delicacies that my will power has to work overtime. I'm getting good at avoiding the temptations. Sometimes I calorie swap so I can enjoy some of it. I know I have to stick with it, NO GIVING UP! I know I can do it! The results will be worth every step of this journey!

I am so thankful...hubby is dieting as well, it makes my choices so much easier.

I am wearing...a multi-printed sundress.

I will be first square in my crochet club. It came the beginning of last month, but I hadn't the mind with the time to dig into it. I will have the opportunity this month, though. We're heading over to the coast for our 4 day weekend since all the firework fans will be gone. Relaxing at the beach is just what I need and will give me the perfect setting to try my hands at relearning some crocheting.

I've been Bible Study recordings again! There are so many! I need not only to catch up but also a refresher, after going through the last month under so much stress! 

I am learning...what calories are in the foods I have been eating, shocking! At the same time, I am looking at what foods I can replace them with.

In the garden...I found my pumpkin plants dead! They were doing great on Wednesday (7-3) when I watered. On the 4th of July, our day started early, getting everything ready for the All American Barbeque! I wasn't worried about my container garden, knowing they had a good soak the day before. When I went out Friday morning, one of the plants was drooping over, and the other one was suffering too. All the bark from another planter was all over the walkway. I think these darn chickens had their part in its demise while we were gone all day for the 4th! They have really been a nuisance this year!

From the kitchen...we are seeing a change in our cupboards and refrigerator. Healthier does make you happier! 

A few of my favorite moments... 

See ya next month!

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