Saturday, July 6, 2019

Five-Minute-Friday ~ Take

The prompt for Five-Minute-Friday this week is: TAKE.

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Sorry to take so long to get my five minutes in, but things kept pulling me away!

Important things, like my container garden I've been doing great at keeping alive, until yesterday. Everything is growing great except for my darn pumpkin! It was getting too big for its corner, so before it vined through the pickets, I moved it about a foot over to the side last week. It seemed to be happy, having some extra room to spread out. It began to show some vines with little flowers starting to grow.

In fact, everything looked great until I woke up yesterday.

Being gone the evening of the 4th for our part in the All American Barbeque, I wasn't here to keep the pesky feral chickens off my deck and the area around it, giving them ample opportunity to peck away at my pumpkin plants.

What will it take for me to have a veggie garden, having these annoying two-legged, squawking, feral chickens constantly multiplying, using my yard as some kind of a vacation spot!

There's a reason why I don't coop them, we enjoy time away.

They aren't mine, as in I didn't bring any of these chicks home to begin my own little egg business. And they're not coming from our neighbors, The Funny Farm next door...

"STOP!"'s this small trailer park that the field workers call home during the seasons. When they leave, they seem to forget to take something's with them, including the chickens...

Was the beep at the right time or what?

God knew I had to get something off my mind, and I was just about to blow off some steam!

Anyway, there is no way can I chase after them to catch them, though I'm sure I can figure out a way to catch them. It's more about where do you take feral chickens?

My hubby said, "the barbeque!"

Seriously, are our only options are to coop them or kill them?

To coop means daily chores, not a problem, but then I would have to find a chicken sitter. Add in the fact I don't eat lots of eggs, and with as many as these girls lay, I would need to open a cafe of some kind. Now that's stretching it a bit, but there is a potential for an egg business, again, not something I am not looking at doing.

I love the view of The Funny Farm, not the responsibility.

Do I use the poultry for the reason God gave us their presence here, just like he has for everything else, food?

After all, they are as free-range birds as they can get. Our other neighbor actually loves hand feeding them each morning and evening. She's such a sweetie! They have nothing but good food here, which is why they call it home too.

It's been years, like 45 actually, since I have processed a chicken and vowed to never do THAT again.

I was left with some beautiful memories, though. My mom, who was raised on a farm, her father a shepherd and a very Godly man, had it all. She'd done it all too, milking, feeding, gathering and that night she taught my hubby and I how to process 12 chickens our landlord had given us for food, that leads her to share some of the stories of her farm days.

Now I miss her! She would be tickled to help me with my chicken problem!

Quite the take on my little bit of the world for one day!

Sorry, no photo quote or bible verse to match up with this weeks word or would go along with the chicken dilemma.

See ya'll next week.


  1. Elizabeth, you expanded my knowledge today. I did not know feral chickens existed before reading your post. :-) Seems like there is a lot of excitement in your corner of the world. Visiting from FMF.

    1. It's been new to us too! Thanks for the visit.


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