Thursday, April 29, 2010

Stories in Hand for the 'Grands'

When my daughter was pregnant with our first grandchild she gave me a book, kind of a Grandma Baby Book of sorts. She also gave one to each of her grandmother's. However, the grandmother's were battling cancer at that time. My MIL was unable to fill her's out but we did do a few pages during some of her good hospice days. My mother filled out quite a few pages and even included some pictures. Unfortunately, I was not as diligent with mine. Probably had a lot to do with the fact we had lost my MIL 45 days before he was born, and my mother 3 days after he was born.

For some time, those books were on my nightstand. A few times, I wdid grab mine and add to it. Then the remodel started. Things were packed away, including those books. I have looked in our memory trunks, no luck. I have looked on the shelf where my kids baby books are, no luck. They might be in the memory closet, and I hope they are, but right now there is so much disorganization in front of and actually in it, I can't get to the drawers I am hoping they are in.

So I decided to begin my own Memories of Grandma right here on my blog.

Better late then never right!

I think it was last year, but I could be wrong, that my daughter and I enrolled in a project called Stories in Hand. She printed out and made this lovely binder for me.

This was a 2 week course where we were given the tools on how to collect and gather all our stories that we want to remember, all the things about the how, where, when and why's of life. Until now I had not jotted down a single thing. Bad me! But is time to get it together.

Each week I want to put some of these stories on my blog so that I can print them out as a book down the road. Though there are some of these stories already here, in time, there will be even more. Just another way of capturing Our Journey Through LIFE!

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