Sunday, May 2, 2010

A 'Grand' Saturday

It was a GREAT 'Grand' Saturday.

When we arrived at their house they were outside riding the hot wheels
and cars up and down the driveway. When they saw us come up the street, they
all jumped up and, excited to see us pull up.

If that was all the day would give,
it would have been Great, but it just got better.

We blew lots of bubbles.

We created a chalk family.

While dad and grandpa worked on doing yard work,

Me and the kids went in the house. I put up this...

I wish I could figure out how to upload a video
as Giggles put on a very creative and cute puppet show
for her brother and sister. Her puppets are still
packed away so she had to compensate using
her dolls, stuffed animals and Barbie horse.

When grandpa and dad finished their work, we headed
out to go play some putt-putt golf.
Usually we play it with scorecards and as if in
a tournament. You see, my brother and I and his kids
can be very competitive. But this time,
we played it like 2, 4 and 6 year old.
We took turns putting the first ball,
but after that we just hit our balls
into the hole in no kind of order.
The kids had such a great time.
As did we!

This little man, our monkey man, had what we called
The Happy Gilmore technique.

At the end of our game we went back to our sons house, BBQ'ed,
watched the NASCAR race, watched to kids play some more,

...and watched our son create tread

...for a big wheel that didn't have traction.

How creative he is. I now see where the kids get their creativity. He will
surely being teaching them all kinds of things. Not to pat myself on the
back, but we encouraged all our kids
creativity and expanding their world.
They babysat, had paper routes, can draw, paint, sew, cook, fix, build.

Can you tell I am a very proud mom?

It was just a wonderful day all around
and I can't wait till our next visit.

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