Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bella can Swim!

Before all h#() broke loose yesterday in the way of a fire,
while we were cleaning the pool,
Bella had her first swim lesson.

At first I was just going to let her play around on the first step.
She of course had another idea.

It didn't take her long to swim away from the step,
making a big u-turn coming back to the steps.

After a few small swims like that,
she took off and swam the whole length of the pool,
(our pool is 18W x 40L)
getting out at the other end where dad was..

After the fire, she decided to go for another dip.

Today we played around in the water again.
This time we threw a ball in and she swam for it
and brought it back to the step.

 I think we have a water dog, wahoo!

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