Thursday, September 29, 2016

Let The Preparations Begin!

I think I have said it a zillion times, I LOVE FALL!

Okay, maybe it's really just a few dozen but non the less Fall means Halloween, and I am SOOOO excited we are resuming the Boo Bash.

We took last year off. As much as we missed all those wonderful faces in some of the cutest costumes, there just wasn't a date that worked. It takes a lot to pull this off and with schedules, grief, health, and work, there just wasn't a window of opportunity. So many of our guest understood, but I think the kids missed it the most! When we announced the Return of the Boo Bash, within days the RSVP's were coming in.

To assure an awesome debut, I need to get started on the preparations.

The lists got really LONG, really quick. These are just the beginning pages. By the time the party gets closer, more will be remembered. I don't know what I would do without my lists!

I have already added a few new games to the list. Plus I have been getting ideas sent to me from our guest. I LOVE to make my guest happy!

So I plan to add these two. 

Pumpkin Tic-Tac-Toe and Pumpkin Checkers. My spin on the Tic-Tac-Toe will be BIG! I will paint a LARGE grid on the lawn and they will use full size pumpkins as the markers. The checkers will be on one of those big sets you can find at Cracker Barrel. That's where I got ours. Instead of the red and black markers, I'll pick up some mini pumpkins or I could change them out with witches hats and ghost. You'll have to wait and see which way I decide to go.

Then there is the Pumpkin Chuckin!

Of course we will take it to a whole new level as well. Go BIG or go home, right!

Those who can will have the option to actually "Chuck It"!

Back in 2011 the "Grand's" who live in town used this to launch their water balloons.

Bella had fun with it too!

Wouldn't ya' know, I still have it. I'll be pulling it out this weekend along with every thing else and see just how we can set it up to see if it will work how I hope it will. 

Ha, Toilet Paper Pumpkin Chucking at our Boo Bash, won't that be cool!

One of our son's left this tub of Nerf guns here a while back. They will be perfect to make another new game the older kids might enjoy.

First google found the one on the left and I thought okay that's start. So I kept googling. 
Ours will end up somewhere in the middle.

Even with it as busy as it has been around here, I can always seem to add more to our plate to make us even more busy! It's only just begun. Being busy, busy, busy this time of year is so normal. We'll be burning the midnight oil a few time between now and April when it starts to slow down again.

That's just how we do it on Our Journey Through LIFE!


  1. This Boo Bash sounds like so much fun! Wow! I can tell it is a lot of work though. I hope it all turns out wonderful.

    1. It is so much fun, yes a lot of work, and being our 8th annual, it usually does turn out wonderfully. So happy we decided to do it again.


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